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The Wanderings of Warwick
    (Review / The Wanderings of Warwick, by Charlotte Smith)
  Monthly Review /JAS, 1794
  ns vol. 14 (1794): 113.
Art. 42. The Wanderings of Warwick. By Charlotte Smith. 12mo. 4s. Bell. Oxford-street. 1794.

The talents of this lady for novel-writing are so well known to the public, that it might be sufficient to say of this small production, (a mere supplement to the former novel of the old Manor House*,) that it will not discredit the pen of the author: - but to this general praise we shall add that the story is not only interesting but instructive; first, to the married, whom it cautions, by a striking example, not to give way to jealousy on slight suspicions; and, secondly, to the single, whom it warns of the danger of suffering affection to attach itself to an unworthy object. In the course of the story, Mrs Smith has not neglected to introduce, after her usual manner, such miscellaneous reflections on interesting topics, and such accounts of real characters, as every intelligent reader will think a sufficient compensation for a short interruption of the fictitious narrative.

* See Rev. vol. xi. p. 150. [complete]

Provided by Julie A. Shaffer, January 2000