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Claim for loss of property #4385 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4385 Mary Pickering Widow Matlock Bath in the County of Derby  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Administratrix of the Estate of William Pickering late of The Free Masons Arms - Hill Bridge near Sheffield   Re William Pickering Deceased        
    Schedule of Furniture Fixtures Stock in Trade Clothes & Cash damaged & destroyed by the Inundation caused by the bursting of the Bradfield Reservoir belonging to the Sheffield Water Works Company        
    Best Sitting Room        
    Hair Seated Sofa £3 10s    
    6 Hair Seated Chairs £4 6s    
    Mahogany Dining Table £2 10s    
    Small Card Table £1      
    2 Oak Arm Chairs   18s    
    Room Carpet £3      
    Hearth Rug   15s    
    Brass Fender   8s    
    Polished Fire Irons   8s    
    Chimney Glass in Rosewood Frame £2      
    Chimney Ornaments   5s    
    8 days Clock £2 10s    
    6 Engravings £1 10s    
    3 light Gas Chandeliers £2 10s    
    Large Horn   5s    
    Ornamental Figure (spun paint Light House)   10s    
    Work Box brass mounted name engraved   15s    
    Books in Bookcase - Some good works £5      
    Damask Window Curtains cornice pole etc. £1 15s    
    6 Metal Spittoons   4s 6d  
    Wire Window Screen   7s 6d  
    Cocoa Mat   2s    
    Tap Room        
    8 Wood & Rush Bottom Chairs £1 4s    
    Sofa £1 5s    
    2 Round Tables   12s    
    Corner Cupboard   6s    
    Glass Pendant & Glass   4s 6d  
    Fire Irons   6s    
    Iron Fender   6s    
    10 Spitoons   5s    
    Pierced Window Screen   7s 6d  
    Ash Pan   3s    
    Oak Arm Chair   7s    
    Pipe Rack   2s 6d  
    Cocoa Mat   2s    
    Dresser £1 4s    
    3 Tables - 2 Round & 1 Square   17s 6d  
    1 Arm Chair with Rockers   7s    
    4 Kitchen Chairs Wood Bottom   8s    
    Corner Cupboard   6s    
    1 dozen Silver Tea Spoons   16s    
    Silver Sugar Tongs   7s    
    2 Dozen Knives & Forks   10s    
    Common Crockery £1 10s    
    Set China Cups & Saucers   8s    
    2 Metal Tea Pots   9s    
    Looking Glass   5s    
    Large Fender   7s 6d  
    Fire Irons   4s 6d  
    Gas Pendant & Glasses   5s    
    Large Copper Kettle   7s    
    Iron Kettle   2s    
    Copper Ale Warmer   3s    
    Large Brass Pan   9s    
    Black Tin Coffee Kettle   1s 6d  
    5 Iron Saucepans   12s 6d  
    2 Steamers   4s    
    Fine Coalskip   1s 6d  
    Ash Pan   2s    
    Oil Cloth   12s    
    Hearth Rug   6s    
    2 Table Covers   5s    
    2½ Boxes Cigars £1 5s    
    Tobacco   2s    
    Copper Scales & Weights   4s    
    Brass Roasting Jack   5s    
    3 Pudding Tins   4s 6d  
    Toasting Fork & Stand   3s    
    Coffee Mill   2s 6d  
    3 Brass Candlesticks   4s 6d  
    Water Pot & Cover   2s 6d  
    Chimney Ornaments   2s 6d  
    Water Can   2s    
    Bucket   1s 6d  
    Black Tin Bowl   2s    
    Best Chamber        
    Brussels Carpet £1 15s    
    Hearth Rug   6s    
    Large Swing Glass £1 1s    
    Wash hand Stand   7s 6d  
    Toilet Service   5s    
    Hair brushes combs etc.   3s    
    Dressing Table   6s    
    Oak Chest Drawers £1 10s    
    Linen Chest   12s    
    Sheets Blankets Quilts Table Cloths, Window Blinds, Coverlids etc. etc. £12      
    3 Hair Seated Chairs   15s    
    5 Framed Engravings   12s 6d  
    Round Clock   6s    
    1 Silver Lever Watch £3 10s    
    1 Silver Vorge Watch £1 10s    
    Gas Pendant   5s    
    Window Curtains   7s 6d  
    Bed Hangings £1 1s    
    Blinds   5s    
    Mattress   6s    
    Feather Bed damaged £1      
    Chamber No. 2        
    4 Post Beadstead £2      
    Mattress   7s 6d  
    Feather Bed £2 10s    
    2 Sheets   7s 6d  
    2 Blankets   12s 6d  
    Quilt   5s    
    3 Cane Seated Chairs   7s 6d  
    Night Commode   10s    
    Carpets   12s    
    Oak Table   12s    
    Ham 30lbs Weight £1      
    3 Clothes Boxes   15s    
    Bacon Chest   5s    
    Cheese in Chest £1 2s 6d  
    Gas Pendant   4s 6d  
    Window Hangings   5s    
    Metal Fender   3s    
    Looking Glass   7s    
    Press Bed cost £4.4.0 damaged £1 5s    
    Mattress   5s    
    Chamber No. 3        
    Camp bedstead £1      
    Feather Bed £2      
    Mattress   6s    
    2 Blankets   12s    
    2 Sheets   7s 6d  
    1 Quilt   5s    
    Whisky, Brandy, Rum & Gin £15      
    3 Chairs   7s 6d  
    Large Dining Table £2      
    Crockery £1 10s    
    2 dozen best Knives & Forks   15s    
    Window Curtains   5s    
    4 Pull Beer Machine with Pipes & Taps complete £6      
    4 Dozen Ale Beer & Spirit Glasses £1      
    5 Decanters   12s 6d  
    3½ dozen Pint Pots   9s    
    4 dozen Pint Pots   12s    
    1 Dozen Quart Jugs   5s    
    1 2 Gallon Jug   1s    
    3 Jugs Set   2s    
    4 Water Jugs   1s    
    Set Pewter Ale Measures   10s    
    Spirit Measures   6s    
    2 Funnels   2s    
    Quantity of Cordials 4 Gallons £1 12s    
    3 dozen Sugar Crushers   6s    
    280 Gallons Beer @1/3 £17 10s    
    54 Gallons Ale 1/. £2 14s    
    20 Gallons Porter £1      
    6 Gallons Vinegar & Cask   6s    
    Barrrel Cider & Cask   10s    
    2 dozen Bottled Porter - Pints   13s    
    4 dozen Bottled Porter - Gills   8s    
    3 dozen Bitter Ales   10s 6d  
    2 dozen Lemonade 2/.   2s    
    6 Brass Taps   10s    
    4 Gantries   17s 6d  
    9 Barrels 31 Gallons @ 20/. Per Barrel £9      
    4 Barrels 27 Gallons @ 14/. Per Barrel £2 16s    
    1 Barrel 18 Gallons   12s 6d  
    15 Fowls £1 10s    
    Seating & back   10s    
    7 Forms 4/. £1 8s    
    Copper Liquor Pan £3 10s    
    Wash Tub   5s    
    2 Brewing Tubs £1      
    Cooler   10s    
    Maiden Pot & Maiden   3s 6d  
    Garden Tools   5s    
    Serving Sign   17s 6d  
    Sign over door   10s    
    2 Tons of Coals £1      
    Gas Cokes   4s 6d  
    Large Wheelbarrow   12s    
    Gas Piping throughout the House £1 10s    
    Clothes - Mrs Pickering, Mr. Pickering & his Sister £25      
    Money in House to Pay Brewer, Club Money etc. £25      
    For goods and Cash in and about the Premises occupied by the deceased damaged destroyed and lost. Particulars of which are set forth in the Schedule hereunto annexed £234.2.0        
    For Men & Horse employed in cleaning the said Premises - 5 Men 2 days, 3 Men 1 day, Horse - nearly one day £2 5s 10d  
    For Expenses of Administration to the deceased - taken out solely for the purpose of the claims under the above mentioned Act £7 3s 9d  
        £243 11s 1d  
  Certificate Granted
30 May 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £150      

Note: Line 31: 'Glass Pendant and Glasses' appears later in the claim as 'Gas Pendant and Glasses' (lines 55, 97 & 118)

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