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Claim for loss of life #50 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name and description of Claimant Whether Executor or Administrator of Deceased Person  
  50 Sarah Frith, Widow, at Mr Billams, Eckington Administratrix  
  Name and Description of Deceased Person Party for whose benefit the claim is made, being Wife or Husband of the deceased person or his or her parent or child as defined in 9 and 10 Victoria C.93 Amount of Damages Claimed  
  James Frith Scythe Grinder was drowned by the Flood at Malin Bridge Sarah Frith Widow        
  John Frith aged 12 years        
  Elizabeth Frith aged 10 years        
  Walter Frith aged 8 years        
  Manassa Frith aged 1 years and 9 months        
  Mary Frith aged 6 months        
  [Total claimed for] £3000      
  Certificate Granted
4 May 1865
Assessed at £650      
      viz £350 for Wife £30 for John Frith £40 for Elizabeth Frith £55 for Walter Frith £80 for Manassa Frith and £95 for Mary Frith        

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