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The India Voyage
    (Review / The India Voyage, by Elizabeth Lefanu)
  Imperial Review / JAS, 1804
  vol. 3 (1804): 600.
The Indian [sic] Voyage. By Mrs Lefanu. 4 Vols. Price 8s.

A young lady, destined to take an India voyage, presents herself under no very favourable auspices to the public; but the amiable heroine of these pages relates her little tale so well, that we feel disposed to deprecate the fastidious powers of delicacy and criticism in her favour. The work before us has, at lest, the merit of not being a transcript from other novels. The author evidently belongs not to the community of novelists. Her characters and incidents are not compiled from fiction, but selected from observation; and if they bear not the impression of a vigorous creative fancy, evince considerable judgment, and a familiar knowledge of real life. [excerpt from review of many works]

Provided by Julie A. Shaffer, January 2000