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Claim for loss of property #5142 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5142 Thomas Hawksley Licensed Victualler Owlerton, Near Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner   For loss of and damage to Goods, Particulars of which are set forth in the Schedule hereto. £19.3.5        
    For expenses incurred in cleaning House and Premises        
  March 12th 8 Men 1¼ day each at 4/~ £2      
  March 13 3 Men 1 day each at 4/~   12s    
  March 13 2 Women 1 day each at 2/6   5s    
  March 14 4 Men 1 day each at 4/~   16s    
  March 15 4 Men 1 day each at 4/~   16s    
  March 16 3 Men 1 day each at 4/~   12s    
    For expenses incurred in cleaning Furniture and other Household Articles        
    One Woman 6 days at 2/6   15s    
    For loss of produce of Garden £3      
    For expenses incurred cleaning Garden £1      
    For the loss of profits in the Sale of Malt liquor in draught £40      
    Spirits in small quantities requiring no Permits £26      
    Ginger beer £5      
    Peppermint £2 12s    
    Cigars £5 4s    
    Bottled Beer £4 6s    
    Bottled Porter £11.14.0 Pigeons £2.8.0 £14 2s    
    Schedule to the Claim of Thomas Hawksley being Particulars of Goods lost and damaged.        
    2 Pair White Calico Sheets £1 2s    
    Two pairs Womens Boots   15s    
    One pair Men's Boots   14s    
    Seven pairs Womens Stockings   5s 10d  
    One pair Men's Stockings   2s    
    Three White Calico Pillow Slips   2s    
    One Bolster Slip   2s    
    Seven Yards Dress lining   2s 4d  
    One and a half yard Dress Lining   1s 1d  
    One Woman's Merino Skirt   5s    
    One Woman's Skirt   2s    
    One eighteen Gallons Cask Beer   19s 6d  
    One eighteen Gallons Cask Beer less 4 Gallons drawn out   15s    
    One eighteen Gallons Cask Ale   16s 6d  
    Half Box Cigars   5s    
    Four Chairs   10s    
    Bagatelle Board damaged £3      
    One Tea Tray   4s    
    Six Metal Spittoons   3s    
    One Water Tub   3s    
    One Hand Brush   1s    
    One Cocoa Mat   3s    
    One Water Can 1/2 One Pair Stone Brushes 1/~   2s 2d  
    One Pair Scrubbing Brushes   1s    
    One Broom 10d Ten Tumbler Glasses 4/7   5s 5d  
    Eight small Beer Glasses   1s 8d  
    Nine Pint Mugs   1s 10d  
    Five Pint Jugs   1s 3d  
    One half gallon Pitcher     10d  
    Seven German Silver Sugar Crushers   3s 6d  
    Eighteen German Silver Table Spoons   12s    
    Six dozen pair Self Tip Table Knives and Forks £3      
    Four Pair Self Tip Carver Knives and Forks   6s    
    Knife and Fork Box   4s    
    Four Dozen Glass Bottles Pints and Gills   6s    
    Hamper   2s    
    Two Skittles   2s 6d  
    Skittle Ball   2s 6d  
    Half dozen Pigeons   2s    
    12 pounds Cheese   7s    
    Two Cricket Bats   10s    
    Three pair Leg Guards   18s    
    Two Pair Batting Gloves   8s    
    One Pair Stumping Gloves   5s    
    Three quarter Ton Coals   7s 6d  
        £126 3s 5d  
  Certificate Granted
13 April 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £47 19s    

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