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Claim for loss of property #4082 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4082 The Board for the Repair of the Highways for the Township of Nether Hallam by George Ramsden their Clerk Clerk and Collector of the said Board Spring Hill, Crookes, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  As Surveyors of Highways for damage to the Roads and Bridges at Hillsbro' and Owlerton   55 Yards of square pitching Stones reset old £1 17s 6d  
    37 Yards lineal of 12 inch Edge Stones old   9s 3d  
    43 Yards lineal of 18 Channeling old   10s 9d  
    67 Yards superficial of relaying Flags old £2 10s 3d  
    1086 Yards superficial of new Flagging £162 18s    
    439 Yards superficial of new square Pitching Stone £87 16s    
    522 Yards superficial of new Asphalting £13 1s    
    476 yards lineal of 12 inch Edge Stones £39 13s 4d  
    67 yards lineal of 6 inch Edge Stones £4 3s 9d  
    68 yards lineal of 18 square Stone Channeling £5 13s 4d  
    Day Wages and Carting Clearing Roads etc. £60 5s    
    Stone for protection Wall and Temporary Bridge £7 14s 6d  
    Wooden Bridge - temporary £40 5s 9d  
    Stone Culvert, Stone Cement, Labour, Clay, and Wooden Centre £21 19s 3d  
    Labour at protection Wall   10s    
    Hillsbro' Bridge, pitching temporary £1 13s 8d  
    250 yards of Ganister for Repairing Roads £68 15s    
    Stone Wall and heavy Coping Malin Bridge Ford £37 11s 5d  
    Stone Bridge "Hill" (near Hillsbro' Bridge) £300      
        £857 7s 9d  
  Certificate Granted
19 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £800      

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