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Selina Davenport
This page lists the titles of Selina Davenport held in the Corvey collection, together with associated Corvey Women's Writing on the Web contents.


title page attr   published
  An Angel's Form and a Devil's Heart: a Novel London 1818
  Donald Monteith, the Hamdsomest Man of the Age: a Novel London 1815
  The Hypocrite: or, The Modern Janus; a Novel London 1814
  Italian Vengeance and English Forbearence: a Romance London 1828
  Leap Year: or, Woman's Privilege; a Novel London 1817
  The Original of the Miniature: a Novel London 1816
  Personation: a Novel London 1834
  Preference: a Novel London 1824
  The Queen's Page: a Romance London 1831
  The Sons of the Viscount. And the Daughters of the Earl: a Novel; Depicting Recent Scenes in Fashionable Life a Lady London 1813
  The Unchanged: a Novel London 1832
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  Synopsis of Sons of the Viscount and Daughters of the Earl Louise Watkins 1998 (Synopsis)
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