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Appendix to claim #3253 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3253 Thomas Dunn Esquire [&] Robert W. Marshall Coal Owner [Thomas Dunn ]
Paper Manufacturer [Robert Marshall]
Sheffield [Thomas Dunn]
Owlerton near Sheffield [Robert Marshall]
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Owner and Lessee   Mr. Powell Specification and Contract for Rebuilding and restoring the Foundations. Walls, Boundary Walls etc. of large Dam, Grinding Wheel, New Paper Mill, Store Room, Shed, Rolling Mill and Buildings, Cleaning out Large Dam, Painting, Whitewashing etc. etc. in the Occupation of R. W. Marshall belonging to Thomas Dunn Esquire at Owlerton        
    Foundation Walls to the Large Dam built of dry rubble stone the thickness required. Rubble Fence Wall to the Large Dam, built in Mortar, stopped with Cocked Hat toppers 1 Inch Batten Door and Door Frame to get to the Shuttle of large Dam and fixings and fastnings. Rubble fence wall built in Mortar on the top of Arch from Grinding Wheel to Store Room next to Water wheels and Cocked Hat toppers. Wood Fence onthe dam Side next to the New Mill form Sol to Weir above. 1 Inch Batten door and posts hung with bands and hooks and fastenings        
    Store Room        
    10 Inch Brick Wall taking down and rebuilding 1 Inch Batten door hung with bands and hooks and lock. Hammer Drest Stone Wall taking down and rebuilding. 1 2 light Sash Gut Windows with Casement, Glaze the Window with Crown Glass, Paint the Woodwork        
    New Mill        
    Point and Repair the Stone Walls that are giving way. Hammer Dust Stone Walls next to Water Wheels to take down and rebuild. 1 Flag stone step to Engine on brick riser. 2 Flues to reset Fire Places to rebuild , 3 New Casements to Window, Glaze with Crown Glass. Paint Woodwork 1 Beam over Window. Take down Stone Wall put the beam in and make good the Stone Wall above. 1 Door to repair and rehang. Glaze the Windows with Crown Glass that are broken and paint the Woodwork        
    Shed at top end of New Mill        
    Walls built of Coarse Rubble Stone in Mortar. Self faced flags to floor. Squared and laid Wood Roof. Pans, Side trees, Spans, Covered with Blue Slates Point with hair and Mortar and Collaring etc. 2 Wood Posts to support roof, boarding to one end and one side. 2 Wood Posts and 1 Batten door hung with bands and hooks and hasps. Between Shed and Small Dam Fence to get to the foot bridge        
    Foot Bridge        
    Repair Foot Bridge across Forebay in Large Dam. Wood and Iron Handrail to repair and refix. Wood bearer to carry Gas Pipe across foreboy to the rolling mill        
    Top Rolling Mill        
    Repair door and door frame and rehang with bands and hooks and wood bolt Snick etc. Glaze with Crown Glass the broken squares. Paint the doors and Door Frames and Windows, Clean the Walls and White Wash        
    Grinding Wheel        
    Repair large Gates and rehang. Repair the slates at back. 1 Inch Batten door and door frame to the side next the Water Wheels, hang with bands and hooks and fastenings. Repair and rebuild the Stone Wall next the door and Cog Wheel. Small Door and Frame inside Wall to get to Shaft and repair the Wall. Repair door and rehang. Take down the Stone Wall at the low end of the Grinding Wheel requiring to be taken down rebuild and make good as before. 1 5 light Sash Gut Windows and Casement Glaze with Crown Glass and repaint Wood Work. Taking off roof and repairing, reslating with Grey Slates that portion required. Repair the Large Gates and rehang them and Small door as before        
    Cowet Wall to Cottage etc.        
    Built of Rubble Stone in Mortar, Coped with flat Coping, 2 flag steps into Yard. Flags on edge between the low Dam and Goit. Cleaning gravel etc. out of the Large Dam and Carting it away. Clean the Walls of New Mill and Whitewash the Walls of the Store Room and along the Small Dam bank to lay Old Ropes etc. £386.15.0 £386 15s    
    Copy of Mr Wilsons Estimate of Work required to be done at Mr Dunn's paper Mill and Grinding Wheel in the Occupation of Mr Marshall at Owlerton occasioned by the Flood        
    Water Wheel. 16 Feet diameter x 3 ft 6 with Metal Shrouds and Arms. Wood Oak starts. Iron Buckets and Bolts belonging to top Paper Mill. Water Wheel and Spur Wheel Shafts levelling. Engine Spindle levelling. Cog Wheel and Pipe repairing. & Cog repairing, Vat repairing and Bridge to Fait. Navel hole Door 6 feet x 3 feet.
Grindstone refixing and frame repairing. Shafting in Roof putting up, Drums Repairing and putting on. 3 Presses Cleaning.
Ceiling in Front of Pit Wheel 16 ft x 5 ft. Ceiling to end of Pit Wheel 7 ft x 5 ft. Engine Cover repairing and fitting. Spout from Engine to Stuff Chest 3 feet 9 x 7 feet. Sewer 6 ft x 4 ft x 1 ft 8. Platform over Stuff Chest 9 feet long x 4 feet 2. Pipe from Engine through Wall repairing and cleaning.
2 Grease Boxes
Couch Place renewing. 2 Oak Posts 4 ft long x 4 Inches square. Boarding 4 ft x 3 ft. Lead Pipe 8 ft long to Vat with Wood Beam. 20 ft of Iron Piping to Grindstone. 1 Leather Band 3 Inches Broad 22 feet long, 1 Leather Band 3 Inches Broad 28 feet long. 15 Yards Iron Gas Pipe 1 Inch in diameter, 13 Yards Lead Pipe ½ Inch diameter. 2 Gas Pendants
    Top Rolling Mill        
    Door over Drum Shaft 2 ft 1 x 2 feet 4. Cover over Drum Shaft end 3 feet 4 x 1 ft 9 Ceiling on side of Spur Wheel 10 ft wide x 3 feet. Made in parts, and battens. Covering for Breaking Bar 4 ft 3 long x 2ft 2 high x 18 Inches. Spur Wheel taking up and Cleaning and 3 rolls taking out and cleaning and Twining. 1 Gas Pendant        
    Grinding Wheel        
    1 Door 4 ft 3 x 3 ft 1 x ¾ for Wall. Drum Shaft covering 4 feet 9 x 24 feet. Hollow Wheels taking up levelling & Cleaning. 1 Lintel. 1 Door 2 ft 3 x 2 feet in partition wall. Shuttle taking in pieces and repairing. Cover top of two Hollow Wheels and Drums 22 feet x 2 ft 6 wide x 4 feet. Covering for Pit Wheel 10 feet x 4 feet 4 x 1. 2 Covers for 4 feet Drums. Circular Machine replacing with Brass & Caps Drum Shaft taking up, Cleaning and levelling, Grease Box for Water Wheel Shaft. 1 Gig Band 14 Inches Wide 51 feet long        
    Bottom Hull        
    3 New Brasses, 3 New Pressticks, Drum Shaft taking up Cleaning and levelling Drum, Shaft Covering. 1 Piece of Frame 12 feet long x 6 Inches Square. Cover for Water Wheel Shaft end 8 ft x 3 ft Framing 15 feet long 6 x 4 for forty. Covering to the same 7 feet x 7 ft 6 x 2 Inches. Water Wheel repairing raising and levelling not including brasses. 6 Grate Bars 4 ft 6 x 1¼ x ¼ each. Navel Hole Door 8 ft 6 x 4 feet. 2 Saw Troughs frames in Yard. 2 Door for Hollow Wheels 5 ft x 2 ft x ¾ each. 1 Large Gig Band 14 Inches Wide by 51 feet long £169.19.10¾ £169 19s 10¾d  
    June 7 1864.
Alfred Wilson
        £556 14s 10¾d  

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