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Claim for loss of property #5150 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5150 William Henry Walker and Robert Matthew Sharpe Coal Merchants Midland Station, Sheffield, and Kings Cross, London  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owners   To Expenses of Horses at Hotel   12s    
    Paid cleaning out Stables   11s 6d  
    Paid 3 Men for service and gratuity up all night in the Water and at risk of their lives saving 4 Horses £3      
    Telegram to London for Mr Walker to return to Sheffield   1s    
    Fares of Mr Walker, London to Sheffield 29/6 and return fare 29/6 £2 19s    
    Expences of Mr Walker attending etc. £1 15s    
    Services of Mr Walker at Sheffield one week and Gratuities paid at £2.2.0 per day £12 12s    
    Loss of value of Horses which were in Nursery Street. 1. The Young Horse in 10 feet of Water, nearly drowned and has never been right since £20      
    2. The deterioration of 3 others which were in water up to their backs £20      
    Loss of Horses time £4 16s    
    Expences buying other Horses in London and carriage of Horses to Sheffield £5 19s 6d  
    Loss of Nett Sales etc. 400 Tons of Coal £10      
    Loss of Earning of our Wagons standing at Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Yard 48 Wagons 3 days at 2/~ £14 8s    
    Coal spoilt or lost at Midland Yard 18 Tons at 5/~, 30 Tons at 7/6 (Dwaith [?] Coal) £15 15s    
    Coke lost patent Cannel 3 Tons at 35/~ £5 5s    
    5 Hundredweights of China Clay   18s    
    Steel Coke lost 3 Tons at 14/~ £2 2s    
    5 Cart side Boards etc. lost £1 2s    
    5 Carts damaged £4      
    Office, Stove papers Stationery and other Furniture damaged and cleaning sorting same etc. £3      
    5 Sets of Harness very much damaged from Wet and Dirt rotted and Horses trampling it to pieces say £4 per Set £20      
    Stable Furniture damaged   10s    
    Demurrage on Colliery and South Yorkshire Trucks and ours at the Midland Yard £7      
    Cleaning out our Depots in Midland Yard £2      
    Loss of Working the Stock in Midland Depots £2 15s    
    Loss of trade at Midland Depot of Coal ordered for these say 200 Tons at 1/~ £10      
    Cleaning out Midland Yard and Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Yard   10s    
    To Coal spoilt in M.S & L Yard, Bramley Moor 8 Tons @ 9/~ and R.S. 5 Tons at 4/6 £4 14s 6d  
    Men and Clerks Wages for one week lost to us £7 15s    
    Loss on Hay, Corn etc., at Stables viz.        
    1 Hundredweight Hay   10s    
    18 Stone Beans @ 1/3 £1 2s 6d  
    1 Hundredweight Bran   5s 8d  
    12 Stone Oats   14s    
    Corn Bin Spoilt £1      
        £187 12s 8d  
  Certificate Granted
3 February 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £117 2s    

Note: Expences [sic]; Nett [sic]. Total in register is incorrect [£187.11.8]

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