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Claim for loss of property #32 – Particulars

  No. of Claim Name of Claimant Description of Claimant Address of Claimant  
  32 George Shallcross, Henry J. Shallcross, John Shallcross Trading as George Shallcross & Sons Millers & Bakers Flour Dealers and Corn Merchants Russell Mills Russel Street  
  Nature of Claimant’s Interest   Particulars of Claim Amount of Damages Claimed  
  Shop and House in Gibralter Street   Damage to 306 Flour Sacks under water and mud and cleaning cost 1/11 per Sack within few months 1/. Each £15 6s    
    Damage and cleaning 60 customers Sacks cost 1/11 per Sack within few months 6d each £1 10s    
    Damage and cleaning 41 Corn Sacks cost 1/11 per Sack within few months 6d each £1   6d  
    Damage and loss in 77 bags Flour under water mud [?] £38 10s    
    Damage and loss in 50 bags of Sharps worthless, few bags sold for 6d Bag £17 10s    
    Damage and loss in 16 Bags fine Sharps damaged 8/. Per bag £6 8s    
    Damage and loss in 10 Sacks whole Beans 6/. Per sack £3      
    Total loss 47 Stone Crushed Oats £2 14s 10d  
    Total loss 84 Stone English Split Beans £5 5s    
    The above heated and cooked so fast was carted to Ash pit        
    Damage to 14 stone Pea Meal   7s    
    Damage to 48 Stone Indian Meal £1 12s    
    Damage to 50 Stone Bean Meal £1 13s 4d  
    Damage to 100 Stone Barley Meal £2 10s    
    Damage to 3 Sacks Spring [?] feed useless £1 16s    
    Total loss 36 Stone sweepings on floor in mud and swept away £1 10s    
    Total loss 9 Stone crushed oats and other odments on floor   10s 6d  
    Total loss of 62 Stone Bran under water soaked through, heated fast and worthless £1 16s 2d  
    60 Stone of Sharps heated so fast they could not be used except manure £2 2s    
    Damage to 28 Stone Fine Sharps   9s 4d  
    Damage to14 Stone Barley Meal heated   7s    
    Damage to Harness etc £1      
    In Shop Kitchen and Cellars        
    Damage and loss 340 loaves Bread £7 1s 8d        
    20 Stone to Pigs 9d Stone remainder swept away in the mud 0.15.0 £6 6s 8d  
    Damage and loss of 112lb [?] in Sack useless Cost 5d lb worth 1lb £1 16s 6d  
    Damage and loss of 10 Sacks covering Bread above on shelves and Kitchen   12s 6d  
    Swept away & Broken        
    Knife Board   2s 6d  
    4 Metal Pots   15s    
    6 Towels   8s    
    2 Wrappers   2s 6d  
    6 Aprons   6s    
    Knives   7s 6d  
    Broken Posts Maiden Pots and baum vessels and crockery £1 10s    
    4 Tumbler glasses   2s    
    3 Tables smashed £2      
    Potatoes in Cellar swept away   8s    
    Lard in Barrel   7s    
    Lard in pots broken & lost   10s    
    Oil & broken bottles   10s    
    German Baum 24 lbs @ 8d lost in the muddy cellar   16s    
    Ale Baum and Liquer Baum lost   15s    
    Damage and loss of Pickles Meat Milk Beer Bacon Tongues and other articles £1 10s    
    Damage and loss of Brushes, Shovels, & Rakes, broken and lost   15s    
    Joiners work replacing broken doors and other wood work in Kitchen Cellar Mill & Heathcotes, locks & hinges etc Kitchen £2 10s    
    Masons work. Kitchen floor and steps washed up yard Drains etc repaired £1 10s    
    Damage to large broken Stone over Tenants, Heathcotes cracked five places   10s    
    Damage to pitching in yard mill - sunk and left full of holes £1      
    Repainting Walls Doors Passages Kitchen & the former paint being pealed off £4      
    Damage to Steam Engine and cleansing having all been under water & mud and £5      
    Cleansing Boiler Tiles, tubes, brickwork all connected with Boiler - been under water & mud £3      
    Whitewashing mill bottom, Engine house, Gateways into yard etc. £2      
    Loss of loading board for mill door washed away   10s    
    Coal heaps washed away and damaged by mud in mill yard and shop cellars £3 10s    
    Valuable Retriever Dog drowned £1      
    Cleaning cellars of 6 cottages £1 1s    
    Repairing paint and paper for cottages £2 10s    
    To paid 2 men & 2 Horses with carts remove debris 3 days @ 10/. £3      
    To 1 man & 1 horse with cart 3 days @ 10/. £1 10s    
    To 6 men cleaning mill yard & premises 5 days @ 4/. £6      
    To 5 men cleaning mill yard & premises 1 day @ 4/. £1      
    To 4 men cleaning mill yard & premises 2 days @ 4/. £1 12s    
    To 3 men cleaning mill yard & premises 2 days @4/. £1 4s    
    To 1 man cleaning mill yard & premises 1 day @ 4/.   4s    
    To 1 woman cleaning mill yard & premises 12 days @ 2.8 £1 12s    
    5 days stoppage of mill grinding 100 lb per day @ 1/. Per lb £25      
    Millers and other wages not charged in the above & they being occupied in mill cleansing shooting sacks cleansing machinery, saving as much property as possible        
    Damage to Engine House Floor. Flags sunk etc.   10s    
        £196 10s 10d  
  Certificate Granted
30 January 1865
Assessed by Agreement at £160      

Note: The word 'baum' is probably a misspelling of 'barm', that is, yeast.

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