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Claim for loss of property #5056 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5056 Mary Machen Widow Owlerton  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Furniture and other Personal Property, also to a Freehold Cottage and Garden   Sitting Room.        
    Mahogany Secretary and Cupboard with Wire and Green Silk Panels very much damaged £2      
    Tea Service and Coffee Service China Gilt cost £8.8.0 6 Pieces broken £1 1s    
    1 Silver Tea Spoon lost   5s    
    China desert Service 3 Pieces broken   10s    
    Ancient China Bowl broken   3s    
    Several Glasses and Pots broken in Secretaire   8s    
    A Sable Fur, Boa, pair of Cuffs and Victorine very much damaged £2      
    Black Velvet Mantle in drawer completely spoiled £1 10s    
    Mahogany Cheffioneer much damaged and Scratched £1 15s    
    8 days Clock, Case broken, Feet off, etc.   10s    
    Mahogany Hair seated Sofa, much damaged requires recovering etc. £1 7s 6d  
    3 Mahogany Hair seated Chairs, restuffing etc. Cost 24/~ each, damage 8/~ each £1 4s    
    Brussels Carpet 20 Yards Very much spoiled 2/ £2      
    Mahogany Pembroke Table, top displaced £1 5s    
    Oil Painting in Gilt and Maple frame damaged   10s    
    3 Over Coats behind front door spoiled £1 10s    
    Hearth Rug and large Wool Mat   6s    
    Amount brought from Schedule Number 1 £46 4s 4d  
    Amount brought from Schedule Number 2 £23 10s 8d  
    Schedule Number 1 £.s.d        
    Books 5 Volumes Encyclopedia large Dictionary Family Bible, and 50 Volumes of various Books 3.10.0        
    Piece of Carpet 3 Yards washed away 0.4.6        
    3 door Mats washed away 0.6.0        
    Black Writing Case washed away 0.7.6        
    Shell Basket washed away 0.1.0        
  Parlour Large Mahogany dining Table damaged 0.15.0        
    Mahogany hair seated Sofa, to recover and repair 2.0.0        
    6 Mahogany hair seated Chairs and 2 Arm Chairs 1 broken and others much damaged 2.10.0        
    Rosewood Work Table with figured top spoiled 1.1.0        
    2 Mahogany Stools with needlework Top damaged 0.10.0        
    Mahogany Cheffioneer, back broken and much damaged 2.5.0        
    Mahogany Easy Chair in Morocco 0.15.0        
    Large Table Lamp broken 0.12.0        
    Brussels Carpet 35 Yards soiled and damaged 2/- 3.10.0        
    Hearth Rug 0.4.0        
    Polished steel Fire Irons and Brass Fender 0.5.0        
    Scarlet Window Cushion 0.4.0        
    Hassocks spoiled 0.4.0        
    Portion of cost of repapering Parlour 1.0.0        
  Kitchen Dresser damaged 15/~ Oak spring Table 2/6 0.17.6        
    2 Hair seated Chairs 3/~ 2 Arm Chairs 4/ 0.7.0        
    Piece of Carpet destroyed 0.5.0        
    Square Table 0.2.0        
  Cellar Large Maiden Pot broken 0.2.6        
    3 Gallons Vinegar Spilt 0.4.6        
    4 Gallons Ale Spilt 0.4.0        
    2 Bottles Port Wine broken 0.8.0        
    Sundry Bottles earthenware and Crockery broken 0.10.0        
    Bread, Cheese, Butter, 12 pounds raw Sugar, 3 pounds Lump Sugar, and other eatables destroyed 1.1.6        
  Yard 2 Wire Work flower Stands washed away, cost 10/ and 6/ 0.12.0        
    Painted seat at front door washed away 0.8.0        
    Mignionette Box 3/~ Rustic garden Chair 4/~ 0.7.0        
    Wire Frame to Flower boarder 0.5.0        
    Ornamental Scraper washed away 0.6.0        
    3 Apple Trees washed away, in full bearing 0.15.0        
    1 Cherry and 1 Plum Tree washed away, in full bearing 0.10.0        
    Temporary Gig Shed washed away (Timber and Tarpauling) 0.15.0        
  Garden Loss and Deficiency of this years Crop 1.10.0        
    1 Apple Tree old but bearing 0.3.0        
    20 Gooseberry Trees @ 6d 0.10.0        
    10 Currant Trees @ 4d 0.3.4        
    Taking up and replanting 173 Yards of Box Edging at 1½ per yard 0.15.0        
    Labour of taking up Flower Roots, Shrubs etc., and trenching Garden 2.0.0        
    Shrubs and Plants destroyed 0.15.0        
    Bee House washed away 1.0.0        
    2 Privet Hedges destroyed 0.12.0        
  Office Cocoa Matting on floor damaged 0.7.0        
    Door Mat washed away 0.1.6        
    3 Chairs damaged 0.9.0        
    Carved Oak Cabinet damaged 1.0.0        
    Deal Chest of Drawers broken 0.10.0        
    Lot of Books damaged 1.5.0        
  Shed Carriage Cover of Oilcase destroyed 0.10.0        
    Damage to Gig 1.0.0        
    Damage to Phaeton 1.0.0        
  Stable Grooming traps washed away 0.5.0        
    1 Horse Rug washed away 0.6.0        
    Sack of Ground Oats and Sack 0.11.0        
    3 Bushels of Oats 0.7.6        
    12 Pecks of Potatoes destroyed 0.8.0        
    Straw Cutter damaged 0.9.0        
    Robert Lowe's charge for Estimating etc. 2.2.0

    Schedule Number 2
Damage to Freehold Cottage and Garden at Owlerton back lane occupied by Alfred Proctor
    Fence Wall rebuilding round Garden 10¼ Roods cost 3.7.6        
    Stone Cottage of Liddall 20/~ Stone Cottage of Bouer 35/ 2.15.0        
    2 Apple Trees washed away @ 5/~ 0.10.0        
    20 Gooseberry Trees washed away @ 6d 0.10.0        
    Expense of clearing Rubbish off Garden and restoring the same 3.0.0        
    Piggery Wall washed away 1 Stone 0.8.0        
    2 Piggery doors washed away 0.10.0        
    Garden Gate washed away 0.5.0        
    House door broken in New door 0.18.0        
    Inner Wall burst through into Smithey making good and plastering 0.10.0        
    5 Squares of Glass 0.1.8        
    Damage to Parlour, a Room one Story high has had to be taken down and rebuilt at a cost of about £40 including Flagging Fixtures, etc. say 10.0.0        
    Drain Opening 0.5.0        
    Robert Lowe's charge for Estimating etc. 0.10.6

    Amount of Claim Number 5056 18.4.6        
    Amount of Claim Number 5056 as per Schedule Number 1 46.4.4        
    Amount of Claim Number 5056 as per Schedule Number 2 23.10.8

    Total Claim £87.19.6        
        £87 19s 6d  
  Certificate Granted
28 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £75      

Note: Line 5: desert [sic]; Line 53: mignionette [sic]; Line 54: flower boarder [sic]

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