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Claim for loss of property #4575 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4575 John Aldous Clerk in Holy Orders Rock Street, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner   Loss and damage at the Trinity Church Schools as follows        
    Bricklayer relaying floor blown up £1 4s 1½d  
    Cleaning the 5 Cellars and Whitewashing £2 2s    
    Cleaning the Mud from the Girls and Infants School Rooms and there Class Rooms and Yards £2 13s 6d  
    Repairing Sitting Rooms   10s 9d  
    Coals destroyed £1 15s    
    Asphalting School Yard £7 2s 11d  
    Books and Maps destroyed £15 6s 6d  
    Paid F. Brookfield Plumbers Bill to Water and Gas Piping and spouting from Roof £8 18s 7d  
    Paid Slack & Grayson for repairs to Glass Room £1 10s    
    Paid Sheard for Plastering and Colour Mashing £6 10s    
    Paid Timothy Pots for repairing wainscotting plaster Staircase relaying 3 floor repairing and removing Desks £57 17s 7d  
    Paid Dring and Smith for painting and Glazing £37 1s 3d  
    Paid Mudford repairing Matting £2 5s 4d  
    Paid to National Society for Black Boar, Lesson stands and Maps £7 8s    
    Paid Ashforth for flagging and Mason's Work £1 8s 10d  
    Paid Clarborough for Slates and fronting to School Privies   11s 6d  
    Loss of Childrens pence to Schoolmaster £2 10s    
        £156 15s 10½d  
  Certificate Granted
24 June 1865
Assessed by Assent at £156 15s 10d  

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