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Claim for loss of property #1687 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  1687 William Henry Pattenson Publican and Grocer 49 Bridge Street  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Damage to Personal Property   3 Bags Flour £4 5s 6d  
    6 Stone Bread   10s 6d  
    14 Stone Barley   14s    
    Split peas   2s 6d  
    White peas   1s 4d  
    Blue peas   1s 10d  
    Oatmeal   2s 6d  
    Wheat   1s 4d  
    Linseed and Birdseed   1s 6d  
    Herbs   4s    
    3 Stone Tea £6 6s    
    12 Stone Sugar £4 4s    
    3 Stone Currants   10s 6d  
    Carroway Seeds   1s 3d  
    Raisins 2 Stone   10s 6d  
    1 Stone Prunes   3s 6d  
    2 pounds Sweet Pepper   1s 8d  
    2 pounds Pepper   2s 6d  
    2 pounds Mustard   2s    
    2 pounds Ginger   1s 3d  
    Firkin Sweet Soap   18s    
    Treacle 1 Stone   2s 3d  
    Coffee 6 pounds   4s 6d  
    Rice   5s    
    Soda   2s    
    Lemon Kali 1 pound   1s 2d  
    Baking Powder   1s 4d  
    Black Lead   1s 3d  
    Starch 7 pounds   3s 2½d  
    Powder Blue 7 pounds   4s 11½d  
    Matches 1 Gross   3s 6d  
    Vesuvians ½ Gross   2s    
    Washing Powders 1 Gross   3s 6d  
    Epsom Salts 7 pounds   2s 4d  
    Bottle Hair Oil 14 pounds broken   14s 6d  
    Camomile flowers   2s 4d  
    Camomile pills 6 dozen   4s    
    Blacking 1 Gross   3s 6d  
    Pickling Spices   1s 4d  
    Tartaric Acid 2 pounds   5s 4d  
    Best Mint Lozenges 7 pounds   5s 10d  
    Manchester Mints 4 pounds   3s 4d  
    Love Rings 4 pounds   3s 4d  
    Scotch Mixtures 7 pounds   5s 10d  
    Mixed Eggs 4 pounds   3s 4d  
    Aniseed Balls 4 pounds   3s 4d  
    Sugar Candy 3 pounds   2s    
    Small Rings 4 pounds   3s 4d  
    Spice Figures   2s    
    Acid drops 2 pounds   1s 3d  
    Butter Scotch drops   1s 3d  
    Spice pipes   1s    
    Spice walking sticks   1s    
    Raspberry Sticks   1s    
    Candied Lemon   1s 8d  
    Toffey Sticks   1s    
    Spanish Juice   2s 4d  
    Inderock Sticks   1s    
    Cough Lozenges 2 pounds   5s 4d  
    4 Boxes Cigars 8/6 £1 14s    
    2 Boxes Cigars 6/   12s    
    6 pounds Tobacco (black)   19s    
    6 pounds Tobacco (light)   18s    
    Limerick Twist 4 pounds   14s    
    Thin Twist 4 pounds   14s    
    Snuff 1 pound   5s 4d  
    Cavendish Tobacco 2 pounds   7s    
    Pork 23½ pounds @ 6½d   12s 9d  
    Sausage 6 pounds @ 5d   2s 6d  
    Boloney 4 pounds @ 8d   2s 8d  
    Black pudding 6 pounds @ 5d   1s 6d  
    Souse 6 pounds @ 3d   1s 6d  
    Pork Pies 8 pounds @ 5½d   3s 8d  
    Mince Pies   4s    
    Cheese Cakes   2s    
    Ecclesed Cakes   2s    
    Squares   1s    
    Round Biscuits   2s    
    Tarts   2s    
    Buns   1s    
    Jimp [?] Cakes   1s    
    Treacle Cakes   1s    
    Preserve pies   1s    
    Butter 12 pounds   13s 9d  
    Eggs 2 hundred   13s    
    Herrings 2 boxes   8s    
    Lard 9 pounds @ 7½d   5s 7½d  
    Dripping 10 pounds @ 6d   5s    
    Salt   1s 4d  
    Yellow Clay Balls   2s 6d  
    Pipeclay (gross)   4s    
    Pickles £2      
    Vinegar   11s    
    Milk, 2 Gallons @ 8½d   1s 5d  
    Beef 39 pounds @ 7½d £1 4s 4½d  
    Onions 3 stone 1/8   5s    
    Ale and Beer £4      
    Potatoes 1 Load   7s    
    Lemons 3 dozen   1s 6d  
    Writing paper and Envelopes   1s 6d  
    Postage stamps   5s    
    Receipt Stamps   2s    
    Toilet Boxes 1 dozen   4s 6d  
    Scented Necklaces ½ dozen   3s    
    Thread   1s 3d  
    Needles 100     5d  
    Pens 12 sheets   2s 2d  
    Tape   1s 3d  
    Cotton Spoles 6 dozen   2s 3d  
    Stay Laces 3 dozen @ 6½d   1s 7½d  
    Stay Laces 3 dozen @ 3½d     10½d  
    4 pair Carpet Slippers   8s 8d  
    2 pair Womens Boots   13s    
    12 dozen Flowers @ 4/ £2 8s    
    18 Cards Ribbon £2 4s    
    1 dozen Gloves @ 6/   6s    
    Laces   13s    
    Silk Velvet trimmings   10s    
    1 dozen Bonnet Screens   6s 6d  
    2 Velvet hair nets @ 1/5   2s 10d  
    2 Velvet hair nets @ 2/   4s    
    2 Velvet hair nets @ 3/   6s    
    6 Coronets @ 6d   3s    
    ½ dozen Feathers   1s 9d  
    4 Feathers @ 8d   2s 8d  
    Satin for Bonnet   2s 6d  
    6 yards stiff net   2s    
    14 falls @ 4½d   5s 3d  
    2 Beaded falls   2s    
    2 Flower Wreaths   2s    
    5 Head Dresses £1      
    6 Gauntlets @ 4½d   2s 3d  
    6 Childrens Hoods @ 4½d   2s 3d  
    6 pair Leggings @ 4½   2s 3d  
    6 pair Childrens socks @ 4½   2s 3d  
    6 pair Childrens Gloves   1s 3d  
    3 pair striped Stockings   2s 1¼d  
    2 pair Lambs Woolds [?]   3s 2d  
    2 Cards Black Buttons     5d  
    6 Cards Bonnet Buckles   12s    
    New Black Grape Bonnet   8s 6d  
    Two new Trimmed Bonnets   12s    
    Silk Bonnet   2s 6d  
    5 Untrimmed Bonnets @ 1/6   7s 6d  
    New Victorine   7s 6d  
    Two new Victorines @ 3/6   7s    
    Two Umbrellas   6s    
    Silk Velvet Hat   4s 6d  
    3 Silk Handkerchiefs @ 1/9   5s 3d  
    3 Small Handkerchiefs @ 6½d   1s 7½d  
    4 Small Handkerchiefs @ 1/   4s    
    3 Arm Chairs broken @ 7/6 £1 2s 6d  
    1 Arm Chair broken   3s    
    6 House Chairs @ 2/6   15s    
    3 Tables damaged   7s 6d  
    Box Broken   5s    
    Damage to Sofa   10s    
    Pots and Glasses broken   7s 6d  
    Looking Glass   1s 6d  
    Plane and Spell Cutter   5s    
    Boots lost and destroyed £1 10s    
    3 Shirts and 2 Singlets   13s 6d  
    4 pair Stockings 2 Shifts   9s 6d  
    2 pair drawers 3/6 pair sheets 9/   12s 6d  
    Print Gown 4/6 Stuff Gown 10/   14s 6d  
    4 pillow Slips and Counterpane   6s    
    Working Coat 10/ Black Coat 20/ £1 10s    
    Portrait spoiled   5s    
    6 pair Window Curtains   10s    
    Two load Coals spoiled   14s    
    8 Hens drowned 2/6 £1      
    3 Empty barrels washed away £3      
    Wall paper etc. £1      
    By Cash received from Relief Committee on account £-25      
        £51 17s 0¾d  
  Certificate Granted
2 August 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £45      

Note: Total entered in claim is £51.17.1

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