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Claim for loss of property #3680 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3680 Joseph Hemsall Farm Labourer Hornet House Farm, Bradfield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damage to Personal Property   Loss of and damage to Household Furniture and Effects, including 2 Feather Beds, 7 Feather Pillows, Woollen flock, Bed, 2 Mattresses, and Bed Tick, 4 Setts Bedsteads, 5½ pairs Blankets, 4½ pairs Sheets, 6 Quilts, 5 Clothes Boxes, 2 Oak Chests, 6 Chamber Chairs, Table, Cradle, Sofa, 8 days Clock 2 Corner Cupboards, Oak Stand, Oak Dining Table, Square Table, 2 Round Tables, 2 Fenders, Fire Irons, 8 Chairs, Looking Glass, 2 Delph Cases, Crockery, 2 Barrels, 2 Churns, 14 Milk Pancheons, Sieve, Milk Skimmer, 2 Prints, 2 Milk Cans, Bucket, Kitchen Utensils, Cream Pots, Water Pots, Wash Tub, Peggy, Clothes Horse, Chest of Drawers, Brushes, Boiler and Steamer Kettle, Knives and Forks, Table, 10 Spoons, Knife and Salt Box, Bellows, Irons, 3 Candlesticks, Clothes Press, Pictures and other Articles £34 2s 11d  
    3 Corves of Coals, and 2 Stones of Flour   5s 3d  
    Loss of Farming Implements, Hedging Bill, 2 Axes, Stubbing Axe, Mattock, Wall, 3 Hammers, Wheelbarrow, Cart with Side Boards and Shelves, ~ 1 pair Horse Harrows ~ Harness for 2 Horses, Plough, Stone Roller ~ Pair of Drag Harrows, 2 Pairs of Swingle trees, 2 Bags Oatmeal, Pig Corn, 2 Coal Rakes, 8 Yards Ladder, Manure Drag, 2 Drag Chains, 3 Tons of Hay, 1 Ton Straw, 30 Yards Manure, Seed Hopper, 6 Cow Chains, 2 Milking Stools, 2 Shovels, 2 Forks, 3 Crow Bars, Swill Tub ~ 3 Pig Troughs, 4 Riddles, 6 Hay Forks, Bushel, Peck, and Quarter Measures, Straw Chopper, Swath Rake, 3 Hay Rakes, Turnip Hoe, Garden Spade, and Tools, 2 Rakes, 2 Ploughs, Back bands and Chains, 2 Quarters of Hay Seed, Lot of Rails, Pig Scrapers, Asses Pannel [?], 2 Pig Grambri[?], ½ Ton old Iron, Oven and Boiler, Set Pot and underworks and other Articles £29 9s 9d  
    17 Yards Calico, Waistcoat, 2 Pairs Drawers £1 8s 7d  
    Damage to Land House Field 0 acres 0 roods 20 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">perches, New Seeds after Oats and Potatoes 0 acres 2 roods 10 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">perches Potatoe Land, allow Dressing, unexpended Manure and Ploughing ~ 2 acres 1 rood 0 rood; 5½ x 5½ yards">perches Grass Mown, allow for Manure and since Mown, Allow for loss of Grass land being swept away £11 13s 9d  
    Paid Mr. William Stead for valuing £3 10s    
        £80 10s 3d  
  Certificate Granted
11 March 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £60      

Note: Line 5: 'potatoe' [sic]

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