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Claim for loss of property #1877 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  1877 Jonathan Ibbotson Licensed Victualler Dam Flask, Bradfield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner   Attic        
    2 Setts of Bedsocks, Mattresses and Flock Beds, Pillows and Bolsters £7 11s    
    Arm and Rocking Chairs, 4 Gross Pipes, Floor Carpets and Baskets £1 4s 8d  
    Second Attic        
    2 Setts Bedsteads, 1 Wardrobe, 1 Mattress and 6 Dresses £7 8s 6d  
    Silk and Cotton Umbrellas, Parasols, 3 Leather and 1 Carpet Bags, and 3 Baskets £1 18s    
    3 Sheets, 6 yards Calico, 7 Table Cloths, Counterpane and 3 yards Cloth £3 8s 3d  
    3 Dozen Knives and Forks, 2 Carvers, Steel, 1 Dozen Table and other Spoons £1 6s    
    Lot of Linen, Oak Desk, Lot of Books, Oak Dining Table and ½ Dozen Chairs £8 10s    
    Mahogany Cupboard, Tea Service, 2 Tea Pots and Pitchers, Wine Glasses etc. £2 11s 4d  
    Telescopes, 3 Photographs, Needlework, 3 Carpets and 3 pairs of new Shoes £3 5s    
    Back Chamber        
    Sett of Drawers, Silver Watch, Cloth and Wearing Apparel £10 16s    
    2 Clothes Horses, 1 Hastener, 1 Dozen Pillow Cases, Flannels and other wearing Apparel £4 3s    
    1 Pair Blankets, Dress, Cloth Trousers, Sheets, Basket full of Linen Stockings etc. £6 8s 6d  
    Mattress, 4 Trays, 6 Bonnet and Hat Boxes, 4 Bonnets, Caps etc. £3 2s    
    Low Room        
    Bagatelle Board, Complete, 2 Square and 1 Round Tables £10 2s    
    Mahogany Case Clock 2 Forms, 24 Chairs, Oak Cupboard full of Pots and Glasses £14 7s    
    Preserves, Handkerchiefs, 3 Pictures, Lamp, Overalls, Hearth Rug £4 1s    
    Towels, Spittoons, Fender and Fire Irons, and new Window Blinds £1 10s    
    2 Sofas, ½ dozen chairs, 1 Pan (12 Gallons) and 2 Kettles £4 6s    
    Fender and other Ironware, Bellows, 2 Tables, Looking Glass, Crockery, ½ dozen German Silver Spoons, and Sundry other lots of Crockery £3 8s    
    Small Shop        
    Cupboard and 3 dozen pounds Sugar at 5/9 per Dozen £1 7s 3d  
    2 dozen pounds of Currants and Raisins 5/6 per pound Tea Nutmeg Ginger etc.   15s 2d  
    Black Lead, Blue, 1 Stone Soap and 4 dozen pounds of Candles £1 11s 4d  
    Lot of Rice, Square Table, Weights and Scales £1   7d  
    1 Round Table, 2 Stools, 1 Earthenware Pot, and 2 Stones of Flour   13s    
    Bladder of Lard, 3 Tins, Saw Cleaner, 12 pounds Cheese and Lots of Crockery £1 13s    
    8 dozen Pint Pots, 8 dozen Glasses Bread Pot, and 1 Stone of Bread £3 12s 6d  
    2 pounds of Tobacco, 1 Box of Cigars, 2 dozen Bottles of Ginger Beer, 3 dozen Bottles of Porter £1 13s 6d  
    4 Barrels Ale, 24 Gallons each, 2 Gallons Peppermint, 3 Gallons Rum, 3½ Gallons French Brandy £12 14s 9d  
    1 Gallon British Brandy, 2 Gallons Wiskey [sic], Gantry, 2 Gallons Gin and Cask £4 15s 9d  
    14 Barrels of Ale and Beer, 24 and 27 gallons each £16.13.0 and 1 large Pan £18 3s    
    1 Mash Tub, 2 Tubs, Cooler and Gantry, Spades Crowbar and other Tools £3 1s 3d  
    2 Pails, 2 Cans, 3 Panshions, 3 Brushes, Broom and 6 pairs of Steel Quoits £4   6d  
    Skittles and Balls, Spell, Basket and Skip, Bell, 2 hammers and 4 Brass Taps £3 17s 8d  
    Ale and Spirit Measures, Clock Seive, Fishing Tackle, and 3 Cans £1 8s    
    23 Full and Empty Casks 17/ each (Ale), Brushes, Creal and Saucepans £20 5s 6d  
    Wearing Apparel £1.10.0 Empty Porter Bottles Lanthorn Maiden etc. £2 9s 6d  
    Cricket Bats Balls and Coals, Table and Cloth Ironmongery £4 12s    
    Compensation for Loss of Trade. The Workmen who formerly attended the House have now all left the Neighbourhood in consequence of the Mills being washed away or injured by the Flood £125      
    Charge for estimating damage £1      
        £313   6d  
  Certificate Granted
10 June 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £200      

Note: l.43 - 'creal' for 'creel' (presumed)

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