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Humbert Castle
    (Review / Humbert Castle; or, The Romance of the Rhone: a Novel, by Sarah Sheriffe)
  Anti-Jacobin / JAS, 1800
  vol. 7 (1800): 415.
Art. XIII. Humbert Castle, or the Romance of the Rhone. A Novel. 4 Vols. 12mo. Lane. London. 1800.

As novels are written and read by all descriptions, the sour politician and the affected philosopher have seized the opportunity of interweaving dangerous tenets and wild speculations with some interesting story. We congratulate the very young and fair author of Humbert Castle on an artless tale of imagination which amuses the feelings without wounding the understanding of her readers. We congratulate her feminine delicacy for not obtruding itself into controversies which she, perhaps, would not understand better than her female contemporaries; her language is plain but neat, her fancy luxuriant; and what is still better her motive and her morals are pure. [complete]

Provided by Julie A. Shaffer, January 2000