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    (Review / Marchmont: a Novel, by Charlotte Smith)
  Monthly Review /JAS, 1797
  vol 22 p468
Art. 35. Marchmont. By Charlotte Smith. 12mo. 4 Vols. 16s. sewed. Low. 1797.

The tediousness, chicane, and uncertainty of many of our law-proceedings, and the ease with which they may be perverted, by the rich and unprincipled, till they become engines of the most cruel oppression, form the leading character of this work. If the iniquities committed by means of our system of laws occupy a large part, and perhaps encroach too much on the conclusion of the story, the author's personal circumstances and misfortunes may well form a sufficient apology; while they give rise to scenes and situations much more interesting than the vaulted galleries and dreadful conviction that, even in this land of comparative freedom, similar acts of cruelty and injustice not only may be but actually are perpetuated. We have only to add that nothing written by Mrs. Smith, for the rational entertainment of the public, has ever yet, within our recollection, failed of producing the effect intended.

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