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Claim for loss of property #344 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  344 Samuel Seaton Silversmith Albert Road, Heeley  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  House Property, 3 Houses & Shop 112 Harvest Lane, Back of 5 Duke Street   1864 March 19th - and various times paid 3 Men removing slush cleaning & whitewashing celllar yard allowance etc. £2 15s 1d  
    Paid to Man & Woman for cleansing & whitewashing empty house 5 Duke Street   10s 8d  
    Loss of my own time & assistance of more than 1 day   5s    
    Paid to George Palfreyman rebuilding Stone Wall across the yard about 4 yards 7 foot high as [?] £1 18s    
    Paid to George Palfreyman relaying 1 House floor given way & replacing dry ashes, wet one removed £1 13s    
    Paid to J. Smeaton for 2½ days at 4 broken Doors, Shutters, & Pump etc. Window Fasteners 1/4 Shutter Hinges & Bolts 1/9 Door Lock Bolt & Staple etc. 2/. Wood for Doors Yard Gate Pump & Staple total £1 4s 2d  
    Paid to J. I. Hemmingway repairing pump time solder leather etc 2/6 3 yards strong Lead piping @ 2/. Per yard 6/. Time solder etc 2/3. Washer in Back House   11s 1d  
    Paid to H. Hindley papering low Room Duke Street House 6 pieces @ 6d 3/. - Hanging 3/. Size 3d   6s 3d  
    Paid to papering back House 5 pieces & Hanging   4s 9d  
    Allowed towards papering low Rooms at No. 112.   3s 9d  
    Painting Outside & partially in all low Rooms by Jubb £1 10s    
    Allowed to (Tenants rather than loose them) House 112 one months Rent @ 4/3 per week   17s    
    Allowed to back House 2 Weeks Rent @ 2/6 per week   5s    
    Claim of 18 weeks half rent of 2/8 per week on House 5 Duke Street in being empty since Flood till 29th July & then sacrificing 2d per week to get it let £1 4s    
    Claim for general depreciation in value of the whole property £9 just at the time of the flood I was about selling it at a price agreed upon[.] [T]he disaster at once caused my believed purchaser (whose name I will give if required) totally to abandon it. I may add that in consequence of damp all the low Rooms are moulding and losing considerably their colour £9      
        £22 7s 9d  
  Certificate Granted
18 February 1865
Assessed by Agreement incl costs at £17 10s    

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