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Claim for loss of property #3636 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3636 Samuel Wilson Grocer and Shopkeeper 35 Stanley Street
late of 26 Stanley Street, Sheffield
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damages to Personal Property   Loss of and damage to the following articles, viz
15 dozen pounds of Sugar, 14 pounds of Currants, 20 pounds of Valencia Raisins, 35 pounds of Sultana Raisins, 15 stones of flour, 1 Ham, part of Ham, side of bacon, 1 hundredweight of Soda, 1 hundredweight of Soap, 9 pounds of Curd Soap, 6 pounds of brown Windsor, 30 pounds Soap, Brushes, 16 pounds Butter, 10 pounds Steaks, Pork pies, Mince pies, Lard Split peas, blue, Treacle, 28 pounds Figs, washing Crystals and powders, Carbonate of soda, baking powders, epsom salts, ball blue, 4 Russia shoe bowls, 6 large and 10 small boxes, 1 Box Candles entire containing 6 dozen pounds, 8 pounds of Coffee, 1 hundredweight Rice, 2 bags Coffee, and tea paper, Vinegar and cask, 7 sacks Potatoes, 3 Hampers, 4 Casks, pepper powder and ball blue, Carraway Seeds, Ginger, Cammomiles, Senna Tobacco bath bricks and a many other articles
£31 7s 11d  
    Loss of Shop Fixtures, Vinegar Cask Coffee Bin Scales Box Treacle Cistern, 2 Window Boards Taps and pipes in the cellar, Flour Bin [?] Box £6 12s 6d  
    Loss of and damage to wearing apparel comprising Coat Hats Trowsers Vest Shirts Boots Gown Womens underclothing Linen etc. £13 15s    
    Loss of and damage to Household Furniture comprising Chairs, Tables, Carpets, Crockery and other articles £8 15s    
    Loss of and damage to Books £5      
    Loss sustained by the loss of the Shop - day Book containing particulars of about £50 worth of debts of which not more than £20 will be recovered in consequence of not being able to prove the debts £30      
    One Silver Watch £2 15s    
    3 Women cleaning 7 days their wages and provisions £1 16s    
    Loss of business, Wages, rent and Taxes one week £3 10s    
        £103 11s 5d  
  Certificate Granted
21 March 1865
Assessed at £63      

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