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Claim for loss of property #5153 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5153 Samuel Greaves Sugar Refiner Philadelphia or Penistone Road, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Absolute Owner   Damage at the place of Business situate on Bacon Island, Philadelphia Sheffield        
    Eight Punchions of Treacle average 12 hundredweights each at an average of 15/~ per Hundredweight £72        
    Deduct 2 Punchions recovered but very much damaged and only worth £3 apiece [-] £6 £66      
    Six Punchions of Treacle (each only half full) average 6 hundredweights each at an average value of 15/ per hundredweight £27      
    N.B. Claimant had one other Puncheon similar to one of and in addition to the above six and recovered the same in sound condition        
    Twelve empty Punchions each of the value of 5/~ 3.0.0        
    Deduct 2 found in a sound condition [-] 0.10.0 £2 10s    
    Seven Casks of Sugar of the average value of £3 each £21      
    Twenty one Casks of "Treacle Foots" of the average value of £2.10.0 each £52 10s    
    Stock of Tea Lead £10      
    One Cart (totally lost) £14      
    One Cart damaged (as per Bill for repairs) £6 4s 6d  
    One Horse £18      
    Spring Cart and Harness £4      
    Part of Coal Cart Horse Gearing £2      
    Three Barrows each of the value of 10/~ £1 10s    
    One Weighing Machine £2 2s    
    One Weighing Machine damaged (as per Bill for repairs) £1 18s    
    Eight dozen of Sacks Hankeys Bags Value 6/ per dozen £2 8s    
    Cost of re-setting Copper Paw £5      
    Metal Cooler damaged £1 10s    
    Two Filter and twelve steeping Bags £1      
    Ten Filter and Settling tubs, each of the average value of 5/~ £2 10s    
    Six Buckets of the value of 3/~ a piece   18s    
    One large Whipping Bowl 5/~ two hand Whipping Bowls 1/3 each   7s 6d  
    One double reined Bridle   6s    
    One Head Collar   4s 6d  
    Kerry Comb and Brush   4s 6d  
    Whip   2s 6d  
    One strong Cellar Rope £1      
    From three to four Stones of Cording   5s    
    3 dozen of Sugar Mats at 1/~ per dozen   3s    
    Load of Manure   4s    
    Three Strainers at 1/~ each   3s    
    Two Conductors at 1/~ each   2s    
    Two Pressing Lids at 1/~ each   2s    
    Two Sparrels at 1/~ each   2s    
    Two Wrenches @ 6d Mop 1/~ Pan Hook 1/6   3s 6d  
    Poker 2/6 Firing Pan 5/6 Skimmer 1/6   9s 6d  
    From Thirty to Thirty five Cask of Various sizes £3      
    Fourteen Covers at 1/~ each   14s    
    One 12 foot Batting and Boards, etc.   10s    
    Two Shovels at 2/9 each Spade 2/~   7s 6d  
    Six Treacle Barrels at 4/ each, 2 to 3 Tons of Coal 25/ £2 9s    
    One Overcoat 20/~ 12 foot Ladder 4/ £1 4s    
    6 Hundredweights Sugar Paper at 5/~ 150 Fire Bricks 10/ £2      
    From 200 to 300 Cork Bungs £1 5s    
    1 Bed Punch and Stock for Hooping   4s 6d  
    2 Hammers and 1 Hoop driver   3s 6d  
    4 Chisels at 6d each from 30 to 40 Iron Hoops 10/   12s    
    Truss of Hay   4s    
    1 Steam Pipe 3 Cross bars and small fittings belonging to retort   10s    
    Damage at the Dwellinghouse situate at Philadelphia aforesaid ~        
    Piano Forte (Collard & Collard) damaged as per Valuation by Mr. John Harvey ~ £10      
    Furniture repairing and polishing (as per Bill) £2 4s 3d  
    1 Brussels Carpet 50/~ Druggeting 10/~ £3      
    Crumb Cloth 2/6 2 Hearth Rugs 10/~ 2 Hassocks 2/~   14s 6d  
    Pair of Window Curtains, pair of Tassels for Window Curtains £1 1s    
    4 door Mats 4/~ 1 floor Oil Cloth 10/~   14s    
    1 Passage Oil Cloth 6/~ 1 Cut Glass Sugar Basin 2/~   8s    
    3 Jars Preserves 6/~ Sundry Eatables 10/~   16s    
    6 Pecks Potatoes @ 8d 4/~ 6 pounds Candles 2/6   6s 6d  
    2 Stone Loaf Sugar 14/~ 1 Stone Raw Sugar 5/10   19s 10d  
    2 Panshons broken, 3 Pie dishes, 1 Meat dish   5s 8d  
    1 dozen Preserving Jars        
    1 Pair Men's, 2 Pair Women's and 2 Pair of Girls Boots and Slippers damaged   18s    
    1 half of a Pig in Salt value in sound condition £1 10s    
    Charwomans Board and Wage for 6 days cleaning   15s    
    Man for cleaning Rubbish away   2s 6d  
    French Merino Garibaldi and Clothes damaged £1 4s    
    Damage to Paint and Paper £1      
    Fender Fire Iron and Ash Pan damaged   6s    
    Damage to Kitchen Dresser and 6 Chairs and other Kitchen Furniture £1 2s 6d  
    Paid Mr Robert Lowe for valuation   10s 6d  
    Paid Mr. John Harvey for valuation of Piano   10s    
    Consequential damage        
    Eight Years increase of and additional rent at £12.3.1¾ per Year, being the difference between the rents of the former and present Places of business £97 7s 2d  
    Twenty one Weeks loss of time in consequence of the former place of business having been washed away along with the whole of its contents by the Flood of the 12th day of March last at £2 per Week £42      
    Summary [£.s.d]        
    Damage at the Place of Business 259.3.0        
    Damage at the Dwelling house 28.8.3        
    Consequential Damage 139.7.2

        £426 18s 5d  
  Certificate Granted
27 June 1865
Assessed at £270 8s 3d  

Note: Punchions, Puncheons [sic]. No amount entered for Line 65. Total in register is incorrect [£424.18.5]

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