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The British Theatre: or, A Collection of Plays, Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket; Printed Under the Authority of the Managers from the Prompt Books
    by Elizabeth Inchbald
  writing as Mrs. Inchbald (Editor)
London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808
25 vols
ISBN 3-628-53818-4


v1. Comedy of Errors, Romeo and Juliet etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.
v2. King Henry IV, Pt. 1.; King Henry IV, Pt. 2. etc. / [by William Shakspeare].
v3. As You Like It, Merry Wives of Windsor etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.
v4. King Lear, Cymbeline etc. / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.
v5. Coriolanus, Othello / [by William Shakspeare]; ill.
v6. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Chances / [by Beaumont and Fletcher], etc; ill.
v7. Isabella. Oroonoko / [by Thomas Southern], etc; ill.
v8. Constant Couple, etc. / [by George Farquhar] etc; ill.
v9. The Provoked Wife, The Provoked Husband / [by John Vanbrugh] etc; ill.
v10. Tamerlane, The Fair Penitent / [by Nicholas Rowe] etc; ill.
v11. The Busybody, The Wonder / [by Mrs. Centlivre] etc; ill.
v12. The Orphan, Venice Preserved / [by Thomas Otway] etc; ill.
v13. Love for Love, The Mourning Bride / [by William Congreve] etc; ill.
v14. The Man of the World / [by Charles Macklin], The Foundling / [by Edward Moore] etc; ill.
v15. Barbarossa / [by Dr. Brown], The Way to Keep Him / [by Arthur Murphy] etc; ill.
v16. The Country girl / [by David Garrick], The Jealous Wife / [by George Colman] etc; ill.
v17. The Good-natured Man, She Stoops to Conquer / [Oliver Goldsmith] etc; ill.
v18. The Brothers, The West Indian / [by Richard Cumberland]; ill.
v19. The Earl of Warwick / [by Dr. Fanklin], The Rivals / [by Richard Brinsley Sheridan] etc; ill.
v20. The Dramatist / [by Frederick Reynolds], The Count of Narbonne / [ by Robert Jephson] etc; ill.
v21. The Mountaineers, The Iron Chest, etc. / [ by George Colman]; ill.
v22. The Castle of Andalusia, Fontainbleau / [ by John O'Keeffe] etc; ill.
v23. Such Things Are, Everyone has his Fault etc. / [by Mrs. Inchbald]; ill.
v24. The Road to Ruin, The Deserted Daughter / [ by Thomas Holcroft]; ill.
v25. The Way to Get Married, The Cure for the Heart Ache / [ by Thomas Morton] etc; ill.

with Biographical and Critical Remarks by Mrs. Inchbald


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