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Index of Occupations starting with ‘V’


The list of occupations is merely indicative, not least because it uses the occupation as entered in the claim descriptions, which were not done with any consistency. For example, Brewers can also be found under Common Brewers. Some people were listed as Publicans, others as Innkeepers, or Beerhousekeepers. Many people had more than one occupation; these are listed separately under each occupation (though it is sometimes unclear between one and two occupations: Spade and Shovel Maker has been left as a single occupation, but Turner and Fitter has been split into two entries).

Some workers had fascinating combinations of occupations: one of my favourites is Fishmonger and Stone Mason (5710).

All claims are for Loss of Property unless indicated Inj (Bodily Injury) or Life (Loss of Life). Amended claims are indicated by ‘*’, appendices are indicated by ‘+’.

Occupation Claim(s)
Valuer 2258 2695 4944 5159 5974 5974+
Vegetable Ivory Cutter 1954 2299
Vermin Destroyer 561 561*
Veterinary Surgeon 3802 4066
Vicar 5121
Vice Maker 2966
Vice Man 5605


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