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Claim for loss of property #5110 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5110 Nicholas Robert Holman Tillage Manufacturer Newhall Lane, Brightside, Sheffieled  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damage to Personal Property   To Loss and damage as follows        
    To 10 Quarters Blue Peas £5      
    To 5½ Quarters of Barley £2 15s    
    To 1½ Quarters of Oats   15s    
    To 15 tons of Bone Dust in Stable at 30/~ £22 10s    
    To 1000 Bags Soot in Soot House at 1d £25      
    To 100 Tons of Bone Ashes in Bone House @ 7£ £70      
    To 5 Tons of Bone Ashes in Bone House @ £6 £30      
    To 10 Tons of Bone Ashes in Bone House @ £4/10/0 £45      
    To 2 Tons of Pigeon Manure in Weighing House at £5 £10      
    To 10 Tons of Ashes in Weighing House £20      
    To 4 Tons of Amonical Charcoal at £4 £16      
    To Shoddy Manure in Back Yard lost £5      
    To Tillage Manure in Back Yard lost £5      
    To Shoddy and Tillage Manure in Shed £5      
    To loss of Quantity of Wood and Planks £10      
    To 200 Carboys for Vitriol lost at 3/~ £30      
    To Wheel barrow lost £1 5s    
    To loss of 3 Tubs and quantity of Copper Rivits £5      
    To Joiners Bench Lost £1      
    To Table Lost £1      
    To Mahogany Counter lost £5      
    To Shandy lost £1 10s    
    To 20 Tons Bark Ashes at 40/~ £40      
    To White Hair lost £10      
    To 5 Tons Brown Hair at 140/~ £35      
    To 4 Tons Brown Hair in Bags £28      
    To 3 Tons Brown Hair £21      
    To 30 Tons of Dessolved Bones @ 140/~ £210      
    To Iron Gate destroyed £5      
    To Cash paid Mason for repairs of Premises as per particulars annexed £58.16.9        
    Mr. Holman Dr.
To Patrick Donohoe
    Roods Stone Walling @ 10/~ £3 2s 6d  
    14 Roods Stone Walling @ 14/6 £10 3s    
    Repairing Garden Wall   2s 6d  
    Flagging for grates yards and houses £1 3s 4d  
    Shore coverers   10s 6d  
    4 Cellars Steps   2s 6d  
    Mason 2½ Days setting flagging and cellar Steps   12s 6d  
    Clearing foundations and filling up causeways   7s 1½d  
    Labourer 4½ days at 5/~ opening and filling up sough £1 2s 6d  
    Labourer 4½ days at 3/3 opening and filling up sough   14s 7½d  
    Labourer 1 day clearing the Dike Wall, 1 day cleaning Yard, and 2½ days at Sewer in Garden   14s 7½d  
    Mason 2 Days at Dike Wall   9s 6d  
    Labourer 3¼ Days at Sewer in Garden   10s 6½d  
    Mason dressing and selling flags at Milk House 1¼ days at 3/4   6s 3d  
    Mason ¾ day at Shore in Garden   3s 9d  
    Mason 8¼ day at the Water hole 5/~ per day £2 1s 3d  
    Labourer 11 days at Water hole 3/6 per day £1 18s 6d  
    Labourer 3 days clearing Garden Wall 3/6 per day   10s 6d  
    Labourer 4 days at Shore in Garden 3/6 per day   14s    
    5 Loads of Clay for Puddle at Water hole 2/~   10s    
    6 Steps 3/6 £1 1s    
    4 roods Stone Walling 16/~ £3 4s    
    15 roods Stone Walling 14/~ £10 10s    
    Bier   4s 10d  
    Getting out Foundations for the Brick Walls 2½ days at 3/6 per day   8s 9d  
    Clearing the Cellars 1½ day at 3/6 per day   5s 3d  
    Repairing the Brick Walls etc. Mason 1 day 5/~ per day Laborer 1 day at 3/6 per day   8s 6d  
    Lime   4s    
    At Manufactory Newhall        
    10 inch fence Wall next the Road 8¼ roods [@] 25/~ £10 6s 3d  
    Add for Wall being topped with Bricks 19 lineal yards [@] 2½   3s 11d  
    15 inch brick foundation to fence 2½ roods [@] 36/~ £4 10s    
    Rubble foundation to fence 3/4 [@] 18/~   13s 6d  
    5 inch footing courses 18 lineal yards [@] 9   13s 6d  
    Stone in Wall adjoining Pier of Bridge   1s 6d  
    Half charge for Measuring   1s 9d  
        £724 11s 9d  
  Certificate Granted
25 January 1865
Assessed by Consent at £650      
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