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Claim for loss of property #4381 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4381 William Greaves, Charles Haslehurst Greaves, Joseph Hall, trading under the firm of William Greaves & Co. Common Brewers Norfolk Brewery, Broad Street, Sheffield Park, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owners & Tenants   Schedule of damages to Mr. William Greaves & Co. Properties at Sheffield & Owlerton as follows        
    Property at Owlerton consisting consisting of Red Lion Public House and Cottages        
    Roods Rubble Fence Wall to Road Mortared & Painted        
    13 Running yards Cocked Hat Toppers 15 x 10 drest & putting on        
    13½ Old Cocked Hat Toppers putting on & mortar        
    2 Rood Rubble Wall Fence in Mortar        
    13 running yards Field Toppers & putting on in Mortar        
    18¼ roods, Garden Wall & Toppers on low side not mortared        
    42 1/3 running yards, stone Drain, taking up cleaning out, & rebuilding same complete 33 2/3 opening Dyke back of Garden Wall, Rebuilding complete 2 Piggeries, 1 Privy, 1 Ash Vault, & 1 Coal place with Stone Walls, roofs & floors -doors cases etc.        
    12¾ superficial feet of Batten door & painting & hanging to Stable        
    3 yards of pitching stones making good about Gateway Oak Post to Gate 5 ft long        
    Mr Armitage's House        
    Repairs to front door new bottom rail & muntin [?], 2 new Panels, 1 new Suffolk Handle - secure to Stairs foot door, Repairs to back door, latch etc. 3 superficial feet - 1 square of Sheet Glass        
    Dalton's House        
    2 new panels & bottom rail to door leading to Kitchen - Repairs to Front Door - Repairs to Wood Partition to Pantry - repairs to 3 drawers under Cupboard (new bottoms required)        
    Public House        
    Coal Place door complete - 16 Superficial feet of 1½ in red Wood Gantry Door - 2 brass bottoms to Gantry door - Repairs to old yard door etc.5 superficial feet - 1 square of Shut Glass in front Sash - Getting out rubbish & water and cleaning same away also allowance in rent to Tenants for cleaning House        
    [Total] £62      
    The Royal Lancers, Public House & Cottage - Houses in Penistone Road and Artizan Street        
    roods 10 inch Brick Fence Wall rebuilding Lime and Labour 2/3 New 10 inch Brick Fence Wall        
    1 Rubble Foundation to Fences        
    Wood gate and posts & sill refixing        
    Repairs to fasteners on doors        
    Opening drains in Yard, making good etc.        
    Getting out rubbish & water and cleaning same away also allowance to Tenants for cleaning Houses etc.        
    [Total] £20 14s 6d  
    The Norfolk Hotel in Mowbray Street Harvest Lane        
    Getting out rubbish & water & cleaning same away also allowance in Rent to Tenant etc. £9 13s    
    Tap Room        
    To 6 pieces of Paper hanging for walls in Taproom @ 1/. Per piece   6s    
    To 7 pieces of Paper hanging for walls in Bar @ 1/6 per piece   10s 6d  
    To 13½ yards of Oil Cloth for Bar Floor at 1/6 per yard £1   3d  
    To Re-Upholstering of 21 feet of seating in Bar   10s    
    Dram Shop        
    To 7 pieces of paper hanging for walls in Dram Shop @ 1/. Per piece   7s    
    To Glazing to Dram Shop Windows   3s 6d  
    To 1 man 2 days refixing & Repairing Beer Machine   12s 6d  
    To new lock to Kitchen door & Rehanging of door   4s    
    To Rehanging of Yard door, Front entrance door & fasteners to front entrance door   10s 6d  
    To wood form   2s 6d  
    To one Wheelbarrow   9s    
    To refixing of Brick & Wood Gantry in Cellar   7s 6d  
    To Spanner for Beer Machine     9d  
    To new Gas Bracket & fixing in Cellar   3s    
    The Greaves Hotel, Orchard Street, near Harvest Lane        
    10 lineal yards - cleaning out Common Sewer in Street & making good        
    4¾ Superficial yards Square Stone channelling re-setting        
    3 roods 10 inch Brick fence Walls rebuilding in yard & for new Brick used for fence Wall        
    83 Superficial yards of Asphalting in Yard -        
    8½ Superficial feet ¾ inch Batten door to Piggery Painted 2 Coats        
    Door hanging with 1 pair of Bands & Hooks, Latch, Catch etc.        
    [Total] £8 1s 11d  
    Getting out Rubbish & Water & Cleaning same away also Allowance in rent to Tenant for cleaning etc. £24 3s    
    Front Parlour        
    To 8 pieces of Paper hanging for Walls in Bar, varnished @ 3/. per piece £1 4s    
    To Reupholstering of Seating in Parlour £1 1s    
    To 5 pieces of Paper hanging for Walls in Bar, varnished @ 2/6 per piece   12s 6d  
    To 7 yards of Matting for Walls in Bar @ 1/2 per yard   8s 2d  
    To labour and nails to secure matting for Walls in Bar   3s 6d  
    To Reupholstering of Seating & repairs to Frame work in Bar   15s 9d  
    Front of House        
    To rehanging of Window Shutter & new Hinge to Window Shutter   2s 6d  
    Entrance Passage        
    To rehanging of Front door, Inner Passage door, Bar door and refixing of Wainscot to Stair Side   15s    
    To rehanging of door to Liquor Cellar   3s 6d  
    To replace 2 Wood Gantrys 21 feet @ 9d per foor   15s 9d  
    To 114 feet of Beer Machine Piping & labour to same £2 3s    
    To replace 2 Beer Machine Cellar Taps   9s    
    Out Kitchen        
    To Glazing to Kitchen Window 5 Squares @ 9d each   3s 9d  
    To resetting of Set Pot & Material   7s    
    To rehanging of Kitchen door   2s 6d  
    To new Wood Cover to Stone Cistern in Yard   6s    
    To new Wood Stairs with Hand Rail to Chamber in Yard £1 15s    
    To rehanging of Yard door   5s    
    To new door to Stable   8s    
    To new Stall for Stable   5s    
    To rehanging of Heck & Manger Box in Stable   9s 6d  
    The Ball, Public House in the Wicker        
    Dram Shop        
    80 Superficial feet 1¾ inches Sashes & Frames double hung complete        
    50 Superficial feet Shut Glass on above Windows        
    18 Superficial yards Painting 3 Coats to Sashes and Frames        
    35 Superficial feet 1 inch Plaster        
    57½ Superficial feet 1½ framed shutter & fasteners        
    20 2/3 Superficial feet 1½ inch framed sashed door etc.        
    20 running feet 4½ x 3 door frame        
    Door hanging & fasteners to door, Shutters to door        
    10 Superficial feet of Glazing to door etc.        
    22 Superficial yards Painting Shutters etc. 3 Coats        
    11½ running feet of Beaded Casing inside Windows        
    15 running feet of Beaded Casing & Moulding inside Windows        
    12 running feet of 7 x 1 Window bottom        
    Frame Partition washed down - Upper part of Glass refixing same & making good        
    Papering & Painting front room        
    Repairs to Plastering etc. in Back room        
    Repairs to Plastering etc. in Passage        
    5 Roods 10 inch Brick fence Wall in Yard rebuilt - 600 new Bricks used        
    Repairs to Stable door        
    Getting out rubbish, water etc. & allowance to Tenant for cleaning        
    [Total] £28 2s 6d  
    Summary of damages to Properties, Particulars of which are contained in the Schedule hereunto annexed        
    To Property at Owlerton £62        
    T0 Property in Penistone Road £20.14..6        
    To Property in Mowbray Steet, Harvest Lane £15        
    To Property in Orchard Street, Harvest Lane £45.0.4        
    To Property in the Wicker £28.2.6        
    For Cash Paid to the Claimants Collector, William Bramley for superintending the repairs of Properties £5 2s    
    For Expenses of obtaining an Estimate of the above damages for the purpose of this Claim £4      
    Also interest on the above amount of £179.19.4 at 5 per centum per annum from the date of the above Inundation until the assessment of damages        
        £179 19s 4d  
  Certificate Granted
9 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £165      

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