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Claim for loss of property #1573 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  1573 Elizabeth Cartwright Wife of William Cartwright; Table Blade Grinder and Administratrise of Mary Hukin, late of Neepsend Heppenstall Buildings, Attercliffe, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    To amount paid for Dwellinghouse and Tenant right of Land on which same stood and of Garden and to amount expended in repairs by Mary Hukin in her life time out of money of which she was a Trustee for benefit of herself the said Elizabeth Cartwright and her Sister Anne Ratcliffe £25      
    One Mahogany Table £1      
    One Round Oak Stand   12s    
    One Deal Table   8s    
    One Chamber Chair   7s    
    Six cane bottomed Coronation Chairs £1 10s    
    Two hair seated Chairs £1 8s    
    One Rocking Chair   8s    
    One Window Chair   8s    
    Two old fashioned Mahogany hair seated Chairs   14s    
    One feather Bed with pillows and bolsters £4 10s    
    One flock Bed   15s    
    Seven pairs Blankets £6      
    Two pair Linen Sheets £1      
    Three pairs Cotton Sheets £1 4s    
    One eight day Clock in oak case £4 10s    
    One bracket clock   15s    
    One Camp Bedstead £1      
    One French Bedstead £2 10s    
    One Living Looking Glass £1      
    One Pier Glass   15s    
    One Chest of Drawers five drawers high Mahogany £6      
    One Oak Chest of Drawers £1 10s    
    Three Clothes Boxes   10s    
    Three other Boxes   10s    
    Floor Carpet £1 10s    
    Oil Case £1 4s    
    Two brass Window blinds   12s    
    One Sofa £1 10s    
    One Oil Painting £1      
    Four engravings with frames and glazings £1      
    One Truck waggon   8s    
    Two Water Tubs   17s    
    Iron and Tin Ware £1 10s    
    Crockery China and Glass £3      
    Two dozen plated Spoons £1 10s    
    Knives and Forks   12s    
    Eight yards new Linen unmade   8s    
    One black Satin Dress £2      
    One Plumb coloured Silk Dress £1 10s    
    One black cloth cloak £2      
    One Grey cloak £1 10s    
    One Brown Dress   15s    
    One plaid Dress £1      
    One Barege Dress   10s    
    Two Shawls £3      
    Five Bonnets £2      
    Under Clothing £2      
    Alfred Hukins wearing apparel £2      
    One Tuscan Hat   10s    
    One Stuff Dress unmade £1 2s    
    One yard Velvet   12s    
    Four yards Ribbon   2s 6d  
    Six yards Ribbon   3s 3d  
        £99 19s 9d  

Note: Total in register is £100.19.9

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