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Appendix to claim #5989 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5989 Walter George Sykes Powder Flask Manufacturer Moorgate, Rotherham  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    Lists of Books & Papers        
    Abbot's "Young Christian", Adam's "Roman Antiquities", "Analysis of the Laws of England " by William Blackstone 1759, "Art of Speaking" "Art Journal" 12 No's 1862, Exhibition "Astronomy, Lectures on" Astronomy - Science in Sport, Bible, large Folio Family by Dr. Samuel Clarke, bound in Calf, Bible, large Folio Family by Reverend Dr. Southwell, bound in Calf, Bible, The Illustrated, large Folio Family with Hannas Concordance folio, Bible with Dr Adam Clarke's Commentary, 6 volumes, 4 No's, Bible, very old large Folio black letter with Concordance, Bible duo Morocco, Bibles (two) 8 volumes Calf.
Bible and Gospel History, Burke on the Sublime & Beautiful, Barnard's History of England, Illustrated Folio, Bingley's Animal Biography, 4 volumes with Plates, 8 vols Burn's Life & Poems, Brewer's Pictures of England, Illustrated, 2 Volumes, Byron's Works (John Murray's), Burton's Law of Real Property, Brougham's Lord Speeches, 4 Volumes, A & C Black, Brougham's Lord Speeches Essays & Dessertations, 3 Volumes, Bossnet's Universal History: Blands Latin Hexameters, British Classics, 22 Volumes, Calf Bound.
Spectator, Adventurer, Tatler, & Guardian, Sharpe's Illustrated Edition, Rambler, Suttuby's Edition.
Cummings, Dr. Manuel of Christian Evidence, Chamber's Edinburgh Journal, 2 Volumes, Curran's Life & Speeches, Clare's Universals, Cicero's Letters to Athens, 2 Volumes, Child Harold,Classical Library, 14 Volumes, Coleridge's Blackstone 4 Volumes, Cicero Orationem XII, Cowper's Letters, Christian Year, Country Solicitors, Practice in Chancery & in the Superior Courts, 2 Volumes.
Cobbett's Legacy to Peel, Parson's Cabinet Lawyer, Chesterfield, Lord's, Advice to his Son, Cameron's Attorney's Pocket Book, Chimney Sweeper's Friend, Christian's Duty 1736, Cotterill's Prayers, Digest of Examination Questions, Drawing Room Scrap Book, 2 Volumes, Douglas Jerrold's Magazine, 3 No's, Enfield's Speaker, Elements of Euclid, Elements of Logic, "'Whately's" Elegantice [?] Latinoe [?] Excerpta & 4 [?] Variis. [?] Edmundo Burke's Works, Erskine's Speeches 4 Volumes, English Dictionaty 8 Volumes, Evenings at Home 6 Volumes, Edgeworth's Early Lessons, 4 Volumes.
Family Registers of births, deaths etc., France and Normandy, History of, French & English, English & French Dictionary duo 1793, the same 4 No's., Family Prayers for each day in the Month & Particular Occasions, Family Morning & Evening Prayers, French Prayer Books (two), French Grammar, French Principles of Pronounciation, French Exercises, Following of Christ, by Thomas A. Kempis, Goldsmith's History of Rome,Greek Grammar, Edward's Geography in all ages, Globes, the use of, Richardson Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Ganganelli, Pope Clement, 14th, Letters, Discourses etc. etc. 4 Volumes, 8 Volumes bound.
Greek Grammar, large, 8 Volumes, General Knowledge, Catechism, Geography, Ancient & Modern Herodatus, 2 Volumes, History of Persian Wars from Herodatus, 2 Volumes, Hymns for Infant Minds, Historical & Miscellaneous Questions, Hume & Smollett's History of England, Hochelaga [?] 2 volumes, Heath's Picturesque Annual, 2 Volumes, Horace 8 volumes, Horace, Works of, by Francis and others, Homer's Odyssy (Pope) 2 volumes duo, [?] the same 1 Volume, Homer's Iliad (Pope) 2 Volumes Duo [?] bound, Horace's Odes 1 volume, Hudibros, 2 volumes, duo, Hemispheres Eastern & Western (Darton's), Hymn's Kippiss' Horne's Commentary on the Psalms, Hogarth 26 parts
Itallian Grammer, Italian Exercises, Italian Phraseology, Italian & English, English & Italian Diction 2 volumes, Iliad of Homer large 8 volumes, Journeys of the Children of Israel, Joneses View in Westmoreland etc. 2 volumes, Knight's Discourses on the Parables & Miracles, 2 volumes, 8 volumes, Lewis's View of the Representative History of England with Engraved Plans of Countries, Cities and Boroughs, 4 Volumes.
Letters of Jumius, [?] Law of Nisi, [?] Prius, [?] 2 volumes, large 8 volumes, Lady of the Lake, Lord of the Isles, Lay of the last Minstrel, 3 volumes, royal 8 volumes, bound.
Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, 2 volumes, Imperial 8 volumes, London, Illustrated the Antiquities in 193 Engravings, 4 volumes, London, Illustrated the Modern Improvements, in 160 Engravings, Literary Souvenir, Life of Edward Barnes, 8 volumes, Modern Orator, the Celebrated Speeches of Chatham, Sheridan, Erskine, Burke etc. 2 volumes, 8 volumes, Milman's Fall of Jerusalem royal 8 volumes, bound, Milton's Life and Paradise Lost, 8 volumes, Milton's Poetical Works, 2 volumes.
    Memorial of Sir Francis Chantry, Modern Traveller, 2 volumes, Manuscript Books and Paper, New Testaments, (two) Nursery Rhymes, Northern Regions by Richardson.
Ovid, Oxford Prose Poems bound, On Education and Self Formation, Psalms & Hymns, Park's Chemistry, Political Events in Italy in 1821, Principles and Practice of the Laws of England, Pitt's Speeches, 3 volumes, royal 8 volumes, Paradise lost 2 volumes, Plutarche's Lives by Wrangham, 8 volumes, Paryer Black Morocco, Prayer Book Ancient, Prayer Books (two), Prayers and Meditations, Philosophy of Rhetoric, Pope's Works 3 volumes, Poor Law Act, Punch 15 years, Parlimentary Review, 4 volumes, Portfolio of Drawings, Reid's Enquiry into the Human Mind, 8 volumes, Resueil [?] Chrisi de Traits Historgues Ade Contes Morany Rassalus [?]: Rushton's Poems, Robinson Crusoe 8 volumes,Royal Cyclopedia & Encyclopedia, large Folio 3 volumes, Scripture, History, Steward's Philosophy of the Mind, Scripture, Natural History, 2 volumes, Sacra Privata Scelta di Alcume Commodie del Goldimi, Steward's , Blackstone's Commentaries, 4 volumes, Sheridan's Speeches, 3 volumes, Short Whist by Mayor, Shakespeare's Plays & Poems, royal, 8 volumes, Scotland Chronicles of 2 volumes, royal 8 volumes, Sportsman's Library, Sheffield Manor, Spectator, large, 8 volumes, Telemague, Telemachus (Morocco) Thomson's Seasons, Tyas's Legal Hand Books (two), The Cross by Holland, Tomlin's Law, Dictionary, 2 volumes,4 no's, The Keepsake, The Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Gospels, black letter, 2 volumes, Imperial 8 volumes.
The Works of William Shakespeare containing all his Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, folio 1632, Speeds History of England, including James 1st, the Danes, the Heptarchy, the Saxon Kingdoms, the Romans, & Ancient Britons, folio, Universal History (Rollins) 8 volumes, large 8 volumes, Translated from the French, Understanding the Conduct of (Locke) Virgil - Virgil Dryden's, Works of William Paley (Locke), Whewell's Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, 2 Volumes, Watt's Improvement of the Mind, Watt's Logic, Wesley's Compendium of Logic, Workman's Companion, Wanderer in Switzerland, 8 volumes, bound, Wordsworth's Poems, 2 Volumes, Young's Night Thoughts, Illustrated, 8 volumes, Morocco.
    Destruction and damage of the above which were of the value of £130.16.0 £130 16s    
    List of Stock in Trade, Trade Books and Papers, materials and effects        
    15¼ Dozen Bottles Wicker Cover, 4 Dozen Bottles assorted, 17 Books, Wages and Pay 11 Dozen Books, Workmen's, 2 Boxes Brass Turnings, 2 Boxes Brass Castings, 33 Gross Buckles, Tin and Rolls, 7½ Gross Chargers, 1 Box Brass Meltings, 1½ Gross Buckles, 1¼ Inch Brass, 224 Chargers patent Gradreating, 38 Dozen Spinning Tops, 22¾ Gross Deer for Pouches, 7½ Gross Brass Buckles etc. 52 lbs Britannia Metal rolled, 1 Box Cast B. Metal, 3½ Dozen Cross Pump Tops, 37 Gross Cutters Spring & Screw Tops, 1¼ Gross Cutters finished, 170 Dozen Charger's Spring Shot, 43 Gross Cutters, finished, Brass Lever, 5¼ Gross Chargers brass lever, 207 lbs Boxes pierced cut out and Tubes etc., 3¼ Dozen Chain Dog Collars, 3¾ Dozen Couples, ¾ Dozen Dog Chains, 26½ Doz Drinking Cups, 151 Flasks Leather Covered, 1 Box of Files, 1¼ Dozen Flasks for Powder assorted, 14½ dozen Flasks Copper, 13 Dozen Flasks Planished, 1 Box Flasks, G. Silver, 622½ lbs Brass Rolled, 6 Boxes Liquor Bottles, 2 & 1/3 Dozen Game Bags, 168½ lbs Copper rolled, 3 Gross German Silver, Patent Tops, 1 Box G. Silver, 4½ Dozen German Silver Ball & Cap Boxes, 49 Horn Flasks, 476 lbs Gilding Rolled, 1 Box German Silver, patent plater, 120 Lever Shot Chargers, 4 Bundles Russia & Morocco Leather, 10 Gross, 1¼ Dozen Brass Levers finished, 1 Mahogany Desk, 22 Magazines Shot Powder, Moulds for Implements, 14 Gross Middle Rings, 36 Nets with Straps, 1 Box Pedestal Necks, 6 Dozen Outsides patent, 2 Dozen Tops for Flasks etc., Chargers Plates etc., 175 Bundles of Papers, Invoices, Receipts, Subdivided into Monthly Packets & Letters in Alphabetical Packets etc., Railway Times etc., 5¼ Gross Patent Plates etc., 1 Pattern Card Implements, 58 Dozen Patent Chargers, 2 Pattern Cards,21¾ Gross Steel Chargers, 3 Dozen Steel Oil Bottles, 4 Dozen Shot Pouches, 3 Boxes Stamped Tin Flasks, 5 Gross, 9½ Dozen Plates for Spring Tops, 1 Portmantean, 6¾ Gross Rim Plates etc. 4 Dozen Shot Pouches, 53 Pounds Steel Wire & rolled Annealed, 4 Swuagee [?] Hammers, 7 Gross Springs for Tops, 10 Straps Assorted, 32½ Dozen Steel Spring Swivels.
8 Gross 1 Dozen Spring Boxes, 18 Gross Slide Rings finished, 436 lbs Steel Patent Metal Cast, 2 Slates, 1 Box Stamped Copper, 18 Dozen Shields.
1 pair of large Beam Scales, Chains, Boards and Weights, 1 Box stamped Metal, 1 Shot Magazine 28 lbs, 109 Gross Springs Pierced, 1 Box Turnings Brass, 1 Box Turnings German Silver, 14 Dozen German Silver Thumb Bits, 52 Gross Brass Thumb Bits, 1 Box Tin Plates, IXX Charcoal best, 1 Box Zinc, 37 Gross upright Caps Screwed, 2½ Gross Upright Tubes, 76 lbs Wortles etc. 1 Box Metal Turnings, 3 Painted Tin Water Cans, 1 Painted Tin Water Can, Foot bath, 1 Set Screw Boxes.
101 Boxes, 1 large Cupboard, Nest of Drawers, 1 large Cast, 1 Other Cast.
    Destruction and Partial Damage of the above to the extent of £657.4.0 £657 4s    

Note: The Nature of the Claimant's interest has been omitted.
'Essays & Dessertations' [sic]

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