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Claim for loss of property #4679 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4679 Thomas Peace Saw Grinder Loxley, Near Dam Flask, Bradfield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Absolute Owner   For damage done to Fences and Land at Loxley in the Chapelry of Bradfield in the County of York, as follows        
    South Field Bottom        
    102 Yards stone Walling 4½ feet Walling Stone and leading away from Quarry £10 3s    
    88 Yards Stone Walling 5 feet high betwixt South and North Field. Viz 12½ Roods at 14/6 for Stone and Walling £9 1s 3d  
    30 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches South Field Bottom, Wheat or Turnip Land crop destroyed and part of soil washed away and loss of Tillages £2 9s    
    Restoring Land and making Drains good £1 12s    
    33 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">Perches South Field New Seed on Wheat Stubble after fallow loss of Crop Tillage and Sward £2 12s    
    2 .0 South Field second Years Seeds Damage to Crop Cleaning Land, mispent Manure, and damage to Freehold £6 12s 6d  
    Bottom of North Field Grass. Damage to land and Crop and cleaning land £2 10s    
    Injury done to Sward, and loss of Crop by carting Stone across Grass Fields £3      
    Paid Mr William Stead for making the above estimate of damages £1 11s 6d  
    3 Ash, 3 Sycamore and 14 other Trees washed away £4      
    3 Grinding Stones washed away   18s    
    1 Pair Buskins washed away   2s 6d  
    For stone and other Material Labour and team Work in building a Fence Wall against the River the natural embankment being washed away and superintending making thereof £54 10s 10d  
    Consequential damage in loss of time in having to go backwards and forwards from Dam Flask to Grinding Wheel in Sheffield every day the Wheel at Dam Flask being washed away (7 miles) 10/. per week for 32 Weeks £26      
    Interest of Claim at 5 Per Cent from March 1864 to time for Commissioners making award 13 Months £6 19s    
        £132 1s 7d  
  Certificate Granted
3 May 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £93      

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