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Appendix to claim #5971 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5971 Isaac Bower Gentleman Holme Lane, Owlerton near Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    Schedule A to the Claim of Isaac Bower        
    No. 2 Single Houses entirely destroyed 2 Stories £150      
    No. 2 Double Houses entirely destroyed 2 Stories £209 5s    
    No. 2 House partially destroyed 2 Stories £190 15s    
    Gates and Posts Complete 2 Pairs        
    Front Wall 6ft 6in high 2 & 6/7 Roods        
    Boundary Wall 12ft high 3 & 4/7 Roods        
    River Wall 10ft 6in high 7 & 2/3 Roods        
    Boundary Wall 6ft high 5/7 of a Rood        
    Boundary Wall 7ft high 2 & 3/7 of a Rood        
    Pig Styes 2        
    Coal Places (covered)        
    Small Tool Place, Privies and Outbuildings forming Yard and reflagging, opening drains etc. Dwarf Wall and Ashlar Coping £187 5s 5d  
    Yearly Rentals of the above Property        
    1 House £8, 1 House £7, 2 Houses £12.2.8 £27 2s 8d  
    1 House £5.4.0, 1 House £4.4.0 Small Shops £1.6.0 £10 14s    
    Schedule B to the Claim of Isaac Bower        
    Free Masons Arms and Six other Houses        
    Public House and Cottage 2 Stories and Attics £101 5s    
    Dwelllinghouses (No. 2) 2 Stories and Attics £117      
    Dwelling Houses (No. 3) 2 Stories and Attics £202 10s    
    Part Public House (destroyed) 2 Stories £118 5s    
    Brew House (destroyed) 1 Story £40      
    River Wall 9ft high (destroyed) 4 Roods        
    Fence upon River Wall 4ft high (destroyed) 4 Roods        
    Workshop (destroyed)        
    2 Pigstyes (destroyed)        
    Workshops (destroyed)        
    Privy and Outbuildings (destroyed)        
    3 Pigstyes next River (destroyed)        
    Privy and Outbuildings to Public House (destroyed)        
    Cleaning Yards and Reflagging        
    Cleaning out Drains        
    Cleaning Sough to Cellars        
    [Total for above] £175 7s 6d  
    Yearly Rentals of the Above Property        
    Public House £20 Two Houses 10/8/0 £30 8s    
    Two Houses £7.16.0 Two Houses £9.10.8 £17 6s 8d  
    Two Shops £3.9.4 £3 9s 4d  
    Schedule C to the Claim of Issac Bower        
    The Eight Houses Up Road        
    Houses to be rebuilt No 2        
  Repairs Relaying Floors        
    Brick Partition in Cellars        
    3 Light 5 Square Windows No.4        
    Outer Doors No.2        
    Casements to Windows No. 5        
    Outside Shutters No. 4 Sets        
    Stove Grates and Set Pots resetting No. 6 Sets        
    Repairing Stair Case Also New doors to the same No. 6 sets        
    New doors to Cellar Heads No. 6 sets        
    New Sink Stone No. 6 sets        
    Curb Stones and Grates to Cellar No. 6 sets        
    Flagging in Front 29.7        
    Plastering Houses No. 6        
    Top Drain (clearing) 27.7        
    Boundary Wall 6ft high 1½ Roods        
    File Cutter Shops, Squares of Glass broken No. 9        
    Boundary Wall 4ft high 1¼ Roods        
    Resetting Covers to Pigstye        
    Boundary Wall 4ft high 3¼ Roods        
    [Total] £109 3s 10d  
    Yearly Rentals of the above Property        
    1 House 6/./. 4 Houses 20/16/0. 3 Houses 12/./. £38 16s    
    Credit 1 house let for 6 Months £-1 -19s    
    Schedule D to the Claim of Isaac Bower        
    The 14 New Houses        
  Repairs Floors to relay Cellars Floors to relay, resetting Steps 6ft Iron Bolts and Plates, Squares of Glass Broken, Relaying Flagging, Relaying Flagging in Front £29 3s    
        £1755 17s 5d  

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