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Appendix to claim #3252 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3252 Robert William Marshall Paper Manufacturer Owlerton Mills, near Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  As Owner, Lessee and Occupier   Copy of Estimate of Damage done to Furniture etc. by the Flood belonging to R. W. Marshall at Owlerton, March 12th 1864 by W. Johnson & Son, 82 Fargate Sheffield        
    (The Original in the hands of Water Company)        
  Dining Room Damage to 4 Mahogany Chairs £1 5s    
    Damage to 1 Mahogany Rocking Chair   16s    
    Damage to 1 Mahogany Dining Table £1 12s    
    Damage to 1 Mahogany Couch £2 12s    
    Damage to 1 Mahogany Ottoman   14s    
    Damage to 2 Mahogany Hassocks   5s    
    Damage to 1 Mahogany Workbox   7s 6d  
    Damage to 2 High Backed Chairs and Cushions   14s    
    Damage to 1 Fender and Fire Irons   12s 6d  
    Damage to 1 Carpet £2 15s 6d  
    Damage to 1 Hearthrug   8s 6d  
    Damage to 2 Pairs of Window Curtains £2 6s    
    Damage to Paper £2      
    Damage to Painting £1 9s    
    Damage to Carpet £2 12s    
    Damage to Hearthrug £1 6s    
    Damage to Fender and Fire Irons   14s    
    Damage to Paper and Painting £2 15s    
    Damage to Floor Cloth (passage)   15s    
    Damage to 4 door Mats   12s    
    Damage to Carpet Kitchen £1 5s    
    1 Set of Dinner Mats   5s 6d  
    Damage to Easy Chair   7s 6d  
    Damage to Front and Kitchen Door   15s    
    [Sub total] £24.4.0        
    Valuation of Evergreen Shrubs        
    Large Fruit Trees, Fences, Greenhouse, and Greenhouse and Bedding Plants. Bulbous and Herbaceous roots. Gooseberry, Currants, Asphalt Walks. Seed Potatoes. Trellis Work. Vegetables and large deposit of Sand. Stone and Mud etc. to remove in the Gardens belonging to Mr. R. W. Marshall of Owlerton. Valued by me this 31st March 1864 to the amount of Seventy Seven Pounds Thirteen Shillings.
Henry Silray, Handworth
£77 13s    
    Mr Silray's Charge for Valuation £2 2s    
    Mr Silray's Charge for Writing out particulars as required by Mr. Eadon   7s 6d  
    [Total for goods Valued and Charges] £80.2.6        
    Particulars of Clothing etc. etc. lost in the Flood belonging to Mr. R. W. Marshall        
    1 Silk Dress £2.10.0 and 1 Silk Jacket 15/. £3 5s    
    2 Felt Hats 4/. 2 Boys Caps 7/. & 2 Ties 2/.   13s    
    4 Pinafores 5/. 5 Pairs Stockings 7/. 1 Pair Stockings 2/6   14s 6d  
    1 Pair Stays 4/. 2 Moreen Skirts 5/. & 1 Stuff Frock 6/.   15s    
    7 Pairs Boots 40/. 3 Glass Cloths 1/6 & 5 Towels 2/. £2 3s 6d  
    5 Boys Collars & 4 Fronts & 7 Collars   13s    
    2 Lengths of Embroidery 3/. 2 White & 1 Coloured Blind   9s    
    1 Silk Umbrella   6s 6d  
    1 Barrel Beer 11/4 2 Pieces of Beef 8/.   19s 4d  
    1½ dozen Old Port Wine 43/. £3 3s    
    2 dozen and 7 Sherry Wine 40/. £5 3s 4d  
    10 Bottles Gin 13/. £1.1.8 7 Bottles Rum 18/. £1.1.0 £2 2s 8d  
    2 Bottles Whisky 18/. 0.7.0 4 Bottles Brandy 36/. £1.4.0 £1 11s    
    2 Water Pots and Pancheon 5/6 Water Barrels on Carriage etc. 27/. £1 12s 6d  
    2 Buckets 1 Slop Pail 1 Water Can   13s 6d  
    1 Maiden Tub & 2 Wash Tubs 17/. Brushes and Dove Mat 13/. £1 10s    
    1 Pair Steps & 4 Pairs of Scissors 10/. 2 Shovels and Tilly 2/9   12s 9d  
    Work lost at School 2/6 2 Sets of Ivory Knives and Forks getting up 11/.   13s 6d  
    Things discovered to be lost (omitted from the above)        
    Writing Desk 10/. Ladies Satchel and Book 10/6 Skirt 5/. £1 5s 6d  
    Cabinet Piano Forte Spoiled £45      
    Music Stool Injured   5s    
    Music Books Injured 30/. Music Box 10/. £2      
    Paid to Mr. G. Lee for examining Piano   5s    
    [Total for Clothing etc.] £75.16.7        
    Sheffield Water Works Company        
    To R. W. Marshall Owlerton        
    Sundry Payment and repairs done to Cottages and House at Owlerton occasioned by the Flood and Mr. Wilsons charge for making out Contract taking dimensions and making calculations of Cost of repairs etc. (see specification)        
  1864. March 12 Paid 4 Men and 3 Women for Cleaning out Rooms and Cellars of my House   15s    
    Paid for Window Glazing in House & Cottages   12s    
  April 2 Paid R. Roach for rebuilding R. Olivers Pantry (see rent account)   17s    
    Paid Primrose for Perforated Zinc for Olivers Pantry Window   1s    
  March 14 - 17 Allowed R. Oliver for Cleaning his Cottage. See Rent Account   7s 6d  
    Mr. Wilsons Account for Repairs to Cottages etc. Getting Press out of Goit taking up my Sitting Room Floor and taking dimensions of Work and Making Calculations of Cost of Repairs etc. (see bill annexed) £5 11s 0½d  
    Copy of Mr. Wilsons Account for Repairs        
    Mr. Marshall. Debtor To Alfred Wilson        
    For Joiners Work etc. at Owlerton occasioned by the Flood        
  1864 April 2 25 Feet of deal Board 4/7½ Nails 1/3   5s 10½d  
    2½ dozen Screws ½ Springs 1/. 1 Catch 2d   2s 4d  
    Brass 2lbs @ 4d 1 Hook 1 lb 5d   1s 1d  
    Joiner 5½ days at 5/. Repairing Cottages £1 7s 6d  
  30[th] 1 Frame 14 Inches x 18 Inches   2s 6d  
  May 7 2 Millwrights 2¼ days at 5/. Getting Press out of Goit and Cistern   11s 3d  
  21[st] 1 Drill Sharpened 3d 1 Scraper 1 lb at 5d     8d  
    300. 8d Nails Screws 1d   2s 1d  
    Joiner 1 day 5/. At Mr. Marshalls Room Floor taking up   5s    
  June 4 White Lead 3d 1 Plate for Cistern. 1½ lb at 4d     9d  
    3 Small Bolts     9d  
    1 Millwright ¼ day repairing Cistern   1s 3d  
    To taking dimension of Work Occasioned by the Flood and Making Calculations of Cost £2 10s    
    The Sheffield Water Company. Debtor        
    To R. W. Marshall. Owlerton        
    For Stock Working Tools etc. lost by the Flood from the Paper Mills. March 12th 1864.        
    Not Included in Mr Wilsons Valuations        
    42 Reams H. G. Paper 1966 lb @ 4½d £36 17s 3d  
    26 Reams No. 3 Paper 1473 lb @ 4½d £27 12s 4½d  
    11½ Reams No. 2 Paper 878 lbs at 3½d £12 16s 1d  
    5 Reams Tissue Paper 20 x 30 20/. £5      
    38 Reams Tissue Paper 20 x 26 17/. £32 6s    
    10½ Reams No. 1 Paper 954 lbs @ 3d £11 16s 3d  
    4 Reams thin for Waterproofing 220 lbs @ 3d £2 15s    
    Waste Paper 434 lbs @ 2d £3 15s 8d  
    Glazed Boards for pressing 896 lbs @ 6d £22 8s    
    Zinc Plates for pressing 56 lbs @ 3d   14s    
    Ropes workup [?] up since the above were weighed up (from W. & J. Astrops to 11 [?])        
    68.3.1 Ropes        
    17.3.16 Waste in Making        
    50.3.13 of Paper = 3697 lbs at 4½d £106 16s 4½d  
    Waterproof Paper 8 Rolls 30 lbs each 240 lbs @ 6d £6      
    New Set of Account Books. Notes. Cards etc. £3 10s 7d  
    Part Bag of Glue 3 qrs 42/. £1 11s 6d  
    4 Reams of Writing Paper used in above 5/. £1      
    Pans and Brushes for Making Waterproof Paper £1      
    Boiled Oil 1½ Gallons   6s 9d  
    Rape Oil 1 Cwt 46/. Jar 5/. £2 11s    
    Dryer 28 lbs 5d   11s 8d  
    Ground Ochre 36 lbs   10s 3½d  
    Alum 13 Cwt 8/9 £5 14s    
    Brass 187 lbs 1/. £8 7s    
    Set of Felts 24 Inches Wide 6 quires, 144 yards 2/6 £18      
    Set of Felts 26 Inches Wide 5 quires, 120 yards 2/9 £16 10s    
    Set of Felts 30 Inches Wide 3 quires, 90 yards 3/. £13 10s    
    Lot of Old Felts for Tissues and Packs £10      
    Pearl Ashes 6.0.0 9/. £2 14s    
    2 Casks Rezin 8.3.16 29/. £12 17s    
    1 Pair Moulds 19½ x 27 £3 4s    
    1 Pair Moulds 21½ x 27½ £3 9s    
    1 Pair Moulds 21½ x 33½ £4 8s    
    1 Pair Moulds 23½ x 33½ £4 12s    
    1 Pair Moulds 25½ x 35½ £5 10s    
    1 Pair Moulds 25½ x 37½ £5 16s    
    1 Pair Moulds 22½ x 30½ £4 2s    
    Lettering the above 11/6 each £4      
    Lot of Old Moulds £1      
    Steel Bars taken from Engine 1 Cwt 56/. £2 16s    
    Large Box made of Engine Boards with Sack of Sharps £1 7s    
    Twine 4 lbs   4s    
    Joiners Tools, Chest Complete Millwrights Tools, Chest Complete £4 10s    
    Quantity of Oak, Waterwheel Arms, 40 St..ts [?] Oak Planking & Beams, Waterwheel Buckets etc. £5      
    4000 Paper Labels 5/. £1      
    16 Fowls 2/6 £2      
    Water Fountain for Fowls   2s 6d  
    Moulds for making Hydraulic Press Leathers with Hoops and Blocks £2 10s    
    Neats foot Oil   3s    
    Coals 3 Tons and Leading 2 Cwt 5/10 1 at 10/. £1 8s 8d  
    Patent Mangle in Sol £2 10s    
    Childs Carriage £1 1s    
    2 Oil Lamps and Safety Lantern   6s    
    Cask of Cog Grease Cwt 2.2.0 20/. £2 10s    
    50 Fire Bricks   4s 2d  
    Metal Plate Cwt 2.2.0 8/. £1      
    2 Grindstones 6/.   12s    
    50 Yards Gas Service Pipes to take up 1/. £2 10s    
    10 Yards Gas Service Pipes to restore 2/3 £1 2s 6d  
    25 Yards Gas Service Pipes 1 in Lead 2/6 £3 2s 6d  
    13 Yards Gas Service Pipes ½ in Lead 1/4½   17s 10½d  
    3 Gas Branches with Joints 5/.   15s    
    1 Gas Pendant Repairing   5s    
    Stamping and Adjusting Weights and New Ones to replace those lost £1 2s 5d  
    Size Strainer   4s 6d  
    Hand Barrow   7s 6d  
    Lot of Engine Boards 60 lbs 3d   15s    
    4 Sacks of Potatoes in Loft   10s    
    2 Size Cans   7s    
    3 Paint Cans   3s    
    Pan for Boiling Size   5s    
    Stithey   2s 6d  
    Small Paper Scale (Patent)   2s    
    Fire Guard   4s 6d  
    4 Oil Cans with Spouts   4s    
    4 Hand Bowls   8s    
    3 Felt Stools   12s    
    1 Large Beam and Scales £9 10s    
    1 Large Beam and Scales £4 10s    
    2 Smaller Beams with Scoop Scales 45/. Each £4 10s    
    Extra Engine Plate (G.H.) £3      
    6 New Brass Brushes 20 lbs 1/3 £1 17s 6d  
    3 Oil Bottles 3/.   9s    
    1 Sett Hammers and 7 Chains   7s    
    Lot of Brass 14 lbs   2s 4d  
    Writing Paper   3s    
    3 Boxes and Sundry Irons in them   7s    
    Fender and Fire Irons   4s 6d  
    New Brass Plate for Rolls   2s    
    1 Tin Grease Box 3/. And stool 1/3   4s 3d  
    1 Metal Pipe 72 lbs 7/6 and Iron Skip 2/6   10s    
    Brass Tap   3s 6d  
    3 Baskets   5s    
    4 Rope Axes 4/.   16s    
    Long Brush and 2 Buckets   8s    
    1 Hand Bowl   2s    
    3 Large Size Tubs and Bridge 12/. £1 16s    
    3 Casks 3/. And Stone Trough 3/6   6s 6d  
    2 Tool Boxes and Grease Tub   6s    
    Fire Shovel and 2 riddles   5s    
    Old Iron Cwt 2.2.18 3/.   8s 3d  
    Hand Scoop and 2 Baskets   1s 6d  
    1 Bucket   2s 6d  
    1 Pitch Kettle and Fire Box   7s    
    1 Metal to the same   4s    
    Iron Plate and Fender   2s 6d  
    1 Rope Axe 3/6 Wire Riddle 2/6   6s    
    1 Grease Box   1s    
    4 Tubs and 2 Wood Boxes   2s 6d  
    Fire Irons, Shovel etc.   2s 6d  
    1 Tin Bowl   2s    
    4 Brass Brushes 34 lbs 1/. £1 14s    
    1 Metal Press, Top and Bottom, Press Screen, 4 Screw Bolts, 4 Iron Bars, Bridge and Catch £18      
    1 Boiler 6 ft x 2 ft 8 £15      
    Wire Trellis and Bucket (Top Mill Shed) £1 2s 6d  
    Lot of Empty Holders and Casks £1 5s    
    3 Large Rope Hampers   7s 6d  
    Copper Pipe for Conveying Water to Copper Barrel and Pans 12lbs 1/6   18s    
    Pitch Pine Plank 20 ft 11 x 3 5d   8s 4d  
    [Total for Stock Working Tools etc.] £517.15.1        
    Copy of Mr. Powells Contract for rebuilding and restoring the foundations, Walls, Boundary Walls, Fence Walls, Goits, Weir, Culverts, Arches, Ashlar and Building Sol and Drying Loft, Cottages, Sheds, Privy, Piggeries, Pitching Mill, at Owlerton as it was before the Flood of 12 March 1864 belonging to Mr. R. W. Marshall and Cleaning out Small Dam        
    Foundations and Walls to Small Dam and Topped with Walls dry Rubble the toppers rough flat ones in Mortar. West Boundary fence Wall built in Mortar and topped Cock Hat Toppers the height and thickness as before. Dry rubble fence Walls coped with rough flat coping in Mortar. Wall next River built of large Rubble Stone and Coped with rough flat coping in Mortar. Excavations for foundations and River Bed. Dry Rubble Wall from Cart Road to Culvert next the River and Coped with rough flat coping in Mortar. Dry Rubble Wall form large Chimney to Soil Goit coped with rough flat coping in Mortar. Rock faced Wall from Large Chimney to Culvert to the level of Yard and 10 inch Stock Brick Fence on the top. Dry Rubble Walls to the Culvert Sides. Arch to Culvert turned with Stones in Mortar and backed up to the Crown of Arch with rubble Stone and Wood Centres and Covering. Dry Rubble Wall from the top end of Culvert to Weir in Small Dam 10 inch Stock Brick Arch to Top end of Culvert. Ashlar Stone to rework and reset at the Weir and Shuttle of Small Dam. Rubble work inside of Weir in flat crevices in Small Dam. 1 Batten Door to be hung with Bands and Hooks and lock and felt marking place.
Wood Runners 7 x 3 Crosspieces 6 x 4. 4 Stirrup Irons 15 holes in Each. 4 Iron Staples & pins and fixing for felt washing place and under Arches. Wrought Iron Grate at the top end of Arch under Sol in the Small Dam. 10 Inch Stock Brick Arch over the Goit to Old Mill. Rubble Walling to side Walls and backing of Arch. 10 Inch Stock Brick Wall in the top of Arch to fence the Goit topped with brick on edge. Dry Rubble Foundation Wall to the sides of Goit along side of Sol and Drying Loft. Ashlar Stone to rework and reset and deficiency to make up from 10 Inch Brick Arch to Water Wheel of Old Mill. Wood Floor, Joists, and Boards over the Culvert inside Sol Joists 4½ x 3 and 1 Inch Boards
    Painting Shed below Old Mill        
    10 Inch Stock brick Walling to outer Walls, Chimney Breast and Chimney Flue the height of the ridge of the Old Mill Over the Bridge. Jambs and Mantle and Setting self faced flags to floor, squared and laid. 1 Inch Batten Door and door frame hung with Bands and Hooks. 2. 4 Light Sash Windows. Paint Wood Work, Glaze the Windows with Crown Glass. Wood Roof, pans, principles, side trees and Spans slated with Grey Slate and pointed with hair and lime. Collaring and beam filling. 1 Cylinder Boiler fixing on brick pins inside the painting shed for Water Cistern        
    Large Chimney        
    Square Stone basement to the level of Yard. 13 Inch Stock Brick walling to square part of Chimney 10 Inch Stock Brick circular walling. Ashlar Casement course on the top of square brick work for foundation of Circular Brick Work. Ashlar Stone on top of Chimney. Worked Circular        
    Shed Next Old Mill        
    10 Inch Brick Walling. Wood Roof and Spouts covered with Tiles. Floor flagged with self faced flags, squared and laid.        
    Shed Over Boiler        
    10 Inch Brick Walling. Wood Roof, pans, principles, side trees, spans and spouts. Roof covered with Tiles. Wood floor Joists 4½ x 3. 1 Inch floor boards the top end boarded up. Reset large Boiler, form Flues and Coal Place. Door and Frame for Coal Place. 1 Large Pan Sitting in foundation to connect to Steam Pipe. 1 Large Pan sitting in Brick Work Next the large Chimney. 1 Large Pan to Cottage Channel Stones from Pan to River. Levelling up the Boiler Yard and Sheds. Self faced flagging squared and laid in Boiler Yard. Channel stones along the Yard to Goit edge stones and Self faced flagging squared and laid from Sol to Goit        
    Bradburys Cottage        
    Taking down that part shaken off the Wall and rebuild and make good as far as required. Take down the Chimney breast and Chimney rebuild. Chimney piece to repair and reset. Oven and Range to repair and reset. Stone floor to reflag. Repair and reslating Grey Slates. Roof repairing. Wood Roof. Spouts and Conductors. Set Pot Setting in Brickwork and Stone Curb. Plastering Ceiling & Walls and White washing. Repairing Cupboard under Window. 2 Sash Gut. Casement Sash Gut Window and frame. 1½ inch Batten Door hung with Bands and Hooks, handle and lock. ¾ Inch Batten Door to foot of Chamber Stairs. 1 Inch Batten Door to Kitchen. Handles and Snecks. Repair Wood Spandril and door under stairs. 1 Window to Kitchen. Wood Shelves in Kitchen fixed on bearers. Repairing Cupboard Plinths inside Rooms. Glazing Windows with Crown Glass. Painting the wood work. Papering the Room etc.        
    Switons Cottage        
    Built of Dust Stone on front and 1 end. 10 Inch brick Walling to back and one end. Length 39 feet 4 x 15 feet 6 inches x 17 feet high from floor to pan. 5 Inch Brick Walls inside Staircase in Kitchen. Pantry under Stairs, Low rooms flagged with faced flags, Squared and laid. 2 Chamber Chimney Pieces and Stove Grates. 1 Low Room Chimney Piece and Stove Grate. 1 Oven Range, Jambs, Mantle Piece Shelf Chimney Breasts and Chimney Flues. Slopstone in Kitchen, Sough from Slopstone to River. Stone Table in Pantry, Set Pot and Setting in Brick Work. Wood Roof. Pans, side trees, principles, spans, spouts and Conductors. Covered with grey slates. 2 Cupboards in Rooms, plinth in low rooms and Chambers. Angle beads to all external angles. Sashes to Window Bottoms and shelves in the Pantry. Door and Door Casings to low rooms 1½ inch thick moulded on one side hung with bute hinges. Handles, Lock etc. 4. 3 Light Sash Gut Windows with Casements. 1. 2 light Sash Gut Windows Glazed with Crown Glass, Shutters to Windows hung outside with bands and hooks, cotters etc. Paint all Woodwork required to be painted, Plaster Walls with Ceiling 2 Coats. Whitewash the Walls and Ceilings and paper the Walls.        
    Size House in Orchard        
    Walls built of Coarse Rubble stone in Mortar Length 24 feet 6 x 11 feet 6. by 11 feet high from the floor to pan. Roof. 1 pair of Principles pans, spans, side trees etc. spouts and conductors to back. Covered with Grey Slates Pointed with hair and mortar and collaring to gable ends. Floor and Joists and boards in the roof to form hen place and hen nests. Door and Door frame hung with bands and hooks, Handle and Lock etc. Floor pitched with random pitching. 1 Steam door and door frame fixed in roof. 1 Large Pan setting inside in brickwork and Chimney Spout and hopper to Pan        
    Petty to Cottages        
    Built of Coarse Rubble stone in Mortar. Length 7 feet x 5 feet. Plastered inside. Covered with cover stones in Grey Slates. 1 Inch Batten Door and Door Frame hung with bands and hooks, handle and bolts, self faced flags to floor, squared and laid seat stone and wood seat and wood fall to seat. Paint Door and Door frame        
    Walls built of rubble stone in Mortar. Length 14 feet x 8 feet 6. covered with Grey Slates. Wood Roof to the same. The floor half flagged and half boarded up with boards. 2 Posts and Batten Door hung with bands and hooks fastenings etc. divide the Yard in 2 parts. 2 Stone Troughs        
    Hen Shed in Orchard        
    Walls built of rubble stone in Mortar 14 feet x 5 feet. Wood Roof, Pans, Spans, side trees, and Grey Slated.        
    Old Mill        
    2. 2 Light Sash Gut Windows and Casements Glaze with Crown glass and paint the woodwork. 1 Stone Sill and Wall up underneath sill. 1 1 light Sash gut Window with Casement. Paint Woodwork and Glaze with Crown Glass. 1¼ Inch Batten door and Door frame hung with bands and hooks Handle etc. 1 Inch Batten door hung One Shelf on Wood bearers        
    Steps to Chamber in Old Mill        
    7 Stone Steps to rework and reset. 1 Landing at the top. Brick Spandril underneath the ends Wood Hand Rail, Iron Work Lead and fixing        
    Sol and Drying Loft        
    10 Inch Stock Brick Walls Length 70 feet x 20 feet. 6 Inches Wide. 17 ft 6 Inches from floor to pans , foundations to Same. Wood Roof. 5 pairs of principles pans spans, side trees, Spouts and Conductors. Chamber Floor 5 beams to carry floor joists. Joists 4½ x 3 Inch. 1 Inch Floor boards grooved and tongued and nailed to joists. Low room floor half joists and boards and half flagged with strong self faced flags squared and laid. 1 Pair Entrance Gates. 2½ Inch thick framed and battened and door hung back with bands and hooks, Iron Bolts and Lock. Wood Beam to carry Brickwork above. 1 pair of folding doors inside Gateway to Sol. 2 Inch framed and battened and door frame hung with bands and hooks, handle and bolts etc. Wood Beam over Gateway at the Back to carry Brickwork above. 1 Inch Batten Door and Door Frame hung with bands and hooks, handle and lock. 2. 3 Light Sash Gut Windows with Casements, Glaze with Crown Glass and Paint Woodwork. 14 Sets of Lower Boards and frames in Drying Loft with Irons to open and shut. 1½ Batten Door and Door Frame at the top end, hung with bands and hooks, handle and Lock. 12 Stone Steps and Brick rises to Drying Loft. 1 Landing to to Drying Loft Brick Spandril Walls at the ends of the Steps. Wood Handrails and Iron Work, lead and fixing. 2 Doors and Door Frames for Hen Place and Rabbit Place, hung with bands and hooks and locks and fastenings. Fire Place in Sol. Oven Range, jambs and mantle and Shelf. Chimney Breast and Chimney Flue. 21 Upright from floor to principles. 12 times 69 feet 2. of Wood runners to carry hanging rods 9 feet 6 inches long. 6 Wood Guard Blocks to Corners of Walls inside Gateways and Wood Curb to keep Carts of the Walls. Paint all the Woodwork required, Cover the Woodwork with Grey Slates, Shutters to Windows, hung with bands and hooks and Cotters etc. etc.
Cleaning out Small Dam and Wheeling the rubbish out on to land next the River (where washed away) Clear out Goit from the Water Wheel of Old Mill to River. Clean the Walls of Old Mill and Whitewash, Paint the top. White Wash the Walls of the Sol.
Door and Door Frame to the Engine from Sol hung with bands and hooks and fasteners. Steps out of Old Mill Yard to Water Wheel race to Ashlar Bulk. Door and Door Frames and Gate Bars and bearers to 3 large Pans that are to be set in Brickwork. Wood and Iron Work across the Water Wheel race to get to Water Wheel and fastened to Ashlar Bulk.
James Powell £1310.10.9
£1310 10s 9d  
    Copy of Mr Wilsons estimate of Work etc. required to be done at Mr Marshalls Paper Mill at Owlerton, Occasioned by the Flood. March 12th 1864        
    3 Metal Plates to pentrough Cwt 10.2.0        
    26 Bolts 12 lbs        
    Water Wheel Repairing Necks taking up and levelling        
    Grease Boxes to each end        
    Water Wheel 31 feet long 7 x 1½ Deal        
    7 Oak Stays to Washboards. 14 Inch long 3 x 3 each        
    Grate Bars Repairing        
    Hydraulic Press fixing and repairing        
    2 Ashlar Stones 13½ feet        
    25 feet Iron Pipe 7/8 ¼ Inch bore        
    Wood Press fixing in Sol        
    2 New levers 1. 16 feet long x 6 inch diameter and the other 5 feet x 4 inches diameter        
    Engine Spindle and Upright Shaft taking up and levelling and Engine Cover Repairing        
    Stirring Stick        
    1 New Set Screw to Vat & Cog Wheel repairing and levelling        
    Ceiling next Engine 3 ft x 2 ft x ¾        
    Ceiling next Old Wheel 4 ft 6 x 6 ft        
    1 Spout 16 feet long 13 x 12 inches        
    Boarding round Crown Wheel 10 ft x 2 ft 20ft        
    Shafting to Cog Wheel levelling        
    2 Presses Cleaning and Levers        
    36 feet of Iron Piping to convey Water from Cistern to Cistern        
    Cistern Repairing        
    20 feet Metal Steam piping 3½ inches diameter Cwt 2.2.20        
    2 Brass Taps 1 inch diameter        
    16 feet of Iron Piping        
    Mountings for Boiler complete with Steam and Water Gauges        
    Cistern getting out of River below Bridge and bringing back to Mill        
    20 Feet Iron Piping from Mill to Boiler        
    Poker, Shovel etc. Boiler Cleaning        
    New Bye Shuttle 3 ft 6. x 3 feet x 3 inches & Cog Repairing        
    3 Metal Pans 4 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft each with perforated Iron Plates in bottoms        
    1 Crow Bar. 1 Hand Jack for taking out Plates        
    1 Pair of Screw Spanners and Crow Bar        
    Wood Beating Stool for beating felts        
    Joiners Bench with Wood and Iron Vices        
    2 Latices for Sorting Ropes and Wood frame and Covered with Wire        
    Strong Drug repairing. New Shaft top & sides        
    1 Barrow with loose Sides. 3 Chopping Blocks        
    1 Brass Tap to Boiler        
    1 Large Iron Ladle for ladling Size        
    2 Press Hooks, 3 feet long x 5/8 round        
    Large Stool with Metal Wheels 3 ft 6 long x 2 feet wide with handle to front        
    3 Paper Slices        
    6 Lay Planks 2 ft 2 x 2 ft 8 each        
    2 Lay Planks 3 ft 7 x 3 ft 5 each        
    Ceiling for Side of Engine 10 feet x 2 ft        
    2 Wood Pulp Raker        
    Parting Room        
    Parting Bench 12 feet x 3 feet with legs to the same        
    Cutting Bench 4 feet 6 x 4 feet with Iron Plates etc.        
    6 Press Planks with Iron Work 3 ft x 2ft 6 each        
    6 Press Blocks 2 ft 6 x 8 inches square, Oak with Iron Hoops to each end & wood handle        
    1 Large Press Block 2 ft 6 x 2 ft x 6 inches thick with 2 handles to the same flat way        
    32 Red Deal Lay Boards 3 ft 6 x 2 ft 3 and Clamped together. 3 roll boxes for Engine Plates        
    Bench 10 feet long x 2 feet wide with 4 legs        
    4 Wood Tressels with Legs        
    3 Press Blocks for No. 2 Press 2 ft 6 long x 8 inch square        
    1 three legged stool        
    1 Large Chest 8 ft long x 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep        
    3 Oak Press Blocks for Hydraulic Press, 3 feet 3 long x 2 ft 6 wide and 4 Inches thick each        
    43 Iron Plates for Hydraulic Press        
    Wright Shaft Pattern 10 feet long x 6 inch        
    Bevil Wheel Pattern 8 feet        
    Bevil Wheel Pattern 2 feet        
    4 Hanger Pattern        
    4 Brass Pattern        
    2 Cutting Knives        
    3. Small Waggons with Iron Wheels        
    2 Boards for Bench 26 ft long x 1 x 11        
    1 Table or Bench with Birch top 18 feet long. 2 ft 6 wide x 1¼ thick with strong frame to the same        
    7 Levers to 3 Presses in top Mill        
    2 Wood Pulp Rakers for Stuff Chest        
    Mould Frame for Moulds 8 ft x 2 ft 9        
    2 Chopping Blocks        
    2 Wood Laying Frames 2 ft 3 x 4 ft 6 inches square        
    Lay Stools and Wheels        
    Triangles for Scales        
    Large Work Bench 10 feet x 2 feet 6 with legs        
    3 Wood Tressels        
    7 Press Blocks for No. 4 & 5 presses 2 ft 6 long and 6 inches square. Cutting Bench 4 ft 6 x 4 ft with Iron Plates        
    Ladder 15 feet long        
    Ladder 10 feet long with flat steps        
    Ladder 6 feet long with flats steps        
    2 Laying Slices, Iron Rake, & 4 Paper frames        
    38 Lay Boards belonging to top Mill        
    2 Press Planks 3 feet 8 x 2 feet 4 with Iron Work        
    2 Press Planks 3 ft x 2 ft 4 with Iron Work        
    Store Room        
    6 Large Cowbrakes for Cleaning dams out        
    4 Crosses for hanging Paper        
    Lot of Iron Stakes for staking in dams        
    2 Hanging Stools in Drying Loft with Wheels        
    June 7th 1865 Alfred Wilson £180.9.7½ £180 9s 7½d  
    Sheffield Water Company Debtor To Mr R. W. Marshall, Owlerton        
    Consequential Damages for Losses occasioned by the Flood March 12th 1864        
    Computed from March 12th 1864 to passing of Act 4 Months        
    Time for Lodgement of Claims £3      
    For Completion of Assessment of Damages 9 months from passing of act £6      
    For making Generel Certificate £1      
    For making Payment after General Certificate        
    Loss of Rent of 2 Cottages in Mill Yard at £5.6.0 per year , 17 months £15   4d  
    Loss of Rent of 1 Cottage ouside Mill Yard £ 5.6.0 per year 17 months £7 10s 2d  
    Loss of Rent of 1 Cottage ouside Mill Yard £ 5.6.0 per year 14½ months £6 8s 1d  
    Loss of Grinding Wheel and New Mill Rents £120 per year. 17 Months £177      
    Loss of Profits of Business at £40 per month 17 months £760      
    Rent of House at Owlerton. Ordered away by Dr. Lennard in consequence of the fever in my family. 6 Months £7 10s    
    Dr. Lennards Bill for Fees for Family in Fever £11 11s    
    Medicines Ordered by Dr. Lennard for Family in Fever £2 1s 11d  
    Best Port Wine ordered by Dr. Lennard 3 dozen at 42/. £6 6s    
    Porter etc. ordered by Dr. Lennard 8 dozen   19s 2d  
    Loss of Business Computed at 5 Years Profit £480 per year £2400      
    Loss of Fruit of Gardens and Orchard at £3 per year for 4 years £12      
    Cost of Removing from Owlerton to Walkley and 2 Mens Wages £1 1s    
    Cost of Removing Back to Owlerton from Walkley £1 1s    
    Loss of Interest on Stock Washed away £245.15.0 to the time of making award 13 Months (less 6 months Credit) 7 Months at 5% £7 3s 8d  
        £5633 6s 5½d  
    Assessed at        

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