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Claim for loss of property #4934 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4934 Jemima Addy Widow, Oat Bread Baker Bailey Lane, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Administratrix of the estate and effects of James Trickett deceased, late of Malin Bridge, Famer and Lessee, of Farm thereunder Mortgagee George Burgoyne Esquire   To amount of injury done to the Buildings, Fence Walls, etc. in the Farm at Malin Bridge as per Schedule A £1717.0.7        
    To Surveyors and Architects fees and commission as per Schedule B £95        
    To loss of Crops, Stock, Implements, soil Tenantright, Furniture, including valuers commission, as per Schedule C. £1060.5.6        
    To Funeral Expenses £24.17.3        
    To charges for Administration including Duty £58.15.5        
    To consequential damage for the loss and use of Farmstead House and Cottages £50        
    [Schedule] A        
    Valuation of the Injury done to the Buildings, Fence Walls, etc. on the Estate of Montagu G. Burgoyne Esquire situate at Malin Bridge in the Occupation of the late Mr James Trickett.        
    The Dwellinghouse occupied by the late Mr Trickett. Two stories high with attic in roof £350      
  10 roods Drest Stone Garden Walls in front of House at 34/. Per Rood £17      
  46 Lineal Feet Drest Coping to Garden Walls 3/. Per foot £6 18s    
    Two Stone Gate Posts, with moulded Caps £4      
    Wrought Iron Palisades and Gates and Lock etc. £8      
    Stable next the Road two Storys high 35 feet long and 18 feet wide fitted with fine standings complete £140      
    Cow House, Stable, Cart Shed, Piggeries, and Hen Roost over in the Yard one story high 84 ft 6 ins. long and and 18 ft wide £134      
    Cart Shed adjoining the Kitchen 21 ft by 18 ft £31      
    Entrance and Farm Yard Gates and Posts and Stone Water Course and making good again £25      
    Repairs to the Barn, Cowhouse, and Shed now standing £5 17s 10d  
    Three Dwelling Houses adjoining the late Mr Tricketts House £220      
    Three Garden Doors and Posts £2 5s    
    Rebuilding Privies and Ashes Place £10      
  52 lineal roods Stone fence Walls topped in Mortar 5 feet high @ 17/6 per rood £45 10s    
  7½ lineal roods Stone Fence Wall including part new stone @ 12/. £4 10s    
  693 Cubic Yards Rebuilding Walls next the River Loxley the Banks being Washed away 7/. Per Yard £337 1s    
  660 Cubic Yards Rubbish leading and filling in behind the Walls where the Land is entirely washed away @ 1/. Per Yard £33      
  31 and two thirds lineal roods Fence Wall to the Trickett Holme next the Road 6 feet high 19/6 per rood £30 17s 6d  
  11½ lineal roods Fence Wall to the Trickett Holme next the Road 5 feet high 17/6 per rood £10 1s 3d  
  270 Cubic Yards Wall next the River Loxley the Banks and Timber being washed away 7/. Per Yard £94 10s    
  150 Cubic Yards Filling Hole made by the Flood 1/. Per Yard £7 10s    
    Cleaning half the Bed of the River Loxley £200      
    [Schedule] B        
    Mrs. Addey debtor To Charles Unwin        
  April To taking a Survey of the Injury done by the Flood to the late Mr James Trickett's Farm at Malin Bridge.
To Plotting the same and calculating the Quantities and Drawing a fair copy for the use of Messrs. White and Stead the Land Valuers
    To Surveying the Injury done by washing down the Buildings and Fence Walls and making a Valuation for restoring the same: also surveying the Banks of the River Loxley where injured by the Flood and making an Estimate for building retaining Walls £15      
    Architects Charges for Drawing Plans and Specifications for the Rebuilding of the above named Buildings, Fence and River Walls and superintending the excavation of the same £1500 at 5 per cent £75      
    C. Schedule referred to. Tenant right and Land and damage done        
  2 Acres 3 Roods 4 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches North Fox Croft. Growing Wheat on ley Break, greater portion of the field flooded allowed for Crop in full deducting for harvesting, slacking, threshing, and marketing, - also deducting the sum of £9.6.0 received from Mr Spurr for the portion of crop not destroyed, as sold by Auction June 22/64 £32.3.6        
    Allowed for sand removing from various parts of Field and for removing Stone and rubbish by River side £22.0.0 £54 3s 6d  
  2 Acres 0 Roods 26 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches South Fox Croft Grass Pastured. 0.0.20 loss of Crop being covered with Sand and sward destroyed £1 5s    
    Field above Trickett's Barn. Ploughed Land 1 Acre 1 Rood 30 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Soil washed away - rendered worthless - allowance years Rent, Taxes and Profit £14 7s 6d  
    Grass Croft back of Trickett's house 0.2.31 Grass injured allow loss Crop and half Tillage        
    0.0.10 Grass Sward allow Crop, half Tillage and Sward £4 3s 9d  
    Croft back of Barn, ploughed Land 0.1.0 allow one years Rent, Taxes, and Profit £2 10s    
    Homestead and Garden, allow loss of Trees, Shrubs, half Tillage and Crop £5      
  3 Acres 0 Rood 9 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Trickett Holme (near Owlerton) Wheat on Grass Ley, allow Crop of Wheat and half grass Land £48      
    Household Furniture and Effects in the House        
    Best Bed Room. Mahogany French Bed Stead and Damask Hangings.
Feather Bed Bolster and Pillows - Mattress, Counterpane, Pair of Blankets, 2 Sheets, 2 Wash and dining Tables, Dressing Glass, Towel Rail, Girls Toilette Service, 4 Chairs, 1 Set of Mahogany Drawers, Carpets
£27 14s    
    Double bedded Room. 2 Four Poster Bedsteads, and hangings, 2 Mattresses, 2 Feather Beds, 2 Bolsters, 4 Pillows, 2 Counterpanes, 2 Pair of Blankets, 2 Pair of Sheets, 1 Set of Mahogany Drawers, Dressing Glass, Wash Table, Chamber Service, 3 Chairs, Carpet, Fender and Fire Irons & Ashes Pan, Clothes Box, Time Piece £31 13s 6d  
    Third Lodging Room. Bedstead and Mattress, Bed, Bolster, and Pillows Coverlid, Blankets, and Sheets, 2 Chairs £3 14s    
    In Closet. Saddle and Bridle, Harness £6 10s    
    Fourth Lodging Room. Camp Bedstead 1 Mattress, Bed, Bolster, and Pillows Coverlid, Blankets, Sheets, 2 Chairs, Bed Linen, Chest containing 3 Counterpanes, 10 Pairs of Sheets, Bolster, and Pillow, & toilette Covers, 8 Towels, 8 Table Cloths, Clothes Box, Carpets, 12 Window Blinds £14 15s    
    Stairs. Carpet, Stair rods £1 3s    
    Sitting Room. Hair seated sofa. 6 Mahogany Chairs in Hair Seating - Mahogany Loo Table and Cover, Mahogany Stand and Window Pole and hangings, Fender and Fire Irons, Ashes Pan, 2 Work Boxes, 2 Tea Trays, 2 Needle Work Pictures, Brussels Carpet, Hearth Rug Door Mat China Tea Service in White Gilt, one Metal Tea Pot, 6 Wine Glasses, 9 Tumblers, Dinner Service £24 19s    
    Dining Room. Sofa, Dining Table, Round Table, Dresser, 2 Arm Chairs, 3 Chairs, Rocking Chair, 3 Rush Bottomed Chairs, Fender and Fire Irons, Ashes Pan, Hearth Rug, Cocoa Matting on floor Clock, 3 Pair of Brass Candlesticks, Bedroom Candlestick, Work Box, Oak Desk and Drawers, Two Cupboards containing viz: Dinner and Tea requisites / 12 Tea Spoons / Electro / 2 Dozen Knives and Forks £21 4s    
    Kitchen. Long Table with Drawers Knives, Forks and Spoons. 4 Kitchen Towels, 6 Tea Cloths, Round Table, Flour Bin, 2 Chairs, Sofa, Fender and Fire Irons, 4 Candle Sticks, 2 Buckets, Sloppail, 2 Coal Pans, 4 Milk Cans, and Milking Utensils, 2 Water Pots, 2 Kettles, 4 Saucepans, 2 large Flitches of Bacon 30 Stones, Brushes for general purposes £21 8s    
    Cellar. 2 Brewing Tubs, 2 Barrels, 6 Bottles, 6 Milk Bowls, 1 Cream Pot, Brewing of Ale. £3 9s    
    Pantry. 2 Churns, Butter Bowl, and Scales, Washing Utensils, Stewpots, a variety of Earthenware, 3 Clothes Horses, 4 Sad Irons, Clothes line & Pegs £4 19s    
    Store Room. Oak Meal Chest and 24 stones of Flour, Cradle, Perambulator, 2 Rocking Chairs, large Clothes Box, 2 Clothes Baskets, Butter Basket, Market Basket, 4 Saucepans, Kettle, 2 Oak Bedsteads, Jars, Stew Pots, Bottles and Pots £6 2s 6d  
    Clothing. (Mr. James Trickett's) 2 Suits of Cloth Clothes, 2 Working Suits, 2 Hats, 3 Pairs of Boots, 2 Over Coats, Gaiters, 4 New Working Shirts and 4 Fine Shirts, 4 Working Shirts, 4 Neckerchiefs, Silver Watch, £15 11s 3d  
    Clothing continued. (Mrs. Trickett's) Scarf & Shawl (cashmere) Shawl (cloth) single Shawl, 1 Cloak, 3 Bonnets (1 new) 4 Morning Dresses, 3 Afternoon Dresses, 3 Mourning Dresses and one dress, 1 dress (black satin) / Four Skirts, 3 Flannel Petticoats, 1 Pair of Stays, 8 Chemises (nearly new) 6 Pairs of Drawers, 2 Under Jackets, 8 Pairs of Stockings, 2 Pairs of Boots, (new) 2 Pairs of Boots, 6 Aprons, 4 Dress Caps, 6 Night Caps, 6 Night Dresses, 1 Sable Fur, (new last Christmas) 3 Umbrellas (alpaca and silk) £18 7s 2d  
    Clothing continued. Miss Jemima Trickett. 2 Paletos, Shawl, Silk Jacket, 2 Hats, 1 Bonnet, 2 Pairs of Boots, 3 Skirts, 2 Flannel Petticoats, 1 Pair of Stays, 5 Chemises, 5 Pairs of Drawers, 3 Night Dresses, 6 Pairs of Stockings, 3 Night Caps, 3 Morning Frocks, 2 Better Frocks, 1 New Tweed and one Silk Dress, 6 Aprons, 2 Wool Hankerchiefs £7 7s 3d  
    Clothing Continued. Son James Trickett. 2 Suits of Cloth Clothes. 1 suit of Cotton Cord, 2 Over Coats (one new) 2 Caps, 3 Neck Scarfs, 6 Collars, 2 Pairs of Boots, 3 Pairs of Stockings, 6 Shirts £6 9s    
    Clothing Continued. Son George Trickett. 2 Suits of Cloth, 1 Suit of Cotton Cord, 1 Over Coat (new) 2 Pairs of Boots, 2 Caps, 3 Scarfs, 3 Collars, 4 Shirts, £4 7s    
    Gun. Omitted in Kitchen £1      
    Gas Fittings and Globes through the House and Premises £7      
    Live and Dead Farming Stock. Carriages, Implements, of Husbandry, Hay, Straw, Corn, and Swede, Turnips, etc. etc. washed away by the Flood, on the 12th of March 1864        
    Horses. Black Waggon Horse "Farmer" 8 Years old. £30 £30      
    Horses Continued. Brown Mare "Bute" aged in Foal £15 £15      
    Pigs. 1 Fat Pig 26 Stone Weight 6/6 £8 9s    
    1 Pig 20 Stone Weight 6/6 £6 10s    
    1 In Pig Gilt £5 10s    
    30 Choice Fowls £3      
    Carriages etc. Spring Market Cart equal to new £12      
    4½ in Cart and Boards £8      
    Water Barrel on Three Wheels £7 10s    
    Wheelbarrow   10s    
    Chain Harrow (new previous day) cost £3.15.0 £3 15s    
    In House. 12 Steel Hay Forks £1 10s    
    18 Hay Rakes   13s 6d  
    In Yard. 4 Steel Manure Forks   14s    
    2 Steel Shovels   9s    
    3 Stone Pig Troughs   9s    
    2 Wooden Troughs   4s    
    2 Stable Buckets   4s    
    Harness in Stable. 5 Pair Bluffs £2      
    8 PaIRs of Hames £2      
    3 Setts of Cart Saddles & Breech Bands £8      
    4 Belly Bands 14/. 4 Back Bands 8/. £1 2s    
    Drag Breech band & Chairs   12s    
    3 Sets Long Gears £3 12s    
    4 Pairs of Plough Pads and Chains £1 10s    
    3 Head Collars   19s 6d  
    4 Halters 2/. 3 Horse Sheets 21/. £1 3s    
    Set of Combs and Brushes   4s    
    Hay Chamber. 2 Quarters of Hay Seeds £1 4s    
    Oil & Bottle 5/. Steel Hay Fork 2/6   7s 6d  
    Stack Yard. 3 Stacks of Prime White Wheat (believed to be from the best evidence that can be gotten about 60 Loads Each.
Say 180 Loads at 16/6 [=] £148.10.0.
25 Tons Straw 35/. [=] £45.15.0
£192 5s    
    Mr. Trickett grew about 20 Acres of Wheat and had only thrashed from 80 to 100 loads        
    Deduct for damaged portion of Wheat Stack left in Garth but much damaged and sold at Auction March 17/64        
  Wheat Stacks Lot 1. Mr Trickett Storrs 11.0.0        
    Lot 2. Mr Stacys 0.15.0        
    Lot 3. Mr. Fearn 3.10.0        
    Lot 4. Mr. Nichols 6.15.0        
    Lot 5. Mr. Wright 5.0.0        
    Lot 6. Mr. Trickett 13.5.0        
    Lot 7. Mr. Dronfield 0.14.0        
    Lot 8. Mr. Spooner 1.10.0        
    [Total] £-42 -9s    
    Part Stack Hay (nearly all gone) 6 Tons 100/. 30.0.0        
    Certain portion left, sold at Auction        
  Lot 8 Mr Hammerton 1.2.0        
  Lot 9 Mr Hammerton 1.6.0 [30.0.0] [-] 2.8.0 [=] 27.12.0 £27 12s    
    Stack Props & Wood. Say Staddle Wood and Carried away £1 10s    
    50 to 60 Tons Swede Turnips say 50 Tons at the least Swede Turnips £50.0.0        
    Sold at Sale        
  Lot 1 Mr Hammerton 0.3.6        
  Lot 2 Mr Hellewell 1.11.0        
  Lot 3 Mr Hellewell 1.10.0        
  Lot 4 Mr Fearn 1.0.0        
  Lot 5 Mr Fearn 2.2.0        
  Lot 6 Mr Fearn 2.6.0        
  Lot 7 Mr Fearn 1.17.6        
  Lot 8 Mr Fearn 2.4.0        
  Lot 9 Mr Spooner 0.3.0        
  Lot 10 Mr Spooner 0.4..0        
    [Total] 13.1.0 [£50.0.0 - £13.1.0] £36 19s    
    4½ Tons Thatch Straw of Prime Quality 50/. 11.5.0        
    Credit. Sold at Sale to Mr Spooner 1.19.6 [11.5.0 - 1.19.6 =] £9 5s 6d  
    Dreys and set of Swingletrees washed away   10s    
    Chesnut House, very much injured being washed away out of Stable, was worth £16.0.0        
    Sold at Sale £10.15.0 [£16.0.0 - £10.15.0 =] £5 5s    
    6 Rearing Calves. 4 of which were much injured by being in the Flood say 25/. Each £5      
    6 Inch Cart (very good) washed out into Mr Armitage's Bye Dyke and was much broken and otherwise injured - was worth before the Flood £12.0.0        
    Sold to Mr Henry Shaw - Ecclesfield, at sale by Auction £2.5.0 [£12..0.0 - £2.5.0 =] £9 15s    
    Waggon washed away with Forge Mill Bye Dyke 20.0.0        
    Sold to Mr Henry Shaw at Auction Sale 14.5.0 [20.0.0 - 14.5.0 =] £5 15s    
    Credit. By Harness sold at Auction March 17/64 1.16.2        
    Chain Harrow recovered from Flood & sold to Mr Ellis Copper Jnr. 2.17.6 £-4 -13s -8d  
    13 Quarters of Black Oats in Chaff on Laith floor worth 19/. 12.1.0        
    Credit. Sold to Mr Grayson, Hollow Meadows by Auction 5.0.0 [12.1.0 - 5.0.0 =] £7 1s    
    Credit. By Pair of 4½ inch Wheels recovered from Flood sold to Mr Gillatt, Wadsley Common for £3 less Expenses 5/. £-2 -15s    
    Loss to the Freehold Land held under Lease from the Trustees of Burgoyne Esquire        
  1 Acre 1 Rood 30 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Field above the late Mr Trickett's Barn and next to the River Loxley at Malin Bridge        
    Soil washed away and Land injured for future Rental £64 13s 9d  
  0 Acres 1 Rood 36 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Part of Croft next the River Loxley Land entirely washed away from 3 to 6 feet deep £120 £57      
  0 Acres 0 Roods 10 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Part of Croft back of the late Mr J. Trickett's House and next River. Injured for future Rental £1 5s    
  0 Acres 1 Rood 34 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Garden Land and site of Buildings        
    Soil washed away from Garden Land will cost to restore it £20      
  3 Acres 0 Roods 9 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches Trickett Holme next to Owlerton        
    Surface Soil washed away. Injured for future Rental £105      
    Cash believed to be in House at time of Flood        
    Cash received of Mr Jospeh Jennings Butcher Owlerton on the afternoon of 11th March 1864 for a Fat Cow. 20.5.0        
    Cash received of Mr Haywood of Haywood House Stannington on the 2nd March 1864 for 11 Sheep at 58/. Each £52 3s    
    Mr Stead charges for Estimate £21      
    Cost of Sale of Damaged Property £4      
        £2872 6s 1d  
  Certificate Granted
26 June 1865
Assessed at £2012 9s 4d  

Note: Nature of Interest: 'Mortgagee' [sic; possible misreading of 'Montagu' as in line 8]
Line 1-6: The amounts given at the end of each line appear in the 'Amount of Damages Claimed' column in the register
line 32: Mrs. Addey [sic]

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