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Claim for loss of property #3669 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3669 Robert De Board Tobacconist Number 32 Wicker, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damage to Personal Property   Loss of and damage to Stock in Trade ~ comprising 500 Cigars "Vevy Fins" ~ 6 Boxes of Floretes, 7 Boxes of Lopez ~ 7 Boxes of Common Cigars, 1 pound Manillas, ½ pound Foreign Cavendish Tobacco, 2 Boxes Emillia Cigars, 1 Box of Scented Cheroots, 2 Boxes of Cigars, 1 Box ~ Fraganzias Tobacco as per Invoice, 11 pounds of Limerick Tobacco, 5 pounds of Shagg Tobacco, 3 pounds of Top Mill Snuff, 1 pound of Mantous [?] Mixture, 5 Boxes of Cigars, ¼ Gross of "Gambias" Pipes, ½ Gross of Draggons, ¼ Gross of Lillyputians, 2 Gross of Firtefyed, 2 Meerscham Pipes, 1 Dozen Briar Pipes with Amber tips ~ ½ Gross of Bent Mints ~ 2 Meerscham Pipes and Cases ~ ¼ Gross of Pipes Middles, 6 dozen Grass Pipes, ½ Gross of Pipe Cleaners, 1 Gross of Fusee Boxes, 1 Dozen Snuff Boxes 2 Gross Vesuvians, 1½ Gross Cigar Cases, 2 Reams Printed Paper £27 6s 3½d  
    To damage done to Window, Counter, Furniture Crockery, Oil Cloth etc. £13 2s 6d  
    Loss of Black Coat and pair of Men's Boots £2 2s    
    Loss of Wages and Employment of Claimant £1 12s    
    Loss of Business £1 15s    
    Expense of Cleaning away Rubbish from Cellar and Shop and Cleaning and Whitewashing same £2      
    Papering and painting Shop, Sitting Room and Stair Case £1 19s    
        £49 16s 9½d  
  Certificate Granted
11 March 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £39 12s 9d  

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