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Claim for loss of property #2264 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  2264 James Allan Britannia Metal Manufacturer Andrew Street and Johnson Lane, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner both of the real and personal property   Damage in Dwellinghouse in my own Occupation        
    Organ £46 New Carpet 16/6 Provisions destroyed 5/- £47 1s 6d  
    Coals   5s    
    Repairing and Painting Lower Rooms £5 Taking up and relaying Kitchen Floor £1.10.0 £6 10s    
    Business Premises and Business        
    Business suspended wholly 2 days and Loss of Profits £4      
    Business partially interrupted for a fortnight afterwards loss £12      
    Wages of Workmen paid during these 2 days £7 10s    
    Six Men cleaning Cellars and Shops 5 days each at 4/- £6      
    10½ Tons of small Coal damaged (say half cost) £1 8s 2d  
    1 Cask of Soda destroyed   15s    
    1 Cask of Rottenstone damaged (say half cost)   15s    
    30 Packing Cases damaged (say ½ cost 1/- each) £1 10s    
    Damage to Stamps and dies £1      
    Large Metal Pit destroyed 30/- Bag of Plaster of Paris destroyed 7/6 £1 17s 6d  
    1 Load of Trent Sand destroyed   15s    
    Eight Cottage Houses (my property)        
    Emptying Cellars of the Mud etc. at 6/- each £2 8s    
    Opening Drain to Common Sewer paid Labourers 16/9 Leadbeater 31/10 White 9/6 Watson 2/6 £2 19s 7d  
    Clearing yard of Mud   4s 6d  
    Washing Cellar Floors Walls Steps and House Floors at ½   9s 4d  
    Paid Reynolds for Mason, Bricklayer, Joiners and Iron Work in repairs taking up Floors etc. £15      
    Estimate for Whitewashing 16/ Papering 48/ and Painting 32/ £4 16s    
    Loss of Rents to May 16 - Dixons 2/6 Holmes 17/6 Gillott 22/6 Allen 18/ £3   6d  
    Cost of Relaying the Cellar Floors the same having sunk down and broken the Flags 20/ each £8      
    Stable, Coach House, Harness Room and Yard in Alma Street        
    Clearing away Mud 12/ Washing Floors 4/ Whitewashing 3/ Hay and Corn destroyed 12/6 £1 11s 6d  
    Recurring damage to my own House and 4 of the Cottages by the constant rising of the Water through the Lower Floors, occasioning a continuous extra expense @ 10/ a week for 3 months £6      
        £135 16s 7d  
  Certificate Granted
13 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement together with Amended Claim including Costs at £105      

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