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Appendix to claim #5974 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5974 George Hawksley Valuer Owlerton near Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  As Owner of the Freehold of Park and as occupying Tenant from year to year of the remainder under G. M. Burgoyne Esquire, MP [?] Bim [?] Wilson Esquire & The Duke of Norfolk   Summary of Damages to Property caused by the Flood belonging to Mr George Hawksley        
  No. on Account Owlerton Wheel. Freehold        
  1 Edward Proctor Mason Work £24 15s 1d  
  2 A. Wilson Joiner & Millwright's Work £161 10s 8½d  
  3 W. White Slater's Work £28 15s 6d  
  4 W. Taylor Glazier's Work £11 6s    
  5 T. Jubb Painting £8 8s 6½d  
  6 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Wire Mill £1 1s 9d  
  7 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Cottages £7 11s    
  8 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Dam Wall £2 18s 4½d  
  9 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Roberts £7 11s 1½d  
  10 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Pleasure Ground £12 4s 10½d  
  11 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Cottages   5s 6d  
  12 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Wire Mills   11s 9d  
  13 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Pleasure Ground £7 17s 7½d  
  14 Edwin Proctor Mason's Work Grinding Wheel £1 11s 9d  
  15 Armitages Walling £4 4s 2d  
  16 W. White Slater's Work £1 7s 9d  
  17 Wilkes Palisades £15   2½d  
  18 William Taylor's Account (included above)        
  19 William Hawksley Joiner's Work £5 5s 2d  
  20 Pearle Leather Band £2 7s 7d  
  21 George Frith Stone Posts £1 2s 4d  
  22 George Frith Parting Stone £1 8s 1d  
  23 W. Townend Stone £109 18s 10d  
  24 Armitage Piping   1s 8d  
  25 S. Bancroft Repair of Bands   12s    
  26 Jonathan Proctor Dam etc. £532 16s 4d  
  27 Loss of rents of Troughs in Wheel £53 14s 3d  
  28 J. Jubb Painting 4 Cottages £3 8s 11½d  
  29 Cottages Cleaning Account £2 15s 4½d  
  30 J. Jubb Painting Robert's House £3 18s 10½d  
  31 Loss of rent for Wire Mill £45 2s    
  32 Walling Account £5 8s 8d  
  33 A. Wilson Account for Mill £40 17s 10d  
  34 A. Wilson Sundries £4 13s 11d  
  35 Mr. Lomas for superintending £32 1s    
  36 Darwin & Co. for Castings £19 4s 7d  
  37 Cleansing Rubbish from Premises £50 12s 7½d  
    Hillsbro'. Tenant to Mr. W. R. Wilson        
  D1 Edw. Proctor Mason Work £2 8s 7d  
  D2 George Longden Walling £23 15s    
  D3 William Hawksley Joiner Work £4 1s 10d  
  D4 William Taylor Glazing £1 3s 8d  
  D5 Loss of Rents account £10 14s 7d  
  D6 Ash & Clayton Builders £357 11s 8d  
  No. on account House etc. Freehold        
  B1 Darwin & Co. Fixtures £2 10s 11d  
  B2 Morton Clock Case repaired £1 2s 6d  
  B3 Morton Furniture repaired £1 3s 3d  
  B4 Johnson Timepiece   8s    
  B5 Johnson Clock repaired £1 1s    
  B6 Larder Flags £3 10s    
  B7 Hopkinson Dyeing   13s    
  B8 Gibson Dyeing £2 4s 8d  
  B9 William Royle removing   17s    
  B10 William Hawksley Joiner Work £87 16s 0½d  
  B11 Cotton Bricks £1 12s 6d  
  B12 Phoenix Bricks   10s 2d  
  B13 Wood Coals   5s 2½d  
  B14 Woodcock Brushes   2s 3d  
  B15 William Hawksley Joiner Work £1 19s 3d  
  B16 Thomas Jubb Painting £30 10s 4d  
  B17 Thomas Jubb Painting 2 Cottages £3 1s 1d  
  B18 William Taylor Glazing £4 3s 4½d  
  B19 William Johnson & Son Furniture Repaired £93   1d  
  B20 Unwin Account Plastering etc. £1 11s 1d  
  B21 Valuation of Gardens £413 2s 10d  
  B22 H. Sibray for Valuing Gardens £2 2s    
  B23 Allowance to Men £7 6s    
  B24 Thomas W. Falding Account for regilding Portait Frames £9 1s 6d  
  B25 George Hawksley for Sundries in House £11 15s 3d  
  B26 George Hawksley for sundries in House £11 15s 3d  
  B26 George Hawksley for superintending & value of Plans & Valuations etc. £190      
    Farm Premises. Freehold        
  A1 White. Slater's Work (this amount in Owlerton Wheel Acc. No. 3) £22.18.10        
  A2 Edw. Proctor Mason Work £58 8s 8d  
  A3 Edw. Proctor Cart Shed £3 13s 11d  
  A4 Edw. Proctor Gate Posts £1 12s 6d  
  A5 William Townsend for Stone £6 18s 1d  
  A6 Audas Implements repairing £1 15s    
  A7 Edw. Proctor Mason Work   13s 9d  
  A8 Scrimshaw Asphalting £20 17s 6½d  
  A9 White Slater Work £14 8s 5d  
  A10 Thomas Barnes Slater Work £4 3s 3d  
  A11 George Chambers Drain Piping £1 9s 6d  
  A12 Armitage Drain Piping £2 4s 8d  
  A13 Darwin & Co. Door & Gate   3s 6d  
  A14 Armitages for Garden Walls £4 18s 3d  
  A15 Armitages Walling Back Croft £1 9s 7d  
  A16 Armitages Walling Long Meadow £2 1s 11d  
  A17 Armitages Walling Glazing Yard £3 5s 9d  
  A18 Armitages Walling End of House £1 18s 4d  
  A19 George Frith Stone Posts   15s 6d  
  A20 John McCormack Walling Glazing Yard £2 10s 10d  
  A21 Patrick Donohue Walling Glazing Yard £3 7s 4d  
  A22 Rodger & Peace Estimate repairing Gig £4      
  A23 Rodger & Peace Estimate repairing Carriage £17 5s    
  A24 Out Buildings Cleaning out £1 11s 6d  
  A25 Walling Adjoining Park £32 4s 5d  
  A26 William Taylor Plumber & Glazier £2 18s 9d  
  A27 James Booth - Valuation including Land held as Tenant from year to year £1283 13s 6d  
  A28 George Creswick Stone £1      
  A29 John Spooner Stone   18s    
  A30 Cleansing Rubbish from Park £1 5s 9d  
  A31 Cleansing Rubbish from Island £16 19s 4½d  
  A32 Cleansing Rubbish from Cocklodge £18 6s 10½d  
  A33 Cleansing Rubbish from Glazing Yard £14 1s 9d  
  A34 Cleansing Rubbish from Back Croft £62 18s 7½d  
  A35 Cleansing Rubbish from from Long Meadow £53 9s 9d  
  A36 Cleansing Rubbish from Stack Laith Field £45 19s 6d  
  A37 Cleansing Rubbish from Armitage Field £45 17s 3d  
  A38 Value of Sundries, Engine Cleaning and repairing, Loss of Tools, Grinders Tools and Oat Straw in Barn £55 9s 11½d  
    Birley Meadow. Freehold        
  C1 Edw. Proctor Mason Work £6 8s    
  C2 Gillott Stone £1 18s 6d  
  C3 Charles Foster Dam Cleaning £34 12s 8d  
  C4 Charles Harrison Dam Cleaning £23 18s 6d  
  C5 G & H Armitage Walling £21 12s 11d  
  C6 Thomas Barnes Slater's Work £1 4s    
  C7 William Taylor Glazier £1 8s    
  C8 Thomas Jubb Painting £2 10s 4d  
  C9 A. Wilson Millwright Work £69 5s 11d  
  C10 Cleaning rubbish away £26 9s 6d  
    Loss of Rent £2 6s 9d  
    Lime Account for all the Premises for Repairs        
  E1 William Smith   18s 8d  
  E2 Ann Brown   12s    
  E3 Ann Brown £1 11s 7d  
  E4 Abraham Shaw £5 7s 3d  
  E5 William Travis £2 3s 2d  
  E6 Abraham Shaw £5   3d  
  E7 Ann Brown   9s 3d  
  E8 Abraham Shaw £1 19s    
    Estimate to Remove Debris        
    From River 4366 yards @ 7/. £1528 2s    
    Removing Rubbish from foot of Weir £10      
  Water Company Total General Summary of each Property        
    Owlerton Wheel £1214.11.10        
    Hillsbro' £399.11.8        
    House etc. £871.9.3        
    Farm Premises £1817.15.1½        
    Birley Meadow £191.15.1        
    Lime for all the Premises £18.1.2        
    Cleaning of the River Course £1538.2.0        
    [Total] £6051.6.1½        
    Timber in Cocklodge & Birley Meadow £8.12.1 £-8 -12s -1d  
    Timber in Wheel Yard & other parts of Premises £6.0.0 £-6      
    Sand on all the Premises £10.0.0 £-10      
    Omission Account for Embankment etc. at Birley Meadow & Cocklodge £26 12s 10d  
        £6040 6s 11½d  

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