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Appendix to claim #5489 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5489 Joshua Moss and Gamble Brothers Steel and File Manufacturers Franklin Works Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    Particulars of Damage done at Franklin Works to Melting and Converting Furnaces, Warehouses Cellars, and Shops and to Stock of Steel and Goods and time labour getting out Mud etc.        
  Stock Room Damage to Goods        
    Cwt 7.0.0 Nails small Sizes rusted and worth half value, Loss 4/. Per Cwt £1 8s    
    Cwt 2.1.7 Best Steel Wire rusted, loss 5/. Per Cwt £3 1s 6d  
    Cwt 2.0.16 Cast Steel Sheets rusted 4/. Per Cwt   8s 7d  
  Cellar Damage to 262 dozen Stickles in Cellar deteriorated in Value one third, cost 3/6 per dozen 45.7.0 less 40% 18.6.10. Nett 27.10.2 One Third of this £9 3s 5d  
    Time Washing and Cleaning, unparcelling, parcelling and papering, 3 Men 6 days each @ 3/. £2 14s    
    Paper and Twine £1 5s    
  Steel Office Damage to Stock of Labels, Paper, Books etc. and to Furniture £5      
    In Cellar under the Steel Office to Baskets, Hammer Shafts and Tools £1      
  File Warehouse Cellar Damage to Hardening 10/. Coal 10 Cwt 2/6   12s 6d  
  Lighting House, File Steel Warehouse, Hardening Shop 1 Man 5 days Cleaning Place and Files @ 4/. £1      
    1 Man 5 days Cleaning 3/6 1 Man 3 days Shop and Goods @ 4/8 14/.   17s 6d  
    Small Sized Steel in Stock of this 2 Cwt was so rusted & cankered that it had to be cut up for Scrap loss 30/. Per cwt £3      
  File Cutting Shop 17 Men lost 4 days each @ 4/. Per day 13/12/0 7 Apprentices 4 days @ 3/. 4/4/. This time was in part occupied by cleaning and the rest they had to wait until the shop was dry enough to work in £17 16s    
  File Forging Shop 8 Single hand Men, 3 days each Cleaning Shops and waiting until they could commence work again 5/. Per day per Man £6      
    8 double hand hearths 3 days 6/. Each £7 4s    
    8 double hand hearths 3 days 5/. Each Striker Forger £6      
  Steel Warehouses Large Containing about 50 Tons finished Steel. Smaller containing about 40 Tons finished Steel and 4 Cellars under offices in which 10 Men and 3 Boys were occupied 12 days Cleaning the Steel unpacking and packing Cast Steel, drying and oiling the Steel. Cleaning the Warehouse and emptying the Cellars of Mud and Water, Wages Paid £22 6s    
  Converting Furnaces No. 1 Fired March 11 Slaked by the Flood fired again March 14 and fired for 8 days but could not be got up to a heat the flues being blown full of Mud, consequently had to be drawn and laid in again 20 Tons reconverting @ 25/. £25      
    Damage to Converting Pots £5      
    No. 2 Fired Feb 25 let out March 6 not damaged, the Pots were, damage to Pots 5/./. £5      
    60 Tons of Coal in Cellars, 15 Tons @ 11/8 of which were mixed with mud and rendered entirely worthless and took a man 10 days to get Mud out £8 15s    
  Melting Furnaces 20 holes 8 holes rebuilt 1 week before the time the usual period being 4 weeks, loss 1 weeks wear £1      
    Paid for repairing other 12 holes 8/. Reannealing Melting Pot 2/.   10s    
    25 Cwts White Clay spoiled 2/8/9 @ 39/. Per Ton 120 Melting Pots spoiled 4/./. @ 8d £6 8s 9d  
    2 Tons Worksop Sand @ 6/. 12/.100 Lids 5/2 100 Stands 3/. £1   2d  
    10 Cwt Coke Dust @ 1/5 14/2 6 Cwt Ground Pot @ 10d 5/. 10 Cwt Stand Clay 3/6 £1 2s 8d  
    12 Men and 2 Boys 2 Days each Cleaning and Drying £5 2s 8d  
  Stable 3 Horses, 1 of which was so injured by being in the Water that it had to be taken out of Work and after treatment sent out to grass, off work 10 weeks and another one hired £10      
    3 Men and 3 Horses Standing one day 8/. Each £1 4s    
    3 Men and 3 Horses and Carts leading out Mud from Globe and Franklin Works 3 days each and 8/. £3 12s    
  Cartage From March 12 to April 30 incurred by us extra in consequence of our having to lead Steel and Coal to Walkley Bank Tilt and back, over the very hilly road over upper Walkley instead of over Hillsbro' and Malin Bridge 45 Loads extra @ 4/. Per load £9      
  Stock of Iron At Midland Station. 254 tons which has all had to be scraped and cleaned before laid in to convert @ 8d per ton. Cost us much more in Wages £8 9s 4d  
    Particulars of Damage done at Globe Steel Works, Cornish Street to Melting and Converting Furnaces and to the Stock of Materials and Cost of time and Labour draining after the Flood        
  Yard and Shed 2 Tons Gannister spoilt @ 5/6   11s    
    Hard Coke for Melting 2½ tons mixed with mud worthless and led out to Rubbish @ 15/. £1 17s 6d  
    3 Tons Hard Coke partly mixed with mud and worth only half their value £1 2s 6d  
    Converting Coal 10 Tons mixed with mud not worth half value, used for slack, difference 5/10 per ton £2 18s 4d  
    Charcoal 400 Bushels damaged by mud not worth cleaning 1/3 one third of its cost price of 6d per bushel loss 4d per bushel £6 13s 4d  
    Pump Well, being filled with muddy water had to be thoroughly cleaned New bucket and leathering cost   10s    
    Coal Tar Spoilt   2s 6d  
  Converting Furnace No. 3 Fired Feb 20 let out Feb 27 Steel not damaged, damage to Converting Pots and Fire Grate Sides £2 10s    
    No. 4 Fired Feb 29 let out March 8, 5 Tons of Steel had to be reconverted @ 25/. £6 5s    
    Damage to Pots and Fire Grate Sides £6      
    No. 1 Fired March 4 was slaked at full heat two thirds of the Steel in it had to be reconverted viz 17 tons @ 25/. £21 5s    
    Damage to Pots and Firr Grate Sides £2 10s    
    No. 2 Fired March 8 was slaked out at full heat had to be relighted without being drawn, one third of the conversion being lost 21 Tons @ 25/. 1/3 of this lost £8 15s    
    Damage to Pots and Grate Sides had to be renewed £6      
  Melting Furnace In Cellar 3 Tons Worksop Sand @ 6/.   18s    
    ½ Tons Stand Clay @ 7/.   10s 6d  
    Cwt Pot Lids   7s 10d  
    24 Melting Holes damaged by being blown up by the Water and had to be rebuilt at the three weeks end instead of 4 weeks £3      
  Time, Wages Converting 10 Men 12 days each Clearing Yard, Sheds, Furnaces, and 8 Coal Cellars and getting out Mud 120 days @ 3/. £18      
    Melters. 14 Men and 2 Boys 2 days each Cleaning Straightening up and drying the wet furnaces, Wages as paid £5 14s    
    Particulars of Damage done to Birley Meadow Tilt, Tilt Furnaces, Fallpipes, Wheel race, Goit, Dwelling House and Yard by the Flood and Costs of Clearing out the same        
  1864 March 16th Wheelbarrows, Shovels, Forks, and Tools, £3.1.9 worth when done with only one third £1.0.7 £2 1s 2d  
  19th Man, Horse and Cart 3¾ days @ 8/. Per day £1 10s    
    Paid Wages to 6 Men and 2 Boys £6 11s 10d  
  26th Paid Wages to 3 Men and 2 Boys £4 4s    
  April 2nd Paid Wages to 4 Men and 2 Boys £5 19s 10d  
  9th Paid Wages to 1 Men and 2 Boys £2 10s 6d  
  16th Paid Wages to 6 Men and 2 Boys £5 12s    
    Paid for Hire of 2 Horses 8 days and ½ day @ 8/. £3 8s    
    To Tolls   15s 1d  
  23rd To Wages to 17 Men £12 7s 6d  
  30th To Wages to 12 Men £11 18s 4d  
  May 14th To Wages to 8 Men £4 3s 7d  
  June 4th To Wages to 14 Men £2   10d  
  11th To Wages to 15 Men £2 4s 7d  
  18th To Wages to 9 Men £1 6s 2d  
  25th To Wages to 5 Men   7s 4d  
  30th To Wages to 4 Men £1 10s 2d  
  4th Two Men Horses and Carts ½ day each 8/.   8s    
    Paid Blacksmith and Strikers Wages while making and repairing tools etc. required, with fire and tools £3 18s    
    Paid Engineers Wages Cleaning and Repairing Fan etc. £1 5s    
    New Door for Parlour of Dwelling House (John Reaney Senior) old one having been broken by the Flood   14s    
    Repairs to Wheel of Crab broken over the Cleansing.   16s    
    Alfred Wilson's (Millwright) account for Men Employed in Cutting Trees and Clearing Front of the Shuttle etc.        
  March 19th 1 Man 5 days 19/. 26th 1 Man 6 days 21/. £2      
  April 2nd 12 Men 29¾ days 7/8/9. 9th 11 Men 40/2 11/13/. £19 1s 9d  
  16th 5 Men 13 days 2/6/3 £2 6s 3d  
    Cowbrake Shafts   8s 11d  
    Loss of Earnings the tilt having entirely stopped working for 39 days during which its Nett Earnings would have been £151 7s 8d  
    Loss occasioned by breakage of dams above and accumulation of refuse in the river by which the supply of water is greatly reduced that the tilt cannot do more than two thirds of its previous average work. One third of the Amount of Rent at £160 per Annum for 2 years £106 13s 4d  
    If within an early period the Water Works Company repair the dams and cleanse the River above Birley Meadow, this amount (£106.13.4) will require modification        
    Yesterday, Thursday Oct 27th being the first heavy fall of rain of any continuance since the Tilt recommenced, threw it into back water from 10.0 am. to 8.0 pm. This arose from the Contraction in the breadth and depth of the River below the Tilt preventing our Water getting into Rollins Dam with its usual speed. The same weight of the Water before the Flood would not have caused any backwater        
        £633 1s 5d  

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