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Claim for loss of property #1874 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  1874 John Hollins Gardener and Florist and Innkeeper Seedsman etc. Owlerton near Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damage to Personal Property   1 Garden Chair 8 feet, 2 Summer houses covered with Ling, 2 Harbours with Tables covered with Climbers with inside Fittings, 1 Summer house covered with a large weeping Ash and seating inside to accommodate 40 persons with high wood Back also Tables 570 Yards, box Edging, 280 yards Gravel on Walks, 3 Large Pear Trees washed up, 2 Pear Trees damaged, 7 Large Apple Trees 18 years growth washed away, 5 large Plum Trees 18 years growth, 2 large Cherry Trees 18 years growth, 290 Gooseberry and Currant Trees in a bearing state, 418 Stools of Raspberries, 350 Raspberry Canes taken up for an Order, 150 Rhubarb Roots, 200 Seedling Rhubarb, 130 yards Strawberries, 2000 Strawberry plants taken up for an order, 4 Beds of Winter Lettuce, 4 Beds of Winter Onions, 500 Cauliflower plants, 300 Cabbage plants, 40 Score of Savoys ready for Market, 12 dozen Savoys, A flat of Cabbage Sprouts, A lot of Brussel sprouts, 600 Broccoli, 600 Cabbage Plants Sett off, 1 Ornamented Stone Table, 3 Forms, 2 Tables, and Plank Seating, 3 Hand Glasses, 1 Frame with 4 Lights 6 by 3 feet ~ 1 Frame 2 Lights, 1 Frame smaller, 1 Brick forcing Frame, 16 Garden Lights, 6 by 3 feet 6 Hampers 6 Sacks 5 Load of Early Louth Kidney Potatoes, 3 Loads of Second Early Kidney Potatoes, 3 Load of Fluke Seed Potatoes, 3 Load of Eating Potatoes ~ Garden Seeds Bought for Sale ~ 3 Stones Eschalots ~ Dried Herbs, 200 Young Gooseberry and Currant 3 years old, Garden Tools various ~ Horn Dust and Tub, 2 Riddles, 3 dozen double best Wallflowers, 100 Single Wallflowers, Plants, Grass Lawn, 30 x 4 yards, 60 Evergreens and Deciduous Plants, 12 climbing Roses, 55 Roses various, 300 Cabbage Roses, 20 Standard Roses ~ 264 x 2 yards of Border filled with Herbaceous plants, growing for Cut flowers and Sale in Market, 5 Tons Manure, 12 large Fuschias, Cutting, Digging and Pruning Fruit Trees, 1 Large Weeping Ash, with seals around, 2 Climatuses, 1 Fancy Verandah, covered with Climatics, 2 watering Cans, 3 Oak Posts for Clothes lines, 6 Large Lilacs and 2 Ribeses ~ 470 yards ~ Mud Sand Stone etc. Removing ~ Reservoir, cleaning and Bank Walls rebuilding ~ 3 x 3 yards 10 feet deep, Dahlia and Kidney Bean Sticks £169 7s    
    Mr. Sibray's charge for valuing £2 9s 6d  
    To loss of Trade of the Garden Produce and Deficiency of this year's Crop, say the Rent of Three farthings per yard on the Area of Garden ~ One Acre £15 2s 6d  
    Cleaning Mud etc. out of House and Cellars £3 10s    
    Levelling and Restoring Yard 10 Load of Ashes or Gravel required £2      
    Cleaning Mud out of Pump Well   15s    
    1 Load of Coals   10s    
    1 Load of Gas Cokes   8s    
    To Loss of Pig being washed away and injured   15s    
        £194 17s    
  Certificate Granted
22 May 1865
Assessed by Agreement together with Amended Claim including Costs at £190      

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