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Claim for loss of property #3919 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3919 Bernard Hartley Surveyor of Bridges For the West Riding of Yorkshire Park View, Pontefract  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  The Interest of the Claimant is as Surveyor of Bridges of the West Riding of the County of York on behalf of the Inhabitants of the same Riding   The claim arises in respect of damages done to certain Bridges called respectively Attercliffe Bridge, Lady's Bridge, Owlerton Bridge and Hill Foot Bridge situate within and repairable by the Inhabitants of the West Riding of Yorkshire. The particulars of which claim in detail, are as follows.        
    Attercliffe Bridge        
    Ezra Watsons account for rubbling the Foundations £230.1.6        
    G. Malcolm superintending £2.12.6 £232 14s    
    Lady's Bridge        
    Ezra Watson rebuilding Battlements washed down and removing wreck from arches £6 12s 5d  
    Owlerton Bridge        
    Ezra Watson for Stone and Labor in putting in Foundations for fence walls and clearing away rubbish etc. £143.12.8        
    John Trueman for casting, filling up road where washed away and labor £120.18.4        
    William Gomershall for rebuilding the Bridge and widening the same to 10 feet [=] 844"4"3        
    Mr. Woodcock for Land say [=] 31"5"0        
    Mr. Hartleys Expenses [=] 12"0"0        
    Mr. G. Malcolm superintending [=] 9"0"0

[Total] 896"19"3
    Less by Mr. Hartley's Estimate
for Widening Bridge [=] 500"0"0
    For purchase of land [=] 31"5"0        
    For Superintendance [=] 7"0"0

[Total} 538"5"0
£358.14.3 £623 5s 3d  
    Hill Foot Bridge        
    William Gomersall for erecting Temporary Bridge £81.12.4        
    William Gomersall for Posts and Rails 11/7

    Less probable value of Timber when removed after Building new Bridge say £15.0.0

    Probable Cost of Building a new Foot Bridge £250.0.0 £317 3s 11d  
        £1179 15s 7d  
  Certificate Granted
17 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £1195 10s 7d  

Note: Line 8: labor [sic]

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