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Appendix to claim #6382 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  6382 Mary Dyson Widow, Publican Neepsend Tavern, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    The Schedule of the Particulars referred to in the Annexed Claim of Mary Dyson        
    Part 1        
    The Following Property totally destroyed namely:        
    In Gardens        
    Arbour, Two Frames with Brick Work & Glass Sides, Metal Pan, Lot of Sticks, 14 Tree Pots, Large Summer House with seating, Two Tables, 6 Chairs, Gate and Fencing, 2 Wood Arbours with Tables and Seats, 2 Round Stands and Circular Seats, Wood and Manure, 2 Gates and Fencing to large Flower Garden, 2 Figures of Atlas, Painted Figure, Large Flag Pole, Figures of Bacchus on Stone Stand, 2 Eagles on Stone Stand, 2 Lions on Stone Stand, 2 Wood Supports and Long Settle, 2 Round Stands, Double Seat and Frame Work, Seat and Supports, Form, Stand and Cover, 2 Forms, 2 Tables, Gate and Fencing, Small Table, Framework, and Canvass to form large Summer House, Seats to Summer House, 2 Tables, Fencing to Gooseberry Garden, Door and Partition, 3 Long Ladders, Kettle, Pole Flag Staff, 2 Light Frame and Manure, 2 Figures, Lot of Manure, 8 Chairs, Long Table, Clothes Box £38 13s    
    The Following Property totally destroyed        
    In Stable        
    Large Table, Old Bagatelle Board, Long Table, 2 Gates, Lot of Wood, Wheelbarrow, Swill Tub, Sawdust Tub, Corn Tub, Old Stop Press, Cage, Cupboard, Skittles, and Ball, Garden Tools, Gantry, Door and 2 Tressels, 3 Table Tops and 6 Tressels, New Wheelbarrow £11 14s    
    The Following Propery damaged        
    In Large Room        
    3 Blinds & Rollers, 3 Wire Blinds, Slate Bagatelle Board, Balls and Cues complete, Long Table, Round Table, Stand, 5 Forms, 20 & 1 Armchairs, Fender, 12 Spittoons, 2 Stag Horns, 4 Pitchers, Bird Cage, Rail and Pegs, Flower Stand, 130 Flower Pots, 4 Gas Pendants, Water Bottle, and 4 Blue Bottles, Figure, 13 Flower Boards, 2 Bell Pulls, Gas Shade, 4 small Cornices, Double Cupboard, Cruet, 4 Jars, 4 Bottles, Bowls, 16 Salts, Peppers and Mustards, 26 Meat Dishes, 5 Tureens, 21 Dishes, 9 Butter Boats, 12½ Dozen Plates, Soup Tureen and Stand, 4 Pickle Plates, 14 Basins, 2 Water Bottles, Gravy Spoon, 10 Spoons, 2 Trays, Punch Bowl, damages etc. the extent of £8      
    In Passage        
    4 Brown Pots, 2 Bells and fixing to Shelves, 2 Wire Guards, 2 Trays, Slate, Candleback, Inner Door and Fixing, Barm, Pot, Ladle, Stool, and Lath Gate, damaged to the extent of £1 10s    
    In Tap Room        
    Blind and Roller, Wire Blind, Long Table, Round Table, 6 and 1 Arm Chairs, 6 Spittoons, Gas Shade, 2 Longsettles, Seating and Matting, Cupboard, Pewter Pint, 3 Bats and Stumps, Fender and Poker, 27 Stone Mugs, 2 Metal Pints, 30 Jars, and Bottles, 8 Glasses, Toast Rack, and 2 Jars, damaged to the extent of £3 5s    
    In No. 1 Bed Room        
    Blind and Roller , 4 Chairs, Chest, Long Table, Mahogany Show Case, 2 Candlesticks, 2 Houses Carpet, Camp Bedstead, Hangings and 2 Mattrasses, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillows, 2 Sheets, Blanket, Coverlid, Bell and Fixing Square Glass, Show Frame, 5 Bottles, damages to the extent of £4 10s    
    In No. 2 Bedroom        
    Blind Roller and Cornice, Table Scales and Weights, 6 Chairs, Round Stand, Night Convenience, Carpet, Oak Drawers, Glass, 4 Frames, Small Glass, Snuff and Mull, Dressing Table, and Cover, 2 Boot Jacks, Inkstand, Mahogany Wash Stand, Stair, Carpet and Rod, damaged to the extent of £4      
    In No. 3 Bedroom        
    Blind Roller and Curtain, 5 Chairs, Carpet, 18 Pairs Carvers, 2 Steels, 6 Sets of Knives and Forks, 6 Spoons, Pair Fish Carvers, Bed Stead, Hangings and Mattress, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillows, 2 Sheets, Blanket, Coverlid, Oak Drawers, Tray, Crockery, 12 Tea Spoons, Can, Bagatelle Board, 2 Shot Bags, Powder Flask, 2 Single Guns, Old Man's head, Double Chest of Drawers, Corner Cupboard, Fire Irons, 2 Fishing Rods, Peg Rail, Wash Stand, and Crockery, damaged to the extent of £9 5s    
    In Bar        
    Blind and Roller, Venetian Blind, Fender and Ash Pan, 3 Stools, Matting, Window Chair, Corner Cupboard, Gas Arm and Glass, Seating and Matting, 4 Shelves and Counter, Beer Machine, 3 Kegs and Taps, 25 Plated Pints, 6 Gills, 2 Quarts, 72 Tumblers, 48 Wines, 21 Pint and 9 Quart Jugs, 3 Mugs, Cupboard and Drawers, 9 Measures, Stand and Cover, Clock, Bookshelves, Shelf, 4 Spittoons, Stool, 5 Waiters, Drainer, 18 Crushers, 2 Cannisters, 5 Bottles, 2¾ Dozen New Crushers, Bell, 6 Good Plated Pints, Draft Board and Men, 13 Water Jugs, 2 half Gallon Jugs, 13 Gobblets, 18 Small Glasses, 3 Glass Measures, damaged to the extent of £7 10s    
    In Brewhouse        
    Measure, Riddle, Can, Brush, Spade, Tub, Basket, Bucket, Pump with Copper, Barrell and Piping to Cistern, Gantry, Can, Gas Arm and Shade, 2 Iron Tools, damaged to the extent of £2 10s    
    In Kitchen        
    7 Iron Bars, 2 Ladling Cans, Wash Bowl, Tub, Soap Box, Pot and Cover, Small Glass, 4 Brushes, 120 Pieces of Crockery, Delf Case, Table with 2 Drawers, 180 lbs of Quoits, Scales and Weights, Large Table, Round Table, Shelf, Gas Arm, 4 Candlesticks, 20 Tin Articles, Coffee Mill, Brass Ladle, 7 Brass and other Candle Sticks, 2 Hasteners, Table with 3 Drawers, Cupboard, 3 Pewter Measures, Fender and Fire Irons, 10d Saucepans, Steamer Fish Kettle, Kettle, 4 Chairs, 2 Pairs Shears, 2 Hammers, Saw, Cover, Ash Grate, and Top Bar, damaged to the extent of £6      
    In Cellars        
    6 Shelves, Pewter Measure, Safe, 5 Gantries, 3 Baskets, 3 Cans, Wood Funnels, Lot of Filters, Spanner, Gimblet, Mallet, 6 Brass Taps, 3 Barm Tubs, Basket and Corks, damaged to the extent of £2 15s    
    The Property comprised in the foregoing particulars being Part 1 of this Schedule was taken to by the Claimant a short time before the Inundation, as incoming Tenant, as was on the Premises at time of her entry        
    Part 2        
    Comprising Property in the Claimant's Dwelling House, which was not taken to on Entry as incoming Tenant        
    9 Pictures £1 10s    
    Glass in Carved Gilt Frame, Cost 30/. damaged to the extent of £1 10s    
    Glass in Carved Gilt Frame Cost 84/. damaged to the extent of £2 10s    
    2 Engravings and oval Picture damaged to the extent of £1      
    2 Pictures damaged to the extent of   14s    
    Mahogany Seating round the Room, covered in Hair Cloth with Indian Matting back, large Oval Table (Matting, Oil Cloth and Hearth Rug destroyed) Fender, 2 Wire Gauze Blinds, Stand, Flowers and Glass Shade, Chimney and Ornaments, Spring Bell, Gas Chandelier, destroyed and damaged to the extent of £11 7s    
    Set of Damask Hangings 21/. Framed Engravings 32/. £2 13s    
    In Dram Shop        
    Chandelier, 2 Wire Blinds, Matting and Form damaged to extent of £1 18s    
    Stock as follows, totally destroyed as follows, namely        
    288 Gallons of Beer, Ale and Porter £14 8s    
    3 Dozen of Bottled Porter and Bottles   9s 6d  
    3 Gallons of Rum 42/. 2 Gallons of Whisky 1/12/0 £3 14s    
    Cask of Gin, containing 6 Gallons of Rum, Gin, Brandy, and Whisky in Bar £1 5s    
    1½ Boxes of Cigars 12/9 Tobacco & Pipes 7/6 £1   3d  
    (One Cask of Gin not damaged)        
    Wearing Apparel        
    Silk Velvet Bonnet 12/. Straw Bonnet 7/. Head Dresses 4/6, Victorine 30/., Satchel 6/., Cloak 18/., Paisley Shawl 25/. Wool Scarf Shawl 10/. Fancy Scarf Shawl 12/., Cloth Cloak 5/. Silk Umbrella 16/. Alpaca Umbrella 3/. 1 Black Silk Dress 15/. Brown and Blue Silk Dress 30/. Print Dress 5/., 2 Pair of Boots 12/. 2 Table Cloths, Sun Shade 3/. Towels and Underclothing 40/. And the late Mrs. Dyson's Clothes 60/. Damaged to the extent of £16 2s 6d  
    Provisions etc.        
    Pig in Pickle (purchased on the previous Friday) 19 stone at 6/9 £6 8s 3d  
    Half Bag Flour 18/. Half Bag of Sharps 9/. 3 Loads of Potatoes 21/. £2 8s    
    A Side and some pieces of Bacon lost (say 10 stones at 9/2 £4 11s 8d  
    Piece of Cheese, Lot of Bread and Meat   8s    
    10 Jars of Preserves   10s    
    To Property belonging to Club held at House of Claimant, lost, namely        
    2 large sized Contribution Books, 2 other Books, 4 Cash Books, Sick and Funeral Tickets, Club Rules and Papers £2 8s 6d  
    To Cash in Bar at time of Flood lost £5      
    To damage to Trade during stoppage and restoration £10      
    To Interest on Capital withdrawn from Trade of Claimant as shewn by foregoing particulars, say, One Year and Five Months at 7½ per centrum upon £184.19.8 £19 13s    
    To charges of Valuers, Solicitors etc. £12      
        £223   8d  

Note: The Nature of the Claimant's Interest is omitted

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