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Claim for loss of property #5977 – Maps

Claimant: Arthur Green, Fanny Green, John Banham, Margaret Banham Arthur Green: Forgesmith
Fanny Green: Wife of Arthur Green
John Banham: Steel Melter
of: Arthur Green: Bramber Street, Sheffield.
Fanny Green: Bramber Street, Sheffield..
John Ban...
Location: 53°23′59″N,1°30′27″W Grid Ref: 432739,389363
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  1855 OS County Series Map
  1853 OS Town Plan Map
(This claim is outside the
extent of this map)
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9 yards SE 50 (loss of life)
10 yards S 110 (loss of life)
10 yards SE 54 (loss of life)
10 yards S 108 (loss of life)
20 yards SW 26 (loss of life)
20 yards SE 2 (loss of life)
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