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Claim for loss of property #5428 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5428 William Ibbotson Horn Merchant and Manufacturer Bridge Street, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Lessee and Occupier of Wisewood Works and Land and Business Adjoining; Owner of Bridge Steel Works, Bridge Street, Sheffield; Owner of the personal property in the next ~ column Mentioned to have been damaged or destroyed   Estimated Cost of rebuilding and restoring the Wisewood Works and of restoring and putting into Working order the Machinery Thereof as per Schedule adjoining.        
    Rod and Sheet Mill.        
    Rebuilding Rod and Sheet Mill, 1 Pentrough for Water Wheel with shuttle. Shuttle Pole and Lever. 2 Breast Shuttles in Pentrough. Water Wheel repairing. Forbear with iron grate Bars and Nails. 1 Pinion for Steel Roll. 2 Pinion Taps. 4 Bolts. 4 Chocks. 6 Brasses. 4 Stretching Bolts for housings. Wood Sills for Rolls and Pinions. Ashlar Wall for same, 2 Bed Plates, 2 Cramps for Pillars, 2 Large Spanners for Sheet rolls. 4 Small Spanners. 1 Loft Bole for Sheets. 3 Brass Pillar Boxes. 5 Spindles. 9 Coupling Boxes. 1 Pair Crabs. 1 Sheet Furnace with Metal Plate. Grate Bars, Damper, and Iron Work for Chimney. Labour in fitting up Machinery and Ashlar foundation included. £811 8s 10d  
    Rod Mill.        
    Replacing 1 Furnace with Metal Plates. Grate Bars Damper etc. as above. 1 Pinion Housing. 6 housing Screws. 6 Spanners for housings. 12 Front and Back plates for housings. Water piping for Roll Necks with taps etc. Floorplates. Fitting pinion housing and roll plates. £187 4s    
    Scythe Back Mill.        
    Rebuilding Mill. 1 Furnace with Metal plates, Grate Bars, Damper etc. as above. Shafts and Coupling Boxes. £368      
    Smiths Shop. £20      
    Rebuilding Tilt. 2 Steel houses. Water house and Helve House. 1 Tilt Hearth. 1 Pentrough with Shuttle. Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles. Forbear with Iron Grate. 1 Pair New Blowers Complete. 1 Metal drum to drive Complete. Water Wheel and Machinery. £808 16s 6d  
    2 Breast Shutters top of dam and Bye Shuttle. Iron Forge and Office. Estimate for Rebuilding. £273      
    Top Forge        
    Rebuilding Forge, 2 Forge hearths repairing Pentrough. 1 New Shuttle Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles in Pentrough. Pentrough Blowers and Conducting pipe to Water Wheel. 1 Bearer and Pillar. Blower Cleaning and Repairing. 1 Pair Shuttles and pinions. 2 Shuttles for Weir and Metal Plates. Screws and Wheels. Handles etc. Forge Fire and floorplates and Bye Shuttle. £889 7s    
    Grinding Wheel.        
    Rebuilding Wheel. 1 Pentrough with Shuttle Lever and Pole. 2 Breast Shuttles to do. Forbear for Forge and Wheel. 2 Gig drums Repairing. 51 feet of 3 Inch Shafting. 6 Pedestals and Brasses. 6 Bed Plates. 9 drums. Drums Covering. Bolts and Wood Sills. Drum Boarding. 4 Saw Grinders troughs. Oak planking for troughs. 8 Trough Bars. Brick Work for troughs. 4 File troughs and Wood Sills. 8 Trough Bars. 8 Gains. 16 Bolts. Sill Boarding. Scantling for Hand Rail. 3 Leather Bands. Fitting and putting to Work. £573 7s    
    Glass Wheel.        
    Drums and Shafting Repairing £10      
    One Weir with Ashlar Work. One Forge and Grinding Wheel dam. Making and Cleaning out Forge and Grinding Wheel dam. One tilt and Rolling Mill dam as above. Tail Goit and Bye Dyke Cleaning out. £1345 11s 2d  
    Estimated Cost of restoring the River Loxley, to its proper channel, in its entire course along the Wise Wood Works and Land held Herewith. Cleaning bed. Making necessary embankments. Walling etc. £1600      
    Estimated Cost of Reclaiming 6 Acres of cultivated Land, adjoining Wise Wood Works Washed away etc. £450      
    Estimated cost of rebuilding 5 Cottages, at Malin Bridge occupied with the said Works and reclaiming Land. £375      
    Estimated Cost of Replacing Rolls. Pinions. Grate Bars. Coupling Boxes. Screws. Spindles. Anvils. Pellets. Hammer Heads and Hammers. Hursts. Hooks. Tups. Helves. Cogs and Shocks. Tongs. Models. Moulds. Marks. Iron Steel and Wood Wedges. Boxes and Side Boards. Screws and Plates. Pulleys. Housings. Spanners. Gablocks. Glaziers. Bands. Grindstones. Blast pipes. Tue Irons. Bolts and other Miscellaneous Articles and tools used in the tilt Rolling Mill Forge and Grinding Wheel at Wisewood Washed away or damaged by the Inundation. £1000      
    Steel at Wisewood Works washed away or damaged. £200      
    Loss of Rent. £290      
    Payments to Book Keeper Forgeman Tilters Rollers and Grinders thrown out of employment by reason of the Inundation at Wisewood Works. £120      
    Loss and Injury to trade, and trade connexions, and profits, at Wisewood and cost of maintaining an unproductive establishment. £1300      
    Cost of Cleansing and restoring Bridge Street Works and Soughs £60      
    Oil and Tallow carried away or damaged by the flood Bridge Street. £25      
    Restoring of Hardening and Converting Furnaces Bridge Street. £25      
    Drug and Cart Cover carried away by the flood Bridge Street. £12      
    House Furniture damaged or destroyed Bridge Street. £9      
    Damage done to Stock in trade Bridge Street £20      
    Loss caused by the Stoppage of Bridge Street Works during the Cleaning, and payment to Men £50      
    Valuers Charge for Estimate, of damage done, to Wise Wood Works £26 3s    
        £10848 17s 6d  
  Certificate Granted
13 July 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £8750      
      Assessed by Agreement at £8750.0.0 including £50 for Costs        

Note: Line 11: Shutters [sic]

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