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Humbert Castle
    (Review / Humbert Castle; or, The Romance of the Rhone: a Novel, by Sarah Sheriffe)
  Critical Review /JAS, June 1801
  ns 32 p231
ART 44. - Humbert Castle, or the Romance of the Rhône. A Novel. 4 Vols. 12mo. 18s. Boards. Lane. 1800.

On the perusal of this novel our thoughts were carried back to the works of those who wrote in our younger days. The mode in which it is written is far superior to that of the trash which is now daily obtruded upon the public. It is true that it might have been rendered more perfect, in many parts, if the author had bestowed upon it a little after-consideration: but there is nevertheless a strong smack of the old school in its form and construction, and the correctness of the language entitles it to much commendation. [complete]

Provided by Julie A. Shaffer, September 1999.