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Claim for loss of property #5117 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5117 George Greaves Publican Brown Cow Inn, 56 Wicker, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damages to Personal Property   Yard. To one Pig 18 Stones at 6/9 per Stone £6 1s 6d  
    To repair and refix Pig sty in Yard £2 10s    
    To 2 Water Butts   9s    
    Bar. To Beer Machine and piping destroyed £10      
    To Eight yards of Oil Cloth destroyed £1 10s    
    To Cash paid for 6 pieces of paper for Walls in Bar varnished at 2/6 a piece   15s    
    To Cash paid for 6 pieces of paper for Ceiling in Bar at 1/ a piece   7s 6d  
    To 2 dozen Tumblers assorted lost   10s    
    To One pair of decanters lost   4s    
    To 6 Quart Jug   2s 6d  
    To Two dozen Mugs and Jugs   5s    
    To Nine Wooden Stools £1 2s 6d  
    To Two plated pints   5s    
    To Two plated Gills   4s    
    To the Contents of two Spirit Kegs con = = taining Whiskey £1 8s    
    To one Gas Globe   1s 3d  
    To Cut Iron Window Guard   4s    
    To 2 Wire Guards for Windows   5s    
    To Damage to Seating Painting and fixtures £5      
    Bar Snug To 7 pieces of paper for Walls in Snug varnished at 3/3 a piece £1 2s 9d  
    To Glazing to Window   2s    
    To repairs to and refixing Mahogany Table   7s 6d  
    Kitchen. To 9 pieces of paper for Walls in Kitchen @ 1/3 a piece   11s 3d  
    To painting Walls 7/~ 1 Delf Case 3/6 one Load of Potatoes 6/~   16s 6d  
    To Kitchen Dresser 1/5/0 Square deal Table 9/~ £1 14s    
    To Mahogany Stand 12/6 Damages to Furniture 2/10/0 £3 2s 6d  
    Tap Room. To 10 pieces of paper for Tap room Walls varnished 3/6 piece £1 15s    
    To replace two Windsor Chairs   7s    
    To replace contents of Cupboard consisting of Dinner Service and Earthenware generally and Groceries £2      
    To Contents of Larder £1 5s    
    Entrance passage. To repairs to plaster on passage Walls   6s 2d  
    To painting for passage Walls   11s    
    To 12 pieces of paper varnished for Walls in Passage 3/~ a piece £1 16s    
    Stock in Trade on Tap destroyed        
    To 1 36 Gallon Barrel of Beer at 1/3 per Gallon £2 5s    
    To 1 36 Gallon Barrel of Ale at 11d per Gallon £1 13s    
    To 2 Gallons of French Brandy @ 26/~ £2 12s    
    To ½ Gallon of British Brandy @ 18/~   9s    
    To 2 dozen of Porter and Bottles @ 4/8 per dozen   9s 4d  
    To 3 dozen of Empty Porter Bottles @ 1/6 per dozen   4s 6d  
    To One 18 Gallon Barrel of Bitter Beer at 1/4 per Gallon £1 4s    
    To damages to Spirits by reason of Mud getting in the Casks £2 10s    
    To Cash paid for removing Mud and Dirt £10 7s    
    To Damages Caused by loss and suspension of business £20      
        £88 14s 9d  
  Certificate Granted
27 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £51 16s 9d  

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