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Claim for loss of property #5044 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5044 William Frederick Dixon; James Willis Dixon; Henry Isaac Dixon; William Faucett; William Frederick Dixon Junior; James Willis Dixon Junior Merchants and Manufacturers carrying on Business in Copartnership under the Firm of "James Dixon and Sons" Cornish Place, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Freehold; Personal Freehold Amount of damage caused by the Inundation to the works of the Claimants at Cornish Place in Sheffield in the County of York as per Schedule hereto annexed marked Number 1 £2839 7s 6d  
    Sundry other Repairs as per Schedule Number 2 £51 5s 3d  
  Personal Amount of two weeks wages to Workpeople who could only be employed in cleaning the Dies, Yards, Cellars, etc., and clearing away ~ Rubbish from Claimants Works as per Schedule hereto annexed marked Number 3. £1189 19s 8d  
  Personal Amount of damage caused by the Inundation to the Stock in trade, pictures, Tools, etc. belonging the Claimants as per Schedule thereto annexed and marked Number 4. £341 15s 3d  
  Personal Amount of consequential damage caused by the Inundation namely
Loss of two weeks profits at the rate of £9000 per Annum, being the amount of which the Claimants are assessed for Income Tax.
    Amount of Architects, Surveyors, Valuers, and Law Charges, as per Schedule hereto annexed marked Number 5. £175 13s    
    Interest on £375 part of Capital, from 12 March 1864 and on £2890.12.9 (Number 1 and 2) from this date to 30th December next being the probable day of the Commissioners determination in this Claim at £7.10.0 per Cent per Annum being average present rate of Bank Interest. £60 12s 4d  
    Schedule Number 1
referred to in the annexed Claim
    Mr. William Gomersall for Timber and Deals 602.11.1        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Sawing to Timber and Deals 27.19.1        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Clay 52.17.4        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Carting 3.9.3        
    Mr. William Gomersall for day time 411.9.8½        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Iron Work 89.14.7½        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Stone etc. 164.2.4        
    Mr. William Gomersall for Pump etc. 43.17.8        
    Mr. William Gomersall for time etc. for Engine 15.19.7½        
    Mr. John Townsend for Plumbers Work 37.14.3        
    Amount paid by Messrs. James Dixon & Sons as per their account annexed 163.13.10        
    Mr. William Gomersall's further Bill for work and Materials in addition to the above 225.18.9        
    Estimate of Work yet to be done 1000.0.0

  1864 October 25th
July 30
Drury Brothers & Walker 25.18.6½        
  August 6 Joseph Ashforth & Company 0.5.0        
  August 19 Amos Ridal 10.0.0        
  August 23 F Colley & Sons 3.12.11        
  August 25 Robinson & Biggin 7.8.5        
  September 3 Carre of Engine 2.10.0        
  September 6 Drury Brothers & Walker 0.14.6        
  September 9 Carre of Engine retc 2.10.0        
  September 10 Drury Brothers & Walker 56.11.2        
  September 24 George Ridal 10.0.0        
  September 30 F Colley & Sons 7.11.10        
  October 6 W. Boulton Engine 17.2.0        
    Coal used by Night Watchman from August 28th to October 22nd 1864 4 hundredweights 12 quarters 0 pounds @ 8/9 2.0.3        
    Coal used for Portable Engine from August 28th to October 22nd 1864 11 hundredweights 5 quarters 0 pounds @ 10/10 6.1.10½        
    Coke used for Engine from August 28 to October 22nd 14 hundredweights 7 quarters 0 pounds 10.15.3        
    Pale Oil for Engine, 15 Pints 0.7.0        
    Tallow for Engine, 12 pounds 0.5.1½

    Schedule Number 2
referred to in the annexed Claim
    Repairing of Staircase near Rolling Mill 2.0.0        
    Rolling Mill floor repairing 1.10.0        
    Steps near River repairing 0.15.0        
    Drains opening and cleaning out namely
Mr. Wardrobe as per Bill £12.4.2
Mr. Wardrobe as per Bill £12.16.8
Mr. Wardrobe as per Bill £20.19.5
Fire Office Men £1.0.0

    Schedule Number 3
referred to in the annexed Claim
    Amount of Wages paid to Workpeople for the week ending March 11th 1864, being under the average of the amount generally paid.
Names of Workpeople
    In Plated Department.        
    Abdy Ann        
    Ainsworth Emma        
    Ainsworth Sarah        
    Allsop Samuel        
    Anderton Edward        
    Anderton William        
    Ashmore John        
    Ashmore William        
    Bagshaw Emma        
    Baines Albert        
    Baines Wood        
    Barrat Martha        
    Barber Martha        
    Barber Mary        
    Barker Ann        
    Bates Thomas        
    Baxter Charles        
    Bell James        
    Bell James (Brazier)        
    Bell William        
    Bennett Ann        
    Benson Thomas        
    Best Charles        
    Biggins John        
    Bingham Samuel        
    Bingham Isaac        
    Bessell & Company        
    Bland Mary        
    Bolsover Louisa        
    Bolsover Elizabeth        
    Bolsover Sarah Ann        
    Bottomley Samuel        
    Bradley Ellen        
    Bramall Isaac        
    Bramall Emily        
    Bray Mary Ann        
    Brown Ann        
    Brown Cuthbert        
    Brown Henry        
    Bullos Charles        
    Bullos William        
    Burgin Fanny        
    Butler Kate        
    Buxton Ann        
    Buxton John        
    Byrd John        
    Chester Rebecca        
    Clarke Eliza        
    Clarke Elizabeth        
    Colton Ann        
    Cooper Elizabeth        
    Copley Henry        
    Copley Thomas        
    Corker Ann        
    Cowley Frederick        
    Cowley William        
    Cowley Sarah        
    Creswick William        
    Creswick William Junior        
    Crofts Mary        
    Crowther Timothy        
    Cunningham James        
    Dakin George        
    Darwin William        
    Darwent Mary        
    Dick Sarah        
    Dixon Paul        
    Dodd John        
    Drake George        
    Duncan Alfred        
    Dyson Ann        
    Epworth Thomas        
    Fletcher J.E.        
    Francis A.        
    Fretwell Charles        
    Frisber William        
    Gibson Mary        
    Gill George        
    Goddard Samuel        
    Goddard Samuel Junior        
    Greaves Louisa        
    Gregory Charlotte        
    Gregory Sarah        
    Gregory Rhoda        
    Gregory William        
    Gregory William        
    Gregory James        
    Habbershaw Joseph        
    Haigh Mary        
    Haigh Eliza        
    Haigh Jane        
    Hancock Joseph        
    Harrison Thomas        
    Harrison William        
    Hawksley Catherine        
    Hawksworth Ann        
    Hawksworth Mary        
    Hill Benjamin        
    Hobson William        
    Holmes Peter        
    Holden Matilda        
    Holroyd W.F.        
    Holroyd Fanny        
    Horner William        
    Howard Elijah        
    Howe Emma        
    Hopkinson Emma        
    Hudson Robert        
    Hurst Martha        
    Hutchinson George        
    Hynde Clara        
    Hynde Lydia        
    Jackson Adam        
    Johnson Sarah        
    Jones Maria Anne        
    Jones Sarah Ellen        
    Jubb Matthew        
    Kelvey Rowland        
    Kirk Joseph        
    Langley Priscilla        
    Lee Elizabeth        
    Leno Thomas        
    Lilly Sarah        
    Lissill William        
    Lomas Martha        
    McLaurin Thomas        
    Marsden Elizabeth        
    Marsh Charles        
    Marshall Sarah        
    Maxfield Thomas        
    Middleton Joseph        
    Middleton Joseph Junior        
    Milner Emma        
    Milner William        
    Milner John        
    Morland Ellen        
    Morland Elizabeth        
    Morton James        
    Morton William        
    Mosley Thomas        
    Nell Thomas        
    Nicholson Austin        
    Nicholson Thomas        
    Norton Sophia        
    Ormerod Emma        
    Owen Francis        
    Page William        
    Parker & Company        
    Parkin Emma        
    Parsonson Frederick        
    Pearson James        
    Pearson Annis        
    Pepper Ann        
    Pepper George        
    Pepper William        
    Priest Emma        
    Rhodes John        
    Rhodes William        
    Rhodes William Junior        
    Richards Ann        
    Richmond Albert        
    Ridge Thomas        
    Ridley Mary        
    Rodgers Elizabeth        
    Royston Elizabeth        
    Saddler Selina        
    Seaton & Company        
    Seeley Thomas        
    Sellars Elizabeth        
    Simpson John        
    Slack Catherine        
    Slack Emily        
    Smalley Elizabeth        
    Smithers Mary Ann        
    Sniddall Elizabeth        
    Spencer Hannah        
    Spooner James        
    Spooner James Junior        
    Stringer Edmund        
    Stringer John        
    Sykes Esther        
    Taylor Ann        
    Taylor Rebecca        
    Thompson Caroline        
    Thompson George        
    Thompson Joseph        
    Thompson William        
    Thorpe Emma        
    Tinker Elizabeth        
    Truelove William        
    Turner Mary Ann        
    Unwin Martha        
    Unwin Sarah Ann        
    Warburton William        
    Warburton Joseph        
    Walker Ann        
    Walker Sarah        
    Ward Mary        
    Watkin Alfred        
    Watkin Ann        
    Webster Charles        
    White Isabella        
    Wilablood John        
    Wilks John        
    Wingfield Joseph        
    Wood Jane        
    Wood Samuel        
    Woodham Charles        
    Woodham Joshua        
    Woodham Frederick        
    Woodhouse Kate        
    Woodward Ellen        
    Worral Jane        
    Wostenholm Emma £325.8.5        
    In the Britannia Metal Department        
    Ashforth John        
    Ashforth Benjamin        
    Atkinson Sarah        
    Barnes Caroline        
    Beckett Sarah        
    Biggs Martha        
    Biggins Sam C & Company        
    Bingham William        
    Bingham John        
    Bingham Charles        
    Bingham S Senior        
    Bingham S Junior        
    Bingham George        
    Bingham Henry        
    Booker Ann        
    Bolsover John        
    Bolsover Rowland        
    Bottomley Emma        
    Bradley Clara        
    Bramall Isaac Senior        
    Bramall Isaac Junior        
    Bramall Alwin        
    Bramall Mary        
    Bramall Charles        
    Bramall Richard        
    Brallan Joseph        
    Brooks Samuel        
    Carr Joseph        
    Carr Charles        
    Carr Sarah Ann        
    Charlesworth Mary        
    Cooper James        
    Cooper John Dyson        
    Cooper Fanny        
    Copley Sarah        
    Copley Ann        
    Darwin William        
    Davis Mary Ann        
    Davis William        
    Dawtrey Elizabeth        
    Downes William        
    Elliott George        
    Ellis Coroline        
    Everson John        
    Finney Ellen        
    Fletcher Eliza        
    Franks Gervas        
    Franks Fanny        
    Franks William        
    Franks Elizabeth        
    Franco Joseph        
    Glossop John Rhodes        
    Gordinson D.        
    Gould Mary A        
    Greaves Henry        
    Hadfield Sarah A        
    Hall John        
    Hall Joseph        
    Hall Edwin        
    Hawksworth John        
    Hobson George        
    Hobson William        
    Holland Jane        
    Howe William        
    Hunter Robert        
    Hunter William        
    Hurst Thomas        
    Jackson Sarah        
    Jennings George        
    Jenkinson Emma        
    Ledger John        
    Ledger William        
    Lemons Jane        
    Linley Benjamin        
    Linley Joseph        
    Linley Mary Ann        
    Linley Samuel        
    Littlewood Benjamin        
    Loy Matthias        
    Loy Ann        
    Loy Joseph        
    Loy Elijah        
    Marsden Robert        
    Marsden Jeremiah        
    Marshall Charles        
    Marshall Ann        
    Maxfield S.A.        
    Mellor Alice        
    Mellor Sarah A.        
    Miller William        
    Miller William Henry        
    Milward J.F.        
    Muscroft Elizabeth        
    Newton John        
    Notton Charlotte        
    Paltreyman George        
    Paltreyman Samuel        
    Pashley Maria        
    Pashley Charles        
    Paul John        
    Quarmby James        
    Ratcliffe Rowland        
    Raynes George        
    Reeves James        
    Ridge Joseph        
    Ridge Mary        
    Saxton Susan        
    Shallcross Eliza        
    Shaw Anne        
    Shaw Martha        
    Shepherd Joseph        
    Shepherd George        
    Shepherd John        
    Shepherd Charles        
    Slack James        
    Smith John        
    Smith Margaret        
    Snidall Hannah        
    Snidall Elizabeth        
    Spencer J. Senior        
    Spencer J. Junior        
    Spencer William        
    Spencer Robert        
    Shaw Ellen        
    Talbot Thomas Senior        
    Talbot Thomas Junior        
    Taylor Joseph        
    Taylor Eliza        
    Taylor Harriett        
    Thorpe Thomas        
    Thorpe Izetta        
    Tyne John        
    Tyne George        
    Wainwright M        
    Walker Henry        
    Watson Mary        
    Webster Thomas        
    Whittaker Ellen        
    Whittington Richard        
    White John        
    White George        
    Wild Eliza        
    Winale Esther        
    Wolstenholme T & Son        
    Wolstenholme S.        
    Wolstenholme Charles        
    Wolstenholme J.        
    Wolstenholme W.        
    Youle Emma        
    Young Sarah Ann        
    Young Charles        
    Young Albert        
    Young Fernell Henry £205.1.7        
    In Powder Flask Department        
    Allott Matthew        
    Atkinson John        
    Bennett Thomas        
    Beaumont John        
    Bingham James        
    Brookfield Arthur        
    Buck John        
    Buttery William        
    Buttery John        
    Burgin Frederick        
    Cartledge Jane        
    Cartledge Joseph        
    Cheetham Josiah        
    Copley Henry        
    Cox Charles        
    Crump James        
    Darley Henry        
    Elshaw Edward        
    Finney Thomas        
    Fletcher Henry        
    Fletcher William        
    Goodison Thomas        
    Grundy William        
    Heeley Benjamin        
    Heeley Thomas        
    Hodkin William        
    Lockwood Edward        
    Mawson John        
    Mellor John        
    Melluish Frederick        
    Melluish William        
    Middleton Thomas        
    Morris James        
    Pashley John        
    Ramsden Frederick        
    Ramsden George        
    Ramsden Henry        
    Ramsbottom J        
    Ramsden Robert        
    Ridge Ann        
    Ridge Sarah        
    Ridge Thomas        
    Simpson George        
    Silcock John        
    Sykes James        
    Taylor Lydia        
    Unwin Isaac        
    Unwin George        
    Unwin Matthew        
    Wagg John        
    Watson William        
    Darley William        
    Beaumont Thomas £64.9.10

    Amount of Week's Wages 594.19.10

    Amount of two Weeks Wages £1189.19.8        
    Schedule Number 4
referred to in the Annexed Claim
    ¾ Cask of Pale Oil 13.4.10        
    ¾ Pancheon of Whale 31.16.7        
    1 Hhd of Whiting 1.6.8        
    3 Loads of Charcoal 5.14.0        
    Crocus 4.8.3        
    ¼ Hundredweight Tallow 14/6 1½ Ton Lime in Gas Yard 18/9 1.13.3        
    Coal in Cornish Place and Gas Yard 5.8.9        
    5 New Retorts in Gas Yard and Fixing 40.0.0        
    Leather £5 Wood for Handles etc. £8 13.0.0        
    George Pashley's, Joiner, Tools 10/~ Shalac £7 7.10.0        
    Wheelbarrows repairing and 1 lost 1.0.0        
    Electro B.M. finished Goods etc. re-polishing and re wrapping 11.19.8        
    Nickel lost 5.17.3        
    12 Gross Spoon blanks unfit for use 28.16.0        
    190 dozen Spoons assayed repolishing and re wrapping 5.7.6        
    Liquor lost in Electro Department Cellars 15.0.0        
    1½ Ton Calais Sand 30/- 6 Hundredweights Pearl Ash 96/- 6.6.0        
    36 Yards of Zinc Conductor for ~ Building near River 5.10.0        
    Hoops for Casks 8.11.0 Buckets and Casks repairing 12/- 9.3.0        
    Weed Brooms and Brushes 2.10.0        
    Packing Boxes repaired and destroyed 12.10.0        
    Coke 1.11.6        
    Clearing and re setting Gas Pipes 3.0.0        
    Paper damaged 1.10.0        
    Dies second time cleaning 15.0.0        
    Casks damaged in Cellars 1.10.0        
    Repairing Steps in Stable Yard 0.12.0        
    Dies Cleaning 20.0.0        
    Swing Doors to Plated entrance repairing 0.10.0        
    Rotten Stone 70.0.0

    Schedule Number 5
referred to in the annexed Claim
    John Cunningham Esquire (Engineer) as per Bill 38.14.0        
    Messrs. Fowler & Son Engineers 75.0.0        
    Mr. Amos Ridal for superintending Work as per Bill 40.19.0        
    Messrs. Watson (Solicitors) 21.0.0

        £5033 13s    
  Certificate Granted
26 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement at £3750      

Note: Line 481: shalac [sic]: probably shellac

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