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Appendix to claim #4526 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  4526 Henry Johnson by Charles Peace acting under a power of Attorney from the said Henry Johnson dated 8th July 1864 and Henry Barker (Administrator of the effects of his late Son Joseph Barker) Steel Roller and Crinoline Steel and Wire Manufacturer [Henry Johnson]
Gentleman [Charles Peace]
Farmer and Butcher [Henry Barker]
Pittsburg United States of America, late of the Limerick Mills, Parish of Sheffield in the County of York [Henry Johnson]
Sheffield [Charles Peace]
Park, Sheffield [Henry Barker]
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Lessees of the Limerick Mills for the residue of a term of eight years and six months. Commencing on the first day of May 1863 and Owners of the other personal property, mentioned in the particulars   For damages to the Machinery and Stock in Trade in and upon the Limerick Mills in the Parish of Sheffield which Machinery and Stock were worth on the day before the flood £5922 19s 8d  
    The Following are the Particulars        
    In the Stable. Cask 35 Gallons Best Rape Oil and new Tap, Horse Corn and Sewer, Basket, Bucket, 3 Strong Oil Lamps, 4 Forks, 1 Shovel, Houe Rug, set gears for Shafts, 4 Corn Sacks, lantern, ladder, key for Cart Wheels, Horse Net, Cart Cover, 3 Large Chairs, Cask Tallow 5½ Cwt, 1 Cask Brown Tallow 4 Cwt. grease for Necks, red lead, white lead, horse powders, brush and comb, oils for horse, chopper, Hay 3½ tons @ 90/. 7 quarter vats each 24/. Feed Box Patterns for all Machinery        
    Adjoining Stable. Cart repairing, hayknife, dry Oak and Ash Timbers, Lime, 64 Tons at 12/8, 3½ roods front wall Stone @ 7/6, Fire Bricks as per Bill 28/11/6. Red Bricks 32/19/11, 40 Loads Wall Stone @ 1/6, 39 Bottles Spirits Salts. 1½ roods rubble wall stone @ 7/6 Smiths Cokes a quantity Oil Vitriol as per bill (Hornby) Grinding Stone Frame handle and axle, a variety new and old coupling boxes, chucks spindles,etc. for new and old mills with other castings 10 tons each £8 Mannure 4 tons @ 4/. Old Metal 9 Cwt 3/6 Patent Stove        
    In Wire Mill. Coals 4½ tons, bar iron 34 cwt each 10/. Fire hooks, Shovel, Steel Bar, one Softening Furnace Complete with iron rods and Metal plates and doors, frames, dampers and grate bars. Steel Scraps 17 Cwt each 8/. quantity of elm wood, 11 square packing boxes with iron hoops, bands, nuts and bolts, very strong, 60½ Cwts Steel Scraps in the same, each 8/. were out ready for melting, 2 pairs patent cutting machines and metal frames fixed complete, with pulleys, shafting bands, and turning tools, 1 Train flattening rolls, Housing, Shafting, wheels, brasses, pedestals, ashlar foundations, and fixing complete, with winding up frames bands and pulleys, apparatus for pricking steel, lead pan and metal pan, grate doors dampers and fixing, water cistern to supply all works, 1 pump, bands, shafting, pulleys pipes to pentrough frame to stand upon and fixing the same to Water pipes and brass taps to all yard of the Mill. 5 large Cog Wheels, nut wheel, large fly wheel, shafts for the same, pedestals and caps, wall boxes, bolts, and nuts, wedges, hard wood for blocking the same Ashlar foundations, working and setting the same, 2 setts Rolls complete with all tools of every description, Millwrights fixing the same ceiling for wheels, doors and Water Wheel shaft ends complete, Metal pan to swill steel in. 6 Carboys filled with Vitriol, mortar with false bottom and pestle. Annealing Furnace for Wire Steel Metal Plates, doors, frames, dampers, grates, bars, and iron work metal plates, dampers, doors, frames, grates, etc. 1 Shovel, 2 fire Hooks, two long bars to turn wire steel with, 2 buckets, tub to swill wire in, large cistern lined with lead to pickle wire steel in, and fixing the same, flags drain metal grate sough tub lime wire blocks, wheels, shafting, and fixing the same, complete. Ashlar foundations for the same. Working the same, Lime and Sand, lead for holding down bolts complete, 27 Wire drawing plates 14 lbs each @ 7/3 per lb. 4 Wood Swifts each 3/. Wood Bench with Metal Frame, set screws and rollers to straighten Wire Rods any length and size with shears to the same. Bench with Steel Pegs for the same to straighten square wire. Long drawing bench to draw straight wire rods 20 ft long, wheels, shafting, pedestals, brasses and ashlar foundations and fixing Chair tongs and Rollers, 15½ Cwt finished iron work for new mill, large bellows and fixing the same and small bellows, 15 Cwt Iron Scraps @ 3/6 about 23½ tons wire and Crinoline Steel of various kinds @ £42 on an average, about 4½ tons Steel Scraps ready for melting some hot rolled @ £9 Carriers Grease 1½ Cwt @ 27/. Metal sewage block 4½ Cwt @ 9/. 3¾ cwt double shear for tools at 54/. 12 pairs of New Tongs for grind mill 1 Steel striking hammer best cast steel turning tools 5½ cwt at 70/. Holding down bolts for New Mill 15¼ Cwt Hardened and tempered wire 1/16 x 27 Guage 25 cwt @ 8¾ Soft wire 1/16 x 27 Guage 11 Cwt @ 6½d, Scales and weights complete, Scouring sticks, quantity of thin wood for packing steel, 2 Saws 2 Axes 1 Spokeshave plain level steel straightedge callipers, wood and fixing for warehouse doors windows locks keys etc. Office desk locks and keys. Office wood work, doors, windows, plastering, etc. complete. Books, pens paper, pencils, envelopes, and all necessaries for business, Hicks Calculator, Pens Calculator, 1 pair largest compasses, pair small ones, 44 plugs for turning Rolls, large quantity of templets and other tools for turning Rolls with, 2 punch guages, steel straightening several squares brass, depth, guage etc. 30 files ½ round, flat, and square, Masons Trowell. 2½ Cwt various nails and springs. 2 new pinion models with metal collars for new mill, 2 Waggon Ropes, Office Stove and Pipes, 2 Hats, Pilot Jacket, Coat, Cloak, Gas Piping to all parts of Works, 3 Wheelbarrows, Mattock, 2 Shovels, Oak drag very strong, 90/. 6 Cold Chisels, 2 centre punches, 3 double ended spanners, 4 large housings, pins and boxes 424 lbs @ 8d quantity of emery and lamp cotton, 6 pairs of cold rolls, in stock not new, 3 pairs new pinions turned, 1 pair not turned, 1 pair of flattening Rolls in Stock, 2 paris of friction boxes in Stock, 2 New Pulleys bored and turned, a quantity of spun yarn, ¾ Cwt brass partly worn, 2 New Fly Wheel brasses large brass patterns, an assortment of covered Crinoline Steel varying from 1/16 to 1 inch wide, 1 Steam Guage, 2 Steam Taps, 1 brass safely valve, 2 brass foot valves, New leatherfor repairing boards, brass measuring rule, English Office Table Rails with hesps and hooks, 3 bundles grey slate laths @ 12/. strong new ladder, short new ladder, assortment of iron washers from ½ to 1 inch assortment of India Rubber joint rings, Glass and putting into large office windows New timber washed away most of it prepared to go on new Roof. Workmanship on the above, 2 Furnaces building and 2 Boilers Setting and boundary wall down side of Boilers, Ironwork for Bolting the same together, 4 wood rollers hooped with iron 7 feet and lathe complete with turning tools for turning wood and iron, Shafting Pulleys, bands, brasses, pedestals & fixing the same, 8¾ roods face wall stones, 28½ the same inside wall done, Quoins 126 feet and dressing, dressing and walling 8¾ roods face wall stone, lone for the same, Walling 20½ Roods @ 9/6 lime for 20½ roods, 2 Centres for window head and culverts. 1 wood bench and screws, 1 wire winding bench, 36 Cwt 2 qrs. 21 lbs Hot Rolled Steel 3 x 20 Guage @ 24/. 23 Cwt 3 qrs. 13 lbs Annealed by the late Firer and belonging to Messrs. Marsh Brothers @ 27/. 2 Crow bars Steel 28 lbs 3 Crow Bars Iron 90 lbs 4 Cwt 2 qrs. 4 lbs steel annealed and belonging to Messrs. Moss and Gamble Brothers Machinery New and various as per Messrs. Robinson and Biggins Account, Workmanship on same, Ironwork on the same, hard wood and blocking for the same, Fly Wheel shaft Wrought Iron turned and planed and Key gates cut in the same, 2 brasses for the same fitted, Joiners Bench and Screw, Roll turning lathe shafting and foundations and fixing the same, Grinding Stone and frame, Spindles and Pulleys, Bands to Lathe and Grinding Stone, Boiler 30 ft x 6½ ft. 2 Engines 30 Horse Power each £425, Carriage and expenses on the same £66.5.0        
    1 Horse young, Valuation in Land and Growing Crops, fly wheel 5½ tons fixed @ £10 pair of large vice, Ashlar for Engine Bed and for Wheels and Bedplates, Working and setting the same, Rubble foundations, 2 Wood tubs to swill Steel in, 1 Hook to pickle steel, 1 shovel, Round Metal plate 3½ Cwt @ 9/. 4 Screw Guages, 1 Screw Stubbs Smiths Tools 6 Cwt @ 6d per lb 27 pairs New tongs for New Mill, Smiths Hearth, Tree Iron, Slack Trough, Water tubs, Smiths Anvil 8/3/4 Oak Anvil Block 5/. 8 New Packing Cases for Shipment.        
    N.B. In and about the Ruins of the Limerick Mills are portions of Machinery, Steel, Stone and Wood, which the Claimants ate willing to surrender to the Water Works Company, or if the Company wish them to be sold, the Claimants will sell them and the above claim will be reduced by the Nett amount for such sale        
    Amount paid to the said Henry Johnson for looking after the property ten weeks from 13 March at £2.17.0 per week £25      
    Amount of Wages paid to Men for recovering Steel Wood etc. from the River £21 7s 2d  
    Taxes and Sundry Expenses incurred in reference to the Limerick Mills £2   6d  
    Amount of Wages paid to Henry Storrs for watching and protecting the property from 13 March to date 16/. Per week £25 12s    
    Messrs. Johnson and Barker held the Limerick Mills under a Lease dated from 19th May 1863 for the term of 8 years and a half from the 1st of May 1863 at the Annual Rent of £228 of which term more than 7 years and a half were unexpired at the time of the Inundation. The Limerick Mills consisted of two buildings one called "The Old Mill" and the other (the machinery in which was not quite completed) was called "The New Mill" The Old Mill was clearing £15 a week, The New Mill would have been completed and ready for work by the 13th April and it is estimated would in a short time have cleared £30 a week. The firm was carrying on a very good and increasing Trade as Rollers and Crinoline Steel and Wire Manufacturers. The whole of the Trade was stopped and lost, the Books were lost being washed away and Mr. Joseph Barker lost his life in the Flood. For loss of profit, Trade and Interest the Claimants claim £2000      
    Mr Joseph Barker had in his possession at the time he was lost £31 belonging to the partnership which he held for the purpose of paying Workmens Wages on the following day £31      
    Valuations and Professional Charges in this matter previous to the claim being sent in £10 10s    
    The following Articles and things included in the Claim of £5922.19.8 have been sold since the flood and Credit is therefore given for the amount recovered        
  1864 March Steel Sold to Messrs. Gray and Co. £-222 -15s -4d  
  June 14 A Horse sold to Mr Barker for £-17 -10s    
  June 14 A Cart sold to Mr Barker for £-7      
  September 29 Hay and Oats sold to Mr Barker for £-16      
    Wages to 20 Workmen £80      
        £7855 4s    

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