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Appendix to claim #5469 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  5469 William Bradley Brewer Soho Brewery, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Under Lease from George Hawksley of Owlerton for 14 Years and several years yet unexpired.
Total Loss of Furniture in Tenants Occupancy belonging to Claimant and let by him as a Furnished House and for repairs to remaining furniture and other Articles in the said house
  Hillsbro' Inn, Owlerton        
    3 Spittons 1/3 5 Wood Chairs 20/. £1 1s 3d  
    Iron Fender 4/6 Slate Bagatelle Table and Balls 10/./. £10 4s 6d  
    Front Parlour        
    Set of Fire Irons 7/6 Time Piece 30/. £1 17s 6d  
    2 Vases 3/6 Elm Chair 4/6 2 Gilt Framed Labels 3/.   11s    
    2 Elm Chairs 8/. Weather Glass 18/. £1 6s    
    Large Glass 25/. £1 5s    
    Pewter Measure 2/6 Spirit Keg & 7 Brass Taps 12/.   14s 6d  
    48 Sundry Glasses 16/. 38 Pitchers 9/6 6 Wines 1/6 £1 7s    
    Punch Bowl 4/6 13 Sugar Crushers 6/6   11s    
    Celery Glass 2/6 8 Wine Bottles 1/4 2 Glass Measures 1/.   4s 10d  
    4 Pewter Cigar Dishes 2/. Cork Screw 8d   2s 8d  
    Glass Sugar Bowl 1/. Market Basket 2/.   3s    
    Quart Pitcher 5d 2 ½ Gallon Jugs 10d   1s 3d  
    Back Parlour        
    Mahogany Stand 25/. 2 China Vases 4/6 £1 9s 6d  
    Clothes House 4/. Clothes Basket 2/.   6s    
    Iron Fender 5/6 Shaving Glass 1/3 4 Brass Candle Sticks 5/.   11s 9d  
    Ale Warmer 9d 6 Iron Saucepans 12/.   12s 9d  
    4 Tin Steamers 6/. 4 Colanders 4/. Egg Slice 6d   10s 6d  
    3 Ladles 1/. Pewter Measure 2/. Dredge Box 4d   3s 4d  
    Frying Pan 1/3 Small Scales and 2 Weights 3/6   4s 9d  
    4 Tea Tray 6/. Japan Ale Can 2/. Water Can 1/6   9s 6d  
    Iron Kettle 2/. Pewter Tea Pot 3/6   5s 6d  
    Coffee Pot 4/6 Lot of Delph Ware 10/.   14s 6d  
    Tin Hastener 4/. 6 dozen Table Knives 18/. £1 2s    
    3½ dozen Table Forks 10/6 Gas Bracket and Piping 18/. £1 8s 6d  
    Knife Cleaner 5/. Flat Iron 8d 10 German Spoons 5/.   10s 8d  
    21 Dinner Plates 2/7 6 Pie Dishes 2/. 9 Meat Dishes 13/6   18s 1d  
    5 Butter Boats 2/6 Toast Rack 1/. 3 Vegetable Dishes 4/6   8s    
    Soup Tereen [?] 3/6 44 Cups & Saucers & Plates 5/6   9s    
    2 Dish Covers 3/. Small Tereen [?] 1/6 Pewter Pepper 8d   5s 2d  
    4 Glass Salts 1/. Wash Leather 8d   1s 8d  
    Long Brush 2/. Set of Fire Irons 6/.   8s    
    Mahogany Stand 15/.   15s    
    Back Kitchen        
    2 Saucepans 5/6   5s 6d  
    3 Panshons 3/. 5 Pudding Tins 2/6 Brown Jar 4d   5s 10d  
    Maiden 1/2 Clothes Horse 3/6 Table 10/6   15s 2d  
    Meat Spit 1/6 Pudding Stand 2/.   3s 6d  
    Fender 4/6 Water Tub 7/6 Bucket 2/. Slop Pail 2/6   16s 6d  
    1 Pair Quoits 12/. Square Table 8/6 £1   6d  
    5 Brass Cellar Taps 4/6 22/6 Brass Tap 3/. £1 5s 6d  
    Damage as follows in Repair of Furniture etc. Damage to Large Cricketers Picture etc. £3 3s    
    To Messrs. Ash and Clayton for Repairs as Per Billed £51 7s    
    Lost 1 Cask 36 Gallons 23/. Ale 33/. £2 16s    
    Cleansing Casks and allowed Tenant for damaged Ale £2      
    Papering and Whitewashing Club Room & Back Chamber, Sitting Room and Painting same £9      
    Repairing Beer Machine and New Piping £3 10s    
    50 feet ¼ Gas Piping   6s 3d  
    Gas Pendants & Fittings etc. £1 10s 6d  
    Army Hotel, Hill Foot and 2 Cottages        
    Under Lease to Claimant several years unexpired at Rental of £60 per Annum        
    Damage to Premises        
    Cleaning Cellars debris and other dirt from Inn and cottages and paid for Labour £3 10s    
    Mason for Repairs, Whitewashing, Whitening and Pointing Walls, Repairing Plastering and Labour £19 17s 9d  
    For Resetting Stable Floor and Repairs Thereto etc. £10      
    Material for Same £5 12s    
    Joiners time for Repairs etc. £9 15s    
    Materials as Timber Locks, Hinges and other Articles for doors, Windows and Staples £6      
    Glazing Army Hotel and Cottages £4      
    Painting the Inn Outside and Inside & two Cottages and Outbuildings £18 10s    
    Repairing Pump and Cleansing Hole £2      
    Papering, Whitewashing and Colouring Inn & Cottages £8      
    Loss of Rental 7 Months & 14 days £37 10s    
    Loss of Business. No Claim        
    Butchers Arms, Shales Moor        
    Under Lease to Claimant for 14 years several years unexpired        
    New Kitchen Pipe 5/6 Water Branch 7/.   12s 6d  
    Painting Inside and Out £12      
    Papering throughout the House £4      
    Whitewashing throughout the House £2 10s    
    Mason for Cleaning Cellar Soughs to Main Sewer and 10 yards of Pavers £7 10s    
    Joiner for Repairs £3      
    Mowbray Arms, Harvest Lane        
    Leasehold Property belongs to Claimant and damages to same and Loss of Furniture        
    For damage done to Property & Loss thereon        
    Resetting Oven Range and Set Pot   15s    
    Repairs to Oven Boiler and Grate Bottom   10s    
    Set Pot Cover 6d and Oven Plate 1/6 Plastering Cellar Kitchen Lime and Labour 24/. £1 6s    
    Wood Shelf 2/. Repairing Painting & Varnishing Dram Shop £5      
    Repairing Painting & Varnishing Passage £4      
    Repairing Painting & Varnishing Front Parlour £3 15s    
    Repairing Painting & Varnishing Tap Room £4      
    3 Wire Guards Damaged in Parlour £1      
    3 Wire Guards from Tap Room (Lost) £1 10s    
    168 Yards of Asphalting front of Buildings @ 9d £6 6s    
    1 Barrel of Roman Cement & Labour to repairing Plinth outside the House £1 10s    
    200 Yards of Painting & Making Good Brick Work Outside 1/. £10      
    5 Yards of Stone Coping £1      
    Urine Stone and Fixing £1      
    Large Square Glass in Shop Window   7s 6d  
    Lead Sink Pipe to back Kitchen   3s 6d  
    7 Cottages Plastering, Papering and Resetting Ovens and Ranges @ 48/. £16 16s    
    Mr Smeetons bill for Joinering and Repairs £9 18s 10d  
    Gas Chandelier damaged repairs and piping £8      
    New Cellar door with fastenings etc. £3      
    Messrs. Watsons for Work done as per bill £10 10s 2d  
    For Permanent Damage to Inn and Cottages in consequence of the foundations being flooded and seriously injured £220      
    Loss of Rental of Inn and 7 Cottages as per account £28 16s    
    3 Branch Water Taps and fixing one length and time £1 1s    
    To Painting outside "Mowbray Hotel" £9 10s    
    To Glass and Dram Shop Door   15s    
    To Glass and Windows and Fitting £1 14s 10d  
    To Painting Shop 87 Cottages inside and out @ 50/. £17 10s    
    2 Soughs opened and Cleaned across the yard to main sewer and labour £2      
    Cleaning Cellar of Inn and Cottages £8      
    Whitewashing of Inn and Cottages £5      
    Coals and Leading 6 Loads £3      
    Joiners for Repairs £6      
    Paid for Locks, Timber, and Sundry Repairs £3      
    Andrews for 30 Yards of Flagging £3      
    6 Lettered Window Boards £1 4s    
    85 Feet Lead Piping and Beer Machine Cleaned and Repaired £4 4s    
    4 Ale Measures from Pint to ¼ Jack   10s    
    Money Drawer and Key   5s    
    4 Sheet Window Blinds   8s    
    Wood Form   4s    
    Painted Table and 3 Chairs £1 1s    
    3 Metal Spittoons   1s 3d  
    Tap Room        
    Fender and Fire Irons   10s    
    Kitchen Table   4s    
    3 Sets of Skittles £1 8s    
    Cellar Kitchen        
    Stool and Chair   2s 6d  
    Cellar Head        
    3 Wood Shelves   4s 6d  
    2 Chairs   1s 6d  
    Repairs to Passage Doors   15s    
    5 Small Print Blinds   5s    
    Grove Cottage late Coopers Boarding School, Harvest Lane        
    Freehold, Claimants own Property        
    Verandah 40 feet long by 4 feet high £10      
    Rail to Stone Stair Case £1 10s    
    Privy Door Repairs 2/6 Fruit Garden Door 30/. £1 12s 6d  
    Fence Wall between Garden and Yard £1 5s    
    Back Entrance Door Frame   15s    
    Kitchen Door Frame   15s    
    Back Yard Gate 7 feet x 6 feet £2 10s    
    2 New Spout Conductors 14/. New under Sink 11/. £1 5s    
    Set Pot Door Boards and Lid   6s    
    10 Sets of Door Knobs, Spindles and 1 new Lock £1 10s    
    Front Door £2      
    220 Yards Brick Pointing £11      
    2 Set Pots Resetting and Materials £1      
    Oven Range and Hole Boiler Setting   12s    
    2 Privies and Ash Pit Repairing £1      
    172 Yards Fence Walling to Repair and Point £7 10s    
    20 Yards Coping Stone @ 3/6 per yard £3 10s    
    Whitewashing Plastering and Colouring £2 15s    
    Kitchen Windows 12 Squares @ 6d   6s    
    Bake Floor 13 Yards £1 16s    
    241 Squares Glass 5 Inch x 6½ Inch £2 5s    
    22 Squares Glass 19 Inch x 14 Inch £1 2s    
    2 Squares Stained Glass over Front Door   10s    
    Painting Outside £7      
    Painting Inside House £14 5s    
    Cleaning Sough and repairing same throughout premises £5 10s    
    Polished Stone Table £1 10s    
    Cleaning Cistern under Bakehouse, Cleaning in Garden and emptying Well £7 10s    
    Loss of Rent of Premises from Delapidation £30      
    Rebuilding Brick Oven and Iron Work £16 12s    
    80 Yards Stone Coping @ 3d £1      
    172 Yards Fence Walling @ 1/. £8 12s    
    24 Yards Flags Relaying   15s    
    Queens Hotel, Saville Street East, Property        
    Leasehold for 99 years, Claimants Property        
    Division Wall between Saville Street East and Greystock Street say 7½ Roods of Common Stockbrick @ 32/6 £12 3s 9d  
    Fence Wall 40 Yards x 2 Yards @ 2/6 £5      
    36 Gallons of India Pale Ale £2 14s    
    Dusty Miller, Nursery Street        
    Under Lease for 14 Years several unexpired        
    New Cellar Trap Door and Fittings £1 15s    
    30 Feet Wood Skirting @ 2d   5s    
    Passage and Tap Room Repaired and Refixed £1      
    4 Rooms Papering £1 19s    
    Passage and Kitchen Plastering, Repairing etc. £1      
    New Passage Door £1      
    2 New Boards in passage 20 feet @ 4d   6s 8d  
    4 Men ½ day each cleaning Mud out of Rooms   8s    
    Paid Adlington for 3 Men for 3 days each for Cleaning Cellars @ 12/. Each £1 16s    
    Painting Inside and Outside £8 12s 6d  
    Manchester Railway Hotel, White Rails        
    Under Lease for 14 Years        
    Smith Ellis, Travis and others for Boarding and Planking up opening made by Flood and propping Dram Shop £3 10s    
    New Front to Dram Shop and repairing doors & shutters 16/./. Pitt for Plate Glass 8/9 £1 4s 9d  
    Pair of New Yard Doors Iron Work and Fittings £3 18s    
    Privy Door 10/. Ash Pit Frame and Door 8/.   18s    
    Cellar Trap Door £1 10s    
    Kitchen Door and all other Doors on Ground Floor repairing £1 16s    
    2 Stall Stable and Yard Pitching £2 10s    
    Lead Pump and Case £6 15s    
    New Ash Grate and Fixing   10s    
    150 Yards Brick Painting @ 1/ £7 10s    
    Repairing Plaster on Ground Floor £1 2s 6d  
    Building Wall to Manure Yard £1      
    Refixing Plinth to Dram Shop   6s    
    Repairing Flags Lime and Labour £1 15s    
    Rack and Manger with folding doors for Gig House £4      
    Painting inside and out of Dram Shop & Building £15 19s    
    Graining and Marbling Dram Shop Front £2 11s    
    4 Stones Lead 10/. Repairing Zinc Cornice Solder and Time £1 5s    
    New Ornamental Caps for Pillars and Man 2 days Fitting £1 12s 6d  
    4 New Shutter Weights 40 lbs each   12s    
    81 Gallons ale totally lost and allowed to tenant £3 14s 3d  
    Victoria Hotel, Attercliffe Road        
    Under Lease for 10 years, several years unexpired        
    Joiner Repairing Large Gates fixing New Hinge, bolts and hooks in Wall, time and Materials £1 10s    
    New fall Cellar door and fastening £2      
    Taking off Lock, Cleaning and Replacing thoughout Premises £1 5s    
    Wilks Account as per bill of particulars £1 3s 3d  
    New Cordings and Fastenings for Windows £1      
    Man 2 days time for fitting cordings and fastening to windows   10s    
    Joiner 10 days Repairing Wood Work £2 10s    
    New Moulding 11/. Nails and Springs 2/6   13s 6d  
    Masons Work, Whitewashing, Cleaning and Repairing thoughout the house, time and materials £7 11s 6d  
    Cleaning large quantity of Debris and Whitewashing 4 Cellars time and Materials £3 12s    
    Painting and Repairing Brick Work Outside £2 10s    
    New Top to Boiler and Fitting 9/6 New Draw Range Bottom 10/6 £1      
    Sough Opening to Main Sewer and Cleaning £1 5s    
    120 Yards of Asphalting at 9d per yard £4 10s    
    Flour Store next to Victoria Hotel        
    Mason and Labourer 3 days @ 9/. Per day £1 7s    
    350 Bricks and Carting 8/9 Lime 4/.   12s 9d  
    Plumbing Sink Pipe 5/. Tap on 5/.   10s    
    Windows Glazing £3 18s    
    Painting Inside and Outside £16 10s    
    Loss of Rent from March 12 until let on the 15th of November 1864 £40      
    Royds Inn, Attercliffe Road        
    Under Lease for 14 Years several Years unexpired        
    Joiners Work        
    New Floor to Tap Room £4 10s    
    Passage Door New Boarding £1 14s    
    Back Room, New Flooring £4 10s    
    Locks Bolts and Latches and Window Fastenings £1 12s    
    New Skirting 2 Rooms and fixing Tap Room Seats £2 15s    
    New Door and Case £1 8s    
    New Kitchen Window, Wood Work and Glazing £1 14s    
    New Water Pipe and Tap to Sink   12s 6d  
    Windows Glazing £1 8s    
    Painting the House throughout £16 15s    
    Mason's Work        
    Repairing Plaster, Colouring and Whitewashing £2 12s    
    3 New Plaster Ceilings £4 10s    
    New Oven and Grate in Cellar Kitchen £2      
    Set Pot and Sink Reset and Repaired with New Grate Door 20/. 4 Fire Places Reset £2 £3      
    Cleaning and repairing Soughs throughout the premises to the Main Sewer £7 15s    
    The Yard new Pitching, Privies washed up & repairing Walls £15      
    Expenses of Valuation and Incidental with Interest on different sums paid since 12 March last to 28th of October inclusive, Self and Clerks loss of time and professional assistance and advice with sundry payments £52 10s    
        £1144 9s 8d  

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