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Amended claim #3168 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  3168 George Mills Fellmonger and Leather Dresser Norfolk Road, Sheffield  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
    In addition to the sum for or in respect of which I have already signed and delivered a claim for damages in consequence of the Inundation referred to on the above mentioned Act I claim the further sum of Eighty Nine Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Five Pence as the Total of the Amount payable to the following of my Workmen for loss of Wages during the time they were unemployed or only partially employed by reason of the Inundation - £89.13.5        
    Nicholas Jarvis Skinner £1 10s    
    John Jones Fellmonger £2      
    William Parnell Skinner £3      
    Godfrey Cross Skinner £3      
    Hugh Lowther Skinner £3      
    Robert Lloyd Skinner £2 8s    
    Richard Lloyd Skinner £7      
    William Armett Skinner £1 6s 11d  
    Martin Ragan Skinner £8 15s 10d  
    John Widdowson Skinner £3      
    Charles Bennett Skinner £1 4s    
    John Mitchell Skinner £1 4s    
    John Fowler Skinner £2      
    Joseph Austin Skinner £2 10s    
    Richard Deem Skinner £2      
    John Freestone Skinner £4 10s    
    George M. Gray Skinner £4      
    Arthur Green Skinner £4      
    John Steanside Skinner £1 10s    
    James Wilson Skinner   6s    
    Richard Mitchell Skinner £2      
    Samuel Mayhood Skinner   15s    
    Thomas Alberts Skinner £6      
    William Owen Skinner £1      
    Michael Mc Gann Skinner        
    Patsy Macdonald Skinner   10s    
    Thomas Flannagan        
    John Kilgin   10s    
    James Bailey        
    John Bennett        
    William Bennett        
    Henry Page        
    Peter Murphy        
    Joseph Buttery        
    Walter Morton        
    Frederick Goodison        
    Samuel Sudd £3      
    William Grey        
    Patsy Kilgear        
    Francis Debell        
    George Chevy Skinner £1      
    Robert Gill Skinner £1      
    Henry Millward Skinner £2      
    Henry Butler Skinner £2      
    Benjamin Leach Skinner £2 5s    
    Edward Whitaker Skinner        
    James Bishop        
    William Loxley        
    Henry Gray        
    Peter Allen Skinner   8s 8d  
    Thomas Jennings        
    James Cross Skinner £7 10s    
    Samuel Barnes Skinner £1 10s    
        £89 13s 5d  
    Assessed in original claim        

Note: The Nature of the Claimant's Interest is omitted

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