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Search results for ‘damflask’

The following 14 claims include the term ‘damflask’. Click on the claim number to see details of the claim. (Where the search term occurs within the particulars, the line from the particulars is shown). For more details on using the search, see the Search Notes.

Claim   Claimant   Description   Address Award
354   John Hobson   Farmer   Ughill Bradfield £38 7s
    4½ Inch cart washed away from Damflask £9 Wheel & axletree 12/.
2747 (amnd)   Frederick Shaw   Wire and Crinoline Steel Manufacturer   Burton Weir, Attercliffe Road, Sheffied
    Wages due and payable to my Workpeople as under in consequence of the Stoppage ...
3192   Francis Sutton, John Dyson, Joseph Hobso...   Francis Sutton & John Dyson - Surveyors ...   Francis Sutton, Revill Grange
John Dyson, Griffs, Stannington
Joseph Hobson, Damflask
Thomas Denton, Old Wheel
4834   John Tasker   Gutta Percha Dealer   Angel Street Sheffield £1475
    Damages done by the Inundation of the Wire Mill at Damflask in the Parish of Ec...
5240   John Hall   Farmer and Grinder   Damflask Near Bradfield £50
    Damage done by the Inundation of the Lands belonging to and occupied by the Cla...
    To 24 Roods of fence Walling washed away at Damflask, at the bottom of House Fi...
    To compensation for loss of Water obtained from the Damflask Dam which was dest...
5430   Benjamin Horsfield   Farmer and Blacksmith   Nether Holdsworth, Bradfield £235
    Tools and Stock in the Blacksmith's Shop at Damflask which were washed away or ...
5443   James Lucas Norman and Charles Lucas Nor...   Builders   Ditchingham Street, Sheffield £42 5s 1d
    For time employed and expenses incurred in reopening Clay Workings, at Stacey W...
5445   Edward Vaughan Birks, Charles Elam; Will...   [Edward Vaughan Birks, Charles Elam, Wil...   [Edward Vaughan Birks, Charles Elam, William H. Birks, Judith Ann Birks, Henry Simpson] Pond Street Brewery, Sheffield; [Thomas Rawson Barker] The Edge in Sheffield; [John K. Skelton] Middlewood in Sheffield; [Thomas William Rodgers] Endcliffe Vale in She £233 3s
    For the Loss of Casks at Owlerton aforesaid, and Damflask in the Parish of Eccl...
5938   William Marsden   Roller   Late of Roebuck's Cottage, Damflask, Nr. Sheffield £12
6110   Thomas Kirk   Labourer   Late of Damflask, near Sheffield, now, Hicks Buildings, Neepsend Lane, Sheffield £22 15s
6136 (appx)   Nathaniel James Fewsdale Mower and Henry...   Wine Merchants and Brewers   Scotland Street, Sheffield
    Frederick Shaw, Damflask 18 Gallon Cask
    Frederick Shaw, Damflask 1 Gallon Bottle and Stopper
6161   Jonathan Drabble   Fire Brick and Clay Merchant   Ughill, Bradfield £45
    To Extra Cost and Charges incurred by the Claimant who was under contract to de...
    Quantity Carted from 12th March to 31st May 114 Tons, Cost of Cartage perTon by...
    To Cost of an extra Man and Horse kept since 31st May to the present time for t...
    The Claimant will also seek to recover Compensation for the Expense of keeping ...
Claim   Claimant   Deceased Award  
64   Mary King, living with Mr Fiddler, Eyre Lane, Sheffield, No. 6 Court, Widow   John King, Crinoline Maker, Damflask, £100  
    John King, Crinoline Maker, Damflask The said Mary King
Claim   Claimant   Injured person Award  
304   Thomas Kirk, Labourer, Hicks Buildings, Neepsend Lane, late of Damflask, near Sheffield   Wife of the said Thomas Kirk  


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