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Appendix to claim #5499 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5499 The Proprietors of the Soho Grinding Company Wheel Proprietors Bridge Street, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    List of the Tenants at the Soho Wheel who were remitted one week's Rent in consequence of the Flood        
  365 Roden Thomas   3s    
  370 Knapton George   5s 9d  
  1 Booth George   4s 6d  
  2 Beatson H.   2s 6d  
  3 Smith Henry   3s    
  6 Parkin F.   5s    
  7 Goodison S.   5s    
  8 Smith William   5s    
  382 Wainwright John   8s 1d  
  5 Foster R & W.   8s 1d  
  8 Goodlad George   8s 1d  
  391 Darwin John   8s 1d  
  4 Ellis Thomas   5s    
  5 Bradley John   3s 3d  
  7 Birley J.   12s 6d  
  400 Bury & Co.   12s 6d  
  3 Heald Joseph   8s 1d  
  6 Parkin John   5s    
  7 Short Walter   2s 6d  
  8 Congreaves James   2s 6d  
  9 Glaves George   4s 10½d  
  410 Mowhood George   3s 3d  
  2 Marriott J.   3s 3d  
  3 Mowhood J.   3s 3d  
  4 Oxley John   3s 3d  
  5 Glaves Charles   5s    
  8 Wright John   11s 6d  
  422 Whittam William   6s 2d  
  4 Guest Anthony   15s 4½d  
  6 Marshall J.   12s 6d  
  7 Dale Thomas   7s 6d  
  432 Froggatt William   6s 6d  
  5 Stacey Samuel   25s    
  8 Hill Henry   12s 6d  
  9 Hill Elijah   7s 6d  
  440 Hill John   5s    
  1 Eyre J. H.   7s 6d  
  4 Jowe Jonathan   17s 6d  
  5 Dale George   7s 6d  
  450 Trickett James   3s 3d  
  1 Fox William   5s    
  3 Oxley George   8s 1d  
  7 Yates John   5s    
  8 Atkinson & Booth   7s 6d  
  464 Bishop William   5s 6d  
  5 Pryor Henry   3s 3d  
  7 Wildsmith J.   8s 1d  
  470 Shaw Hannah   8s 1d  
  3 Yates Aaron   5s    
  4 Shackley John   3s 3d  
  6 Crookes Henry   5s    
  482 Beatson B.   7s 6d  
  3 Linley William   4s    
  5 Eyre Joseph   7s    
  6 Twigg William   7s    
  7 Jones Charles Junior   7s    
  491 Hemmings R.   8s 1d  
  4 Shaw Samuel   8s 1d  
  7 Shaw Samuel   5s    
  8 Shackley W.   2s 6d  
  9 Shackley George   2s 6d  
  500 Middleton W.   5s    
  3 Booth Charles   3s 3d  
  4 Hayse George   4s 10½d  
  5 Bunting John   5s    
  6 Bunting William   3s 3d  
  9 Cundy John   7s 6d  
  510 Greaves John   5s    
  2 Godlley Thomas   7s    
  513 Bocking John   7s    
  5 Smith James   7s 6d  
  6 Broomhead E.   7s 6d  
  7 Wood Benjamin   5s    
  8 Hardy Abraham   7s 6d  
  521 Croyden Charles   9s    
  2 Brunnan George   7s    
  4 Wright David   5s    
  7 Vaughan John This Man was drowned in the Flood        
  530 Head Samuel   3s 6d  
  3 Steer Richard   5s    
  4 Hydes Evan   5s    
  5 Taylor Henry   3s 3d  
  6 Helliwell A.   3s 3d  
  8 Bland James   8s 1½d  
  54 Tingle Henry   5s    
  1 Ward George   3s    
  2 Wright Henry   4s    
  4 Allcard Henry   11s 6d  
  6 Allen Jonathan   3s 3d  
  8 Barker Edward   3s    
  9 Cryer James   7s 6d  
  552 Atkinson Henry   7s 6d  
  4 Ramsden J.   7s 6d  
  5 Ogden George   7s 6d  
  6 Ibbotson George   7s 6d  
  8 Jowe William   12s 6d  
  9 Haywood Benjamin   15s    
  561 Dean William   11s 6d  
  2 Heeley Thomas   7s 6d  
  5 Baxter Joseph   7s 6d  
  6 Dean Aaron   7s 6d  
  7 Watts Mrs.   8s    
        £33 9s 3d  

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