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Claim for loss of property #4675 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4675 Thomas Cowley Fawley Farmer and Leather Dresser Philadelphia Leather Works, Neepsend Lane, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner   Damages done by the inundation of the Stock in Trade, Property and Effects, in upon and about the Works and Premises of the said Thomas Cowley Fawley, at Neepsend, in the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York, called Philadelphia Works and to the trade, or business, carried on by the said Thomas Cowley Fawley at the Works before mentioned £4446.10.9 £4446.10.9        
    The following are the Particulars        
    Wool Skins on hand and totally lost from Sow Pits and Shed        
    600 at 12/6 £375      
    148 at 9/9 £72 3s    
    563 at 15/. £422 5s    
    176 at 15/. £132      
    450 at 12/6 £281 5s    
    Lambs 20 at 3/. £3      
    1957 [Total number of Wool Skins]        
    Wool Skins damaged 230 at 6/. £69      
    Lined Pelts lost from Lime Pits and Sheds 5000 at 1/7 £395 16s 8d  
    Lined Pelts damaged 7,000 at 8d £233 6s 8d  
    Lined Pelts lost of of Fleshing Shop 1,000 at 1/7 £79 3s 4d  
    Lined Pelts damaged 500 at 8d £16 13s 4d  
    Lined Pelts lost Splitting Shop 500 at 1/7 £39 11s 8d  
    Lined Pelts damaged 500 at 8d £16 13s 4d  
    Shearing Pelts lost 472 at 1/11 £45 4s 8d  
    Grains lost from Splitting Shop 100 dozen at 19/. £95      
    Grains damaged 50 at 10/. £25      
    Linings lost out of Splitting and Pure Shop 400 dozen at 5/. £100      
    Salted Linings lost Salting Shed 350 dozen at 5/. £87 10s    
    Salted Linings Damaged 700 at 3/. £105      
    Salted Grains lost out of Salting Shed 300 dozen @ 19/. £285      
    Salted Grains damaged 400 dozen @ 7/. £140      
    2 Bales of American Skins cost £45      
    Tanned Roans in low Shed, lost 48 dozen @ 15/. £36      
    12 Packs of Wool, lost and damaged at £7 per pack £84      
    Chamios Leather damaged 30 dozen at 5/. Per dozen £7 10s    
    Spetches lost and damaged £25      
    Salt 10 Tons lost at 17/. Per Ton £8 10s    
    Dog Manure 10 Casks at 45/. Per Ton £22 10s    
    Tallow lost 5 Casks containing 2 Tons at £36 per Ton £72      
    Vitriol lost and Damaged £5      
    Shumac 5 bags at 24/. per bag £6      
    Lime 10 Tons at 12/6 per Ton £6 5s    
    Alkali damaged £5      
    Coals and Cokes £4      
    Hay 1 Load lost £3 15s    
    Corn and Straw £3      
    Bran in Pure Shop 10 Bags lost at 5/6 per Bag £2 15s    
    1 Cart lost £12      
    2 Carts damaged £5      
    40 Packing Casks lost at 9/. Each £18      
    25 large Casks lost used for Drenching 15/. Each £18 15s    
    4 large Casks used for Puring 20/. Each £4      
    Working Tools lost in Premises, totally destroyed, etc. Comprising Barrows, Trucks, Buckets, Spouts, Wooden Horses, Stages, Beams, Press, Blocks, Tables, Canches, Beaders, Horns, Tongs, Working Knives, etc. etc. £50      
    Loss of 15 Wool Sheets at 7/6 each £5 12s 6d  
    Damage to Fixtures in Office and Stamps, and Stationary £15      
    Wages paid to Cleaning away accumulation of Mud, out of Lime Pits, and the whole of the Premises £85      
    Watchmans Wages 5 weeks at 17/. Per week £4 5s    
    Loss on 80 Packs of Wool, contracted to be sold previous to the Flood which would have been delivered in due course but being prevented by the Flood had afterward to be bought, the extra cost of which was £200      
    Damage to 1494 Wool Skins in consequence of not having accommodation at the Works had to be laid at the "Stations" from the night of the 11th March to 17th, from Liverpool, Manchester and Wolverhampton, ar 2/. Each £99 8s    
    Damage to 466 Skins from London, lying at the Station at 9d each £17 9s 6d  
    Loss on Sale of Mare lamed by Flood £10      
    Loss on exta Wages in consequence of having to pay the Workmen by the day, instead of Price Work, they having to work in the Yard, the Buildings having been destroyed and being subject to stoppage by the Weather £30      
    Loss in consequence of stoppage of Business and Trade £150      
    Interest on the damages until payment at 7½ per cent £414 9s 4d  
    Professional and other charges prior to claim £4 4s    
    208 Wool Skins restored at 7/. Per Skin £72.16        
    5 Tons Spetches restored £7.10        
    [Total restored] £-80 -6s    
    To amount payable to the following Workmen, for loss of Wages during the time that they were unemployed or only partially employed by reason of the inundation        
    John Scott Foreman £3      
    James Ward Tanner £1 15s    
    William Stocks Flesher £2 8s    
    George Lawson Flesher £3 8s 8d  
    Thomas Wilkinson Pureman £2 16s    
    Edwin Barber Splitter £1 18s    
    Robert Roberts Priceman £1 4s    
    Charles Lilley Pitman £1 7s 4d  
    Joseph Houghton Pitman £1 5s    
    William Green Pricer £1 13s 9d  
    George Marshall Splitter Apprentice £4      
    William Scott Splitter Apprentice £4      
        £4446 10s 9d  
  Certificate Granted
15 May 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £3050      

Note: Line 1: The amount £4446.10.9 appears in the 'Amount of Damage Claimed' column in the register.
Line 15: 'Lined Pelts lost of of Fleshing Shop'; should presumably read 'lost out of Fleshing Shop'
l.35 'Shumac', presumably 'Sumac'

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