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Appendix to claim #6380 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  6380 Edward Dean Wholesale Druggist Hillfoot, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Sole Owner   Schedule referred to in the Annexed Claim of Edward Dean        
    In Front Parlour of Dwelling House        
    20 yards new Carpet cost 3/6 per yard damaged £2      
    Hearth Rug cost 15/. Damaged   5s    
    Sofa Chairs Table Fire Irons, Fender, Books etc. damaged £1      
    In Front Passage        
    Oil Cloth Carpet and Mats damaged £1      
    In Front Store Room or Warehouse        
    Cask of Ginger about 1 cwt spoiled £4 4s    
    Ultramarine Epsom Salts Starch Carbonate of Soda Mustard Black Lead Ground Ginger damaged £10      
    In Cellar        
    20 lbs Laudenum Bottles broken contents lost £3      
    300 lbs Strong liquor Ammonia lost £3 15s    
    Three Carboys broken   12s    
    Sundry bottles broken and Casks £1      
    In Kitchen and part Warehouse        
    Dresser Oil Cloth Chairs Table Sofa Fender Ash Pan Cradle damaged £3 3s    
    Wearing Apparel Linen Boots Shoes Bonnets Hat and Caps damaged £5      
    5 lbs Essence of Bergamotte Bottle £3 8s    
    lb of Oil of Citronella   12s 6d  
    lb Oil of Cloves   5s    
    5 lbs Oil of Lavender £2   6d  
    5 lbs Essence of Lemon £2      
    1 lbs of Oil of Geranium   12s    
    In Second Kitchen of Warehouse        
    2 Cwt of Camomiles ½ spoilt or 1 Cwt £3 19s 8d  
    120 Gallons Olive Oil totally lost, 10 Carboys £31 10s    
    180 Gallons Olive Oil 9 x 20 Gallon Tins £56 5s    
    10 Gross Helliwell & Nicholls washing Powder £2 15s    
    2 Cwt Washing Paste   12s    
    10 lb Keg Mustard   8s 4d  
    2 cwt Powder Tartaric Acid £16 16s    
    Damage to Weighing Machine and Weights   5s    
    Sundry Sacks and Papers   5s    
    28 lbs Arrow Root   18s 8d  
    In Back Kitchen        
    Black Lead £2 10s    
    3 Stone Flour   5s 9d  
    Indian Meal and Sack   17s 6d  
    Bottles Crockery etc. destroyed   7s 6d  
    Wringing Machine Bellows Brushes Hastener etc. £3      
    In Yard        
    6 25 Gallon Casks of Vinegar £6 5s    
    Six Casks £3 12s    
    8 12½ Gallon Casks of Vinegar £4 3s 4d  
    Eight Casks £1 16s    
    12 Gross Case of Russells Matches £1 14s    
    Cwt Reckitts Starch £10 14s 6d  
    2 Cwt packed Black Lead £1 12s    
    Two cases   7s    
    70 7/9 Gallons Lard Oil £15 6s 9d  
    Casks   6s    
    35 5/9 Gallons Lard Oil £7 11s 1d  
    Cask   3s    
    3 Empty Vinegar Casks £1 16s    
    In Stable        
    1 Cwt S.C. Lead   19s    
    Hay Straw etc.   10s    
    5 Gross Matches   9s 2d  
    In Coach House        
    1 cwt 1 qtr 20 lbs Castor Oil £4 6s 8d  
    5 6 Cwt Casks Soda or 1½ Tons £8   6d  
    6 4 Cwt Casks Soda £6 8s 5d  
    28 2½ Cwt Casks Soda or 3¾ Tons £18 14s 6d  
    1 Cwt Epsom Salts   10s    
    1 Cwt Carbonate Soda   13s    
    1 Cwt Soda Ash   18s    
    5 Cwt Lime Blue £6      
    430 Gross Cases Smith's Matches £10      
    9 Cwt Whiting   11s 3d  
    6 Cwt Casks Carbonate Soda £3 18s    
    Injury to Carts Harness etc. £2      
    In Garden        
    Damage to Plants Trees etc. £3      
    Cleansing House furniture etc. £2      
    Part cleansing Stables Coach house yard Outbuildings etc. etc. £2      
    To Damages        
    sustained by the Claimant consequent upon the loss and destruction of his property as shewn by foregoing particulars and consequent inability to carry on his Business and removal from his Dwellinghouse and otherwise as follows        
    Five Weeks total stoppage of business - total loss of earnings £3.14.0 per week £18 10s    
    Loss on compulsory removal of family for five weeks to Board and lodgings say £5      
    The Claimant has been unable since the 12th March 1864 and will be unable until the receipt of the damages to which he is entitled for the loss of his property and consequent deprivation of his Trade Capital to carry on his business as heretofore. He has lost thereby many of his Customers and his Trade is and will be materially damaged. The Claimant seeks to recover for damages in this respect from the end of the said period of 5 weeks of total stoppage (16th April 1864) to the period of restoration of his trade Capital (30th August 1865) 72 weeks at 24/. per week. £86 8s    
    The Claimant has incurred charges of Solicitor and Valuers between the time of the Flood and the making out of this Claim amounting to £6 6s    
    The Claimant gives Credit as follows. For amount realized by sale of damaged Goods as under viz.        
    Damaged Soda 6.0.0        
    125 Gross Matches 1.11.3        
    5 Cwt Lime Blue 1.0.0        
    For Goods recovered namely        
    50 Gallons Vinegar 2.1.8        
    3 Casks 1.16.0        
    [Total Credit] £-12 -8s -11d  
        £394 12s 8d  

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