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Claim for loss of property #6178 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  6178 Thomas Youdan Theatre Proprietor Surrey Theatre, West Bar, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Lessee of the Adelphi Theatre, Blonk Street, Sheffield, for the rest of a term of 7 years from the 25th day of March 1860   Damages by the Inundation of the Adelphi Theatre in Blonk Street, Sheffield, at the junction of the River Don and Sheaf, and of the fixtures, effects and things contained in the said Theatre £117.5.0        
    The Following are the Particulars        
    In the Cellars and Stables        
    6 Basket Horses covered with Canvas destroyed £3      
    Large Basket Candlestick covered with Canvas destroyed   12s 6d  
    2 Basket Feet covered with Canvas   10s    
    Large Basket Dish covered with Canvas   12s    
    Large Basket Jug covered with Canvas   15s    
    Trick Clock 5/. 8 Property Hats 15/. £1      
    Basket Goose 5/. Basket Frog 4/.   9s    
    Trick Star 6/. 4 Scenes damaged 1/7/6 £1 13s 6d  
    Trick Box damaged   8s    
    No. 2 Property Bass Viol destroyed   8s    
    Trick Box destroyed   10s    
    Lot Garlands destroyed 20/. 8 Dolphins destroyed 2/10/0 £3 10s    
    Large Basket Extinguisher destroyed   10s    
    Trick Turkey Basket covered with Canvas   6s    
    Trick Goose Basket covered with Canvas   5s 6d  
    Large Bottle Basket covered with Canvas   6s    
    Large Basket destroyed   5s    
    Dome destroyed   6s    
    2 Large Property Chandeliers   15s    
    Basket Shield 3/. 2 Set Pieces of Scenery 17/6 £1   6d  
    Revolving Barrel (Large)   7s 6d  
    Large Scene 15/. Property House 7/6 Property Cask 3/. £1 5s 6d  
    2 Chairs 4/. Property Fox 5/. Trick Clock 4/.   13s    
    2 Property Guns 10/. 2 Shoe Black Boxes 3/.   13s    
    2 Pieces Scenery 10/. Property Drums 6/.   16s    
    Fish Head 3/6 Rustic Profile Bridge £1.5.0 £1 8s 6d  
    Horse for Don Juan   12s 6d  
    4 Pieces Scenery £1 10s    
    1 Set Rustic Railing comprising 3 pieces   17s 6d  
    Basket Tub   4s 6d  
    3 Basket Houses with Canvas etc. £1 10s    
    1 Basket Turkey 4/6 Basket Crinoline 5/.   9s 6d  
    Large Working Butterfly £1 10s    
    Basket Body of a Man   10s 6d  
    Large Basket   5s    
    Long Piece of Scenery   17s 6d  
    Boat Trick   4s 6d  
    2 Glass Doors 12/6 Glass Door and Casement 7/6 £1      
    2 Glass Doors 10/. Lot Cornices destroyed £1 5s    
    2 Holding Doors destroyed   7s 6d  
    2 Windows destroyed   6s    
    Window & Frame   10s 6d  
    Window Casements 15/.   15s    
    Lot Seats   7s 6d  
    4 Large Pieces Scenery £2 10s    
    2 Large Folding Doors damaged   16s    
    Quantity of Wood & Properties washed away £5      
    18 Back and Set Scenes £15      
    Damage to Stalls and Partitions £10      
    Damage to Floors Drains etc. £14      
    Cleaning out Mud, Whitewashing & Cleaning £25      
    Interest at £5 per cent per annum upon £107.14.6 for say 9 months £4   6d  
    Mr William Harvey for valuation etc. £5 10s    
        £117 5s    
  Certificate Granted
10 July 1865
Assessed by Consent at £66 14s 6d  

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